The Truth Barrel with Gabrielle Reece and Neil Strauss

Life isn't easy. And most people have secrets they don't discuss: affairs, fears, challenges, double lives, and inner struggles. In The Truth Barrel (a 220 degree barrel sauna), New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss (The Game) and pro athlete Gabby Reece (NBC's Strong) sweat the truth out of some of the most famous, knowledgeable, and interesting people in the world, from Grammy-winning musicians to gold-medal Olympians. The goal: To learn from these experiences and solve the biggest challenges of life that most people are too afraid to discuss.


A Special Announcement from Gabby and Neil (plus the greatest coffee recipe of all time)

The rumors are true. This will be the final episode of The Truth Barrel (for now). The podcast will be going on hiatus while Gabby and her family spend the winter in Hawaii. Before leaving, though, Gabby and Neil wanted to share a few special tips, such as:

- Which Truth Barrel episodes Gabby and Neil recommend you listen to again.
- How to keep learning from Gabby and Neil during their hiatus.
- How Gabby and Neil handle social media trolls
- The secrets behind Gabby and Laird's coffee recipe and regimen.
- Tips on balancing politeness with assertiveness.
- Words of gratitude for the Truth Barrel audience.

And as always, be sure to keep in touch with Gabby and Neil at and
00:33:00 11/14/2017

Past Episodes

Former model and TV host Michele Paradise gets in the sauna to discuss her journey to becoming a hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner. She is currently one of two people on the West Coast practicing a revolutionary new technique for healing psychological wounds and trauma. It is called Havening. On this episode, find out what Havening is, how to do it step by step, and the ways it can improve your inner and outer life.
00:58:00 11/7/2017
Gabby and Neil sit together to reflect on the different stages of parenthood they are going through at the moment. As they look at each other's work-relationship balance, they also share the details on the lessons they're learning as each day of parenting brings on new challenges. They also talk about how to battle hyper-focusedness and how it can cause feelings of failure while attempting to multi-task.

In this episode, you will learn...
- What is the "wall of pleasantness," and why it's toxic
- What allows us to do our best work while also maintaining great relationships
- Why you shouldn't always trust the "content" of what someone says
- How to handle feelings of powerlessness as your children grow up
- Why Gabby never left her kids' side until they were 3 years old
- What Neil learned after being alone with his son for a week.
- How to own your emotions.
- The evils of the silent treatment
- What unconditional positive regard is, and why it's dysfunctional
- The one mistake inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame say they made
01:06:00 10/31/2017
Musician Brandon Jenner grew up with a front row seat to an example of how fame and money will not bring happiness. As he embarks on his first solo tour, he joins Gabby and Neil inside The Truth Barrel to look back at his struggles of growing up in what Gabby calls a golden cage. Brandon shares lessons from avoiding the "entitlement syndrome" to childhood abandonment to performing in the husband-wife musical duo (Brandon & Leah), to becoming a father. This is a must-listen episode for anyone who wants to keep their past from getting in the way of their future. Plus, he plays a new song from his solo EP "Burning Ground" (available on iTunes/Spotify).

In this episode, you will learn...

- How to stick up for yourself when youre inherently a nice person.
- How to avoid self-sabotage and "entitled" thinking
- Why fear can make you a driven person.
- How to combat impostor syndrome (feelings of I dont deserve what I have.)
- How to focus on the positive instead of the negative in your life and with social media
- And Gabby discusses why 2017 has been the hardest year for her as a parent.
01:01:00 10/24/2017
Two friends of Neil and Gabby enter The Truth Barrel to share the truth about being chronically overweight: Scott (The Truth Barrel sound engineer), and Patrick (Neil's temporary right-hand person). Both Scott and Patrick are over six feet and north of 300 pounds. Neil and Gabby do their best to make a potentially life-saving game-plan for Scott and Patrick to change. They also dig inside the refrigerator to review the basics about the good, the bad, and the dangerous foods that you're led to eat too often. Then they go deeper to discuss the emotional reasons for why we eat foods that we logically know are hurting us.

In this episode, you will learn...
- How to enlist someone to keep you accountable
- How to jump-start your change in diet.
- How do you know when you're being triggered to eat emotionally
- Why a loved one shouldn't ever be your food police
- How to have a conversation about enlisting the people close to you in your weight loss plan
- Why places that proclaim their healthiness are deceptively unhealthy.
- How to stop yourself from eating fast food when on the road or lacking time.
- What "rationalization justification" is and why it leads to destructive behavior such as weight gain
- What Gabby's "40 Days of suspended faith" strategy is.
- Resources for trauma healing and why you might be engaging in trauma abstinence.
00:54:00 10/17/2017
Richard Laver is a living example of what it takes to "never give up." As a kid, he survived a horrific commercial airliner crash. And when he became a father of a child with special needs, he created an meal-replacement shake that made his daughter stronger and healthier.

In the process, Richard kicked his morbid fear of flying, and turned what had started as a home-made elixir into a successful healthy drink business. Gabby and Neil characterize this episode as a love story combined with accidental entrepreneurial lessons.

In this episode, you will learn:

- How to keep a healthy relationship while caring for a child with special needs.
- Why you should always get a second and third opinion from your child's doctor.
- What happened the night Richard created a meal-replacement shake that made life easier for his daughter with cerebral palsy.
- How Richard overcame his fear of flying.
- Lessons in experiencing miracles and survivors guilt.
- What to do when you have a bad feeling.
- How to harness the chip on your shoulder into something positive.
- The difference between premonition and anxiety.
- How to regain your innocence after losing it.
- What it takes to overcome the scrooge of limiting beliefs.
- The mindset it takes to navigate the frustrations of health insurance red tape.
- Strategies for when you're short on time but determined to eat healthier.
- Why everyone needs to start consuming chai tea and turmeric.
- And how Richard's nutrition shake found its way into the diet of an entire NFL team.
01:05:00 10/10/2017
According to Ori Hofmekler, we need stress in the same way we need food and sleep. Not necessarily psychological stress, but biological stress. He will also discuss a hack to stop emotional eating, as well as the power of intermittent fasting. Hofmekler is a former Israeli soldier turned health advocate. Ori has dedicated his each day of his life to finding ways to harness his stress into a longer, healthier life. He also shares with Gabby and Neil a comprehensive list of counter-intuitive things people do that keep them more stressed when they should be. Get ready for some science-backed advice and action steps to take during your next stressful moment.

In this episode, you will learn...

- How to stop a stress-eating binge in 60 seconds
- What stress activated foods are and why you should care.
- Why healthy people are attracted to stress.
- The importance of intermittent fasting and exercising on an empty stomach.
- Which good stresses you should to pursue and which bad stresses to avoid
- Why avoiding stress altogether will lead to an unhealthy life
- How doing a controlled stressful activity in the morning can slow your aging.
- And Neil accepts a fight challenge with Ori.
01:28:00 10/3/2017
Director and screenwriter Max Landis returns to The Truth Barrel for part 2 of his energetic and informative interview on writing scripts and getting movies made. This time, Max discusses the brutal process of pitch meetings, why pitching a script is infinitely more challenging than a first date, and advice that will help you during your next dreaded work "meeting." Max also shares a detail about an upcoming film that he's never revealed publicly before...

In this episode you will learn...

- How Max would have pitched Star Wars.
- The best advice on pitching films that Max has never given before.
- What to look for when picking your creative partners.
- When compromise is victory.
- How to handle bad feedback from superiors.
- The importance of organic communication and "the note behind the note."
- Why you should talk about your scripts as if they are movies you have seen.
- How to curate a great reading experience.
- How to recognize your own false self-diagnoses.
- How to avoid over-selling something.
- And Neil and Gabby discuss what they have learned together about their respective interviewing processes as co-hosts in their first fifty episodes of The Truth Barrel.
01:10:00 9/26/2017
Max Landis is one of the most sought-after screenwriters in Hollywood. From his first big film Chronicle to his upcoming Bright, with Will Smith to his classic Youtube video Wrestling Isn't Wrestling, Landis is also one of Hollywood's most prolific screenwriters. In this episode, he shares an equally large pile of advice, introspection and reflection about the tension between the struggle to create art and the demands to compromise it to make a living. This is a must-listen episode for any writer out there, as well as anyone who has ever doubted their own talents. And they discuss the question, "If you know yourself, does your art change?"

In this episode, you will learn:

- How to divorce yourself from your art when selling it.
- The mindset to have when facing unexpected and unwelcome changes.
- The four types of screenwriters.
- How to avoid the seductiveness of cynicism.
- Max's secret screenwriting techniques, and what he always does on the first page of every screenplay
- The one thing to avoid when re-branding yourself.
- What the open loop is and why it's paramount to great storytelling
- Why humans love surprises and how to train their emotions.
01:16:00 9/19/2017
For 12 years, Frank Warren has been mailed over 1 million secrets on post cards from people on every continent. His website, has led him to become the most trusted listener of secrets in the world. Frank joins Neil and Gabby in The Truth Barrel to share the lessons he has learned about the secrets that people keep, what they reveal about us, and whether or not it's true that we're as sick as our secrets.

In this episode, you'll learn...

- How Frank saved the life of someone on the verge of suicide
- What is a secret, when should you reveal it, and how it will help you and others
- How to overcome the shame of revealing a personal secret or confession
- Why the safest places might be the least comfortable places to share your secrets.
- The best way for parents to learn their childrens private lives and whether they should
-The qualities you need to receive someone else's secrets
- How Neil gets his interview subjects to open up so much.
- And the most common secret Frank has read out of 1 million secrets (you'll never guess)
01:59:00 9/12/2017
Emily Morse ("Loveline", "Sex with Emily") has been improving people's sex lives on the radio for over 12 years. Today, she strips down with Neil and Gabby in The Truth Barrel to find out what steps you can take to improve.

SPOILER: Step one is to listen. And if you listen right, you'll learn:
- Solutions to the most common problems men and women face, including mismatched libido
- What a "sex script" is and how to use it
- How to improve your nonverbal communication before during and after sex.
- Hot sex moves for pleasing your partner(s), and five key components of having clean and attractive sex hygiene.
- How to get more confidence in being the sex initiator.
- How to make your partner(s) feel more desirable.
-And some things that are too explicit to list here.
01:33:00 9/5/2017
A decade ago, Asher Gottesman had millions of dollars in the bank and a successful real estate career. But after two years of food addiction, alcohol abuse, and expensive drug habits, he found himself in dangerous debt - he went from flying in private planes to not being able to pay his utility bills. Today, Asher joins Gabby and Neil in The Truth Barrel to talk about his new life purpose - helping others recover from their own self-destructive habits.

This episode is loaded with lessons such as:

- What is the difference between conditional and unconditional love?

- How to embrace letting go and forgiveness.

- Why the way you're punishing your children may be hurting both of you.

- How to recognize when you're being manipulative, and when you yourself are being manipulated.

- How to spot your own destructive patterns.

- How to overcome embarrassment and ask for the help you need.
01:19:00 8/22/2017
Joakim Noah is a 10-year NBA veteran who just finished the most interesting year of his career. He left the Chicago Bulls to play for his hometown New York Knicks, suffered injury, endured suspension... and became a father. He has turned down all interview requests for some time now. In this rare and powerful interview with Joakim, you'll learn how one regains confidence, handles high expectations, owns their decisions, finds joy in the struggle and the secret power behind all success.
01:21:00 8/15/2017
Comedian and Actor Jay Mohr climbs into the Barrel to clean up the mess of Neil and Gabby's appearance on his podcast, Mohr Stories. Once that's straightened out, you'll learn the best metaphor for anxiety ever (which will also help alleviate a lot of unnecessary anxiety), Jay's advice about approaching your creativity and art as a sport, unpeeling the onion of your psyche, how to stand up for yourself at work and at home and what the opposite of love is, and how to deal with it.
01:40:00 8/8/2017
Dive in deep in this extremely raw and personal episode of The Truth Barrel where Gabby & Neil go one-on-one about their respective life challenges and their powerful solutions to them. There is a focus on balance, relationships, and parenting. Listen as they deconstruct and share the inner-monologues that they wrestle with in their own lives: What is E + R = O? How can you sustain your individuality while maintaining a loving relationship? What is problem solving through head, ears, hands, or feet? Why is the outcome NOT the outcome? How do you share your reality with someone else? And how thinking of everything you do as "art" can make each moment easier.
01:21:18 8/1/2017
Comedian Danny Lobell, host of the Modern Philosophers podcast, gets into the Barrel to share the struggle of being broke as joke. If you're interested in learning about the making of a storyteller and the art of turning your experiences into compelling tales, make sure you listen. In this episode, you'll also learn from Danny about the best practices for public speaking, up-ending your diet under extreme circumstances, turning bad experiences into hilarious stories, how to accidentally stumble into your passion and why an easy job is the worst job.
01:35:51 7/25/2017
Listen to Part 2 of Danny Cipriani's most open, personal interview to date. Gabby and Neil discuss Danny's self-imposed exile to Australia and his return to the U.K. Most importantly, they look at the part we play in the worst things that happen to us, and the good that comes out of the bad. Plus how rugby saved Danny's life, how he recovered from being hit by a double-decker bus, and how he recovered from the accident to return to the sport in even better shape.
00:52:39 7/18/2017
Danny Cipriani is a superstar English rugby union player for the Wasps. He is one of the most gifted players of his generation, yet at the same time, has been unjustly savaged in the media. For the first time, Danny opens up how his childhood set him up for his future, his side of the stories that have been written about him, and how to keep the headlines from interfering with his playing. He also discusses the inner game of competitive sports, why he left England, how to overcome people's pre-conceived notions of who you are, and how his experience on the field saved his life when he was hit by a double-decker bus. This is the first part of a two-part interview.
01:11:22 7/11/2017
Reid Mihalko's life mission is to get people more comfortable with themselves. He joins Gabby and Neil in The Truth Barrel to share his "difficult question protocol" for sex and intimacy - which has applications to all aspects of your life. Learn how to ask someone for what you want as soon as you meet them, how to discuss your needs in the bedroom, how to explore consensual non-monogamy, and how to be safe, vulnerable, and honest. Hear why Reid says the key to happiness is in the questions you're too scared to ask. You'll also find out how to practice conversations with your partner(s) about sex, as well as the toxicity of gossip. They also discuss ways to embrace awkwardness, reveal what you desire most, and turn accusations into productive conversations.
01:32:53 7/4/2017
Gabby and Neil sweat it out with Super Bowl champion running back Rashard Mendenhall. After making a controversial decision to retire from football at age 26, Rashard became a writer for the hit HBO show Ballers. Find out how teamwork in the writers room at HBO compares to the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room. Learn how Rashard got rid of his cell phone and became happier - and immunizes himself from social media. Gabby and Neil also invite a special guest who encourages Rashard to pursue his next passion... and his greatest fear.
01:44:43 6/27/2017
If you ever needed the motivation to stop eating processed and junk food, Dr. Robert Lustig is happy to give you the facts that will scare the sugar out of your diet. Listen in as this renowned neuroendocrinologist reveals to Gabby and Neil just how much the food industry has made us addicts to food that is killing us. As he puts it, the corporations have hacked our bodies and diets. Learn Dr. Lustig's tips on what you can do to recognize where sugar is slithering into foods that most people think of as "healthy." And find out his answer on who to trust when it comes to healthy-eating advice. Have a notepad ready, because there are plenty of takeaways. This interview will change the way you eat forever.
01:37:37 6/20/2017
NBA legend John Salley re-joins Gabby and Neil in the Truth Barrel to go deeper: He discusses the mentors he surrounded himself with in the NBA, the secrets to changing your bad health habits, what to eat, what to drink, how to cleanse your body, open marriages, and raising a close family.. "Give me seven days," he promises, "and I'll change your life."
01:15:06 6/13/2017
John Salley knows what it takes to live the lifestyle of a champion: he won four NBA titles in three different decades. Since then, he has been an actor, ESPN host, and healthy eating advocate. He shares why it is easier to change careers than to change eating habits. He discusses the day basketball became "no fun" for him. He tells hilarious stories from his days with the bad boys of the Detroit Pistons to becoming a disciplined vegan and father of three. And he discusses why your gut is your mind, and how to feed it right. How to find and use your gift. How he overcame his fears and let go of his grudges. And much, much more.
01:02:10 6/6/2017
Randall Wallace is a writer's writer. He has written films (Heaven is for Real, Man in the Iron Mask, Braveheart); books (Pearl Harbor, Living the Braveheart Life); and songs (including one played at President Ronald Reagan's funeral). Yet at age 46, he was down-and-out with no success. In this podcast, find out how Wallace turned his writing career around; and his powerful advice on faith, freedom, inspiration, integrity, and heroism.
01:31:00 5/30/2017
Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage, is leading a paradigm shift in breathing. The fact is: We are over-oxygenating ourselves, in the same way others over-eat or over-hydrate. Because of this, Gabby and Neil, and their friends, have made a massive shift in something they do 23,000 times a day: Breathe. In this incredible episode, you'll not learn to end your mouth-breathing habits to optimize your sleep, health, and performance, plus reduce anxiety. You'll also learn some amazing exercises that you can do as you listen to the podcast.
01:33:25 5/23/2017
Jaiya Ma is one of the only hands-on sex educators in the world. She has put her ten thousand-plus hours in to become one of the world's leading experts on sexuality. In this podcast, you can take a live quiz to find out your own personal erotic blueprint. You'll also learn tactics to create long-term intimacy, solutions to common sex mistakes, and how to have energetic orgasms. Neil and Gabby also invite one of Jaiya's partners into the Truth Barrel to find out if she truly practices what she preaches.
01:34:40 5/16/2017
Can you get all the benefits of meditation in just ten minutes a day? Did you know that your happiness is a muscle you can grow? What happens to you when you die? Why do bad things happen to good people? Author and teacher Light Watkins answers these questions and more. In addition, learn the 4 misconceptions people have about mediation, how to get started, how to truly relax, and one thing you can start doing immediately to enjoy life even more.
01:30:25 5/9/2017
One of the hardest-working and most recognizable in film, Frank Grillo, from Captain America: Winter Solider, The Grey, Kingdom, Warriors, and Prison Break, shares his definition of what it means to embrace discipline and persistence. Learn the traits that are deal-breakers in other people on a project - and how to look out for them. You'll also discover the dedication it takes to become an "overnight success," how to practice a healthier work ethic, his foolproof system for waking-up early, and how he trained to have a punch so deadly that it even intimidates Captain America. You'll also discover the important lesson of how balancing fame with humility improves your life and career.
01:30:54 5/2/2017
"Have you seen this man? Owes 2.3 million dollars in child support" is the bold headline that invaded Los Angeles billboards and posters accompanied by the mugshot face of upcoming rapper Mikey Mike. This episode of The Truth Barrel is for everyone trying to get noticed. Mikey Mike is one of the best new musicians, rappers, and producers out there. Yet no one noticed him until he started doing making some brilliant, risky, and bold moves. In this episode, you'll learn get to meet an amazing up-and-coming artist before he's a household name. You'll also learn the smartest strategies you can use to stand out and get noticed as an artist - or how to land a job in any field.
01:14:38 4/25/2017
Alison Teal describes herself as a "Tarzan Child." Growing up as the daughter of a National Geographic nature photographer, Alison didn't exactly have a typical childhood; She went to grade school at the base of Mount Everest, and "coming home" meant sharing a tent in the jungle with her parents. Alison joins Gabby and Neil in The Truth Barrel to share stories of her journey from the untouched Himalayan wilderness to film-school in California. Learn about Alison's secrets to getting media attention for her causes, her survival secrets, how she put "plastic island" on the environmental activist map, and even surfing on a lava-spewing volcano in Hawaii. Also find out about the bravery it took to survive TV's Naked & Afraid.
01:13:45 4/18/2017
Jenny Nordbak spent two years living a double life: by day a construction manager, but by night, an elite dominatrix in Los Angeles' longest-running sex dungeon. Hear the story of how as a college senior, Jenny began to cultivate a career in fulfilling the deepest sexual fantasies of some of Hollywood's celebrities & high-class. Listen as Neil and Gabby pin Jenny down for her thoughts on sexual pleasure, pain, shame, and control. They also get into a discussion about how childhood experiences can wire our sexual desires as adults. And most amazingly, she determines which member of the Truth Barrel crew has a secret sexual fetish... and gets it right!
01:18:41 4/11/2017
Former NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens is back in the Barrel for another intense episode. Joined by stem-cell research advocate, Kai Nygard, Terrell reveals some of the cutting-edge medicine practices he and Kai have been experimenting with, along with the best habits to adopt for maintaining a longer and healthier life. Find out why Terrell believes these practices are the future for athletes and injury recovery, how he is able to stay in the best shape of his life at age 43, his relationships with his teammates, his clothing line Prototype 81, and his reaction to being snubbed by the NFL Hall of Fame two years running.
00:56:29 4/4/2017
NFL legend Terrell Owens ranks in the top 3 of football's all-time wide receiver records. But behind all the touchdown celebrations, animated press conferences, and playoff tears, there's the story of an elite athlete who has been challenged by nearly everyone he's met since childhood. T.O. gets in the sauna with Gabby and Neil for a powerful, wide-ranging interview about being bullied as a teenager, overcoming people's low expectations, what it takes to be great, dealing with negativity, the confidence paradox, and the challenges of fame, parenting, and much more. Listen in as this emotional and powerful gladiator reflects on his incredible and often misunderstood career. Part one of two.
00:55:29 3/28/2017
A unifying aspect of the childhoods of many successful people is that they were victims of bullying. In this investigative episode, Neil and Gabby dig deep into the minds of their spouses, children, and friends on how bullying has affected them, how they've successfully dealt with bullies, and how to teach our children to handle bullying. Learn about a side of Neil's wife Ingrid that he never heard about before. Dive deep into Laird Hamilton's past of being tormented on land, and how he found strength at sea. Find out how Neil's closest friends and Gabby's young children discovered the best strategies to protect themselves when the inevitable bully charges into their lives. Special Guests include: Sports Illustrated model Amber Smith, Big-waver surfer, Laird Hamilton, and fitness author, Mark Sisson.
01:01:43 3/21/2017
You can improve your habits, but can you enhance your genes? Join Neil and Gabby with this episode's guest Dr. Dan Reardon of Fitness Genes in the Truth Barrel to discovery how he has developed a method to determine the best way for you to workout-based on your DNA. You'll learn about your genetic coding, how it affects your ability to grow muscle, how your body can transform to better metabolize what you eat, and tactics you can adopt to your fitness and nutrition regime to meet your health goals based on your genetic make-up.
01:01:57 3/14/2017
Jordan Harbinger, host of the Art of Charm podcast, opens up in a way he never has before. Along the way, you'll discover the secrets to podcasting success and longevity and how to have more in-depth conversations. Plus get the details on Neil and Jordan's wild adventures from the time they visited North Korea, and hear about how Jordan became an undercover FBI agent in high school. Also, we bring in a surprise special guest to break down Jordan's walls and get to the truth of what drives Jordan to living a life of success.
01:07:11 3/7/2017
Grammy-nominated guitarist and vocalist for Blink-182 and Alkaline Trio, Matt Skiba, joins Neil and Gabby in The Truth Barrel to discuss his career, his relationships, and the life philosophy that has led to his success. It's not what you'd expect. In this powerful interview, he discusses facing the disappointment of his father when he decided to become a musician, the exact moment he quit drugs and alcohol, the surprising reason he asked a bandmate to leave the group, and what it was like to take over as frontman for one of the biggest bands of its genre. Along the way, you'll learn Matt's secret for staying positive, connected, and powerful - and the difference between a nice person and a good person. Hint: A good person isn't always nice.
01:16:22 2/28/2017
In this special episode, Gabby and Neil answer a collection of some of the most emotional, controversial, and wildly nonsensical questions from listeners. Learn to crush limiting beliefs, create healthier fitness habits, end procrastination, and improve your sex life with "hands on" techniques, plus try these quick tests to find out if your romantic relationship is right for you.
01:19:06 2/21/2017
"Most parents hate me," says guest Jared Kleinert. Whatever advice parents give, Kleinert preaches the opposite. Don't go to a good school. Don't get a job. Don't get a house or a car. At his age, he's written a best-selling book, started several companies, been a TedX speaker, and been named "the most connected millennial" by USA Today. In this episode of the Barrel, the entire Millenial myth is dismantled. Along the way, you'll learn about an alternate path to success, the psychological makeup of successful entrepreneurs, and tactics to build a world-class network.
01:08:58 2/14/2017
We are living like animals in a zoo of our own making, according to Dr. Christopher Ryan, evolutionary psychologist, and author of "Sex At Dawn" and the upcoming "Civilized to Death." After listening to this episode, you will want to rethink everything about your life: from your home to your relationships to raising children to the culture you live in. Prepare to learn some surprising, counter-intuitive lessons as Dr. Ryan compares what our species has done for most of its history with what we are doing today.
01:13:20 2/7/2017
Dive into the one of most thrilling episodes of the Truth Barrel to learn from Scott's stories of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro shirtless, losing seven pounds of fat in seven days, and training to do 80 pushups on a single breath. Scott Carney, award-winning author, anthropologist, and investigative journalist, talks with Gabby and Neil about his recent adventures with Wim Hof and others, exploring how to reclaim human evolutionary strength to survive freezing temperatures and high altitudes. Scott also discusses his investigative research into organ trafficking and deaths on meditation retreats.
01:14:52 1/31/2017
Sum 41 and Krewella drummer, and founder of Street Drum Corps, Frank Zummo, gets into the barrel on this week's episode to discuss his rise to rockstar fame. Listen in as Zummo explains the trials and tribulations it takes to find (and maintain) success as an artist today, and how applying a business mindset can help. Also discussed are the secrets to survival on the road and how adapting a hyper-focus mindset can propel your own career forward. Bonus: Behind the scenes stories from his time filling in for Tommy Lee.
01:09:21 1/24/2017
"Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent." In this week's episode Kelly Starrett, fitness expert and founder of MobilityWOD, uncovers foundational secrets to not only creating an enhanced health system, but also to a more pleasurable life. Listen in as Kelly teaches Gabby and Neil elementary pain preventative practices, the importance of great posture and sleep, and what we are doing wrong in schools and work (and how to fix it).
00:55:03 1/17/2017
Former UCLA football player and motivational speaker Nick Ekbatani lost his leg and his football career in a motorcycle accident. In this beautiful and emotional episode, he discusses how it became the best thing that ever happened to him. Learn to live with gratitude and have a positive daily attitude, plus learn the tools he uses to let go of pain, heal, and move forward, in this week's Truth Barrel.
00:35:33 1/10/2017
Former model and TV host Michele Paradise gets in the sauna to discuss her journey to becoming a hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner. She is currently one of two people on the West Coast practicing a revolutionary new technique for healing psychological wounds and trauma. It is called Havening. On this episode, find out what Havening is, how to do it step by step, and the ways it can improve your inner and outer life.
00:48:21 1/3/2017
This week, Neil and Gabby discuss disaster survival with Kevin Reeve of OnPoint Tactical, the man who taught Neil how to pick locks, hot-wire a car and escape from danger in his book Emergency. They cover everything from stress inoculation to survival mindset to evading kidnappers to climbing barbed-wire fences to habits you can immediately incorporate into your life to make it safer.
00:57:06 12/27/2016
Want to live forever? Kai Nygard does, and for decades he has been on an immortality project with his father (Peter Nygard) traveling the world in a private jet, seeking out and funding the greatest minds in longevity science. Kai discusses breakthroughs in stem cells, cloning, and the secrets to a longer, healthier life. Neil and Gabby are also joined by Darin Olien to help break down the science, knowledge, and the ramifications.
01:07:43 12/20/2016
Our guest today is Darin Olien, who has traveled to some of the world's most remote places in search of the most nutritious secret superfoods - earning him the title, the Indiana Jones of superfoods. Find out where in nature they're hiding, how he sticks to his regimen, the exact process he uses to engineer the perfect water for his body, and what he says is the holy grail of superfoods.
01:07:45 12/13/2016
Life Balance Systems, Optimized Living, and Time Management are this week's deep dive. In this special episode, Neil and Gabby interview each other to share the systems, tools, products, and ways of thinking that allow them to balance their lives while maximizing their productivity, health, community-building, and family time. Have a pen and paper ready: There's a lot you'll want to remember, implement, and also give to friends.
01:32:27 12/6/2016
In this episode, Neil and Gabby deep dive on powerful strategies for raising children and improving relationships without conflict or drama. They discuss techniques such as power vs. force, stay listening, and special-time with two leading experts: Abigail Wald, an instructor at Hand in Hand Parenting, and Catherine DeMonte, a marriage, family and child therapist.
01:20:24 11/29/2016
There are two kinds of actors: Find out which kind you are, and how to stand out in one of the most competitive businesses in the industry, in this powerful interview with acclaimed actor John C. McGinley (Platoon, Scrubs, Stan Against Evil). In addition, John discusses how parents can cope and adapt with the challenges of raising a child with special needs during a heartfelt discussion about his son Max, a child born with Down Syndrome.
01:01:30 11/22/2016
Can you trust your doctor? Do hospitals actually have your best health in mind? Will immunizations keep you healthy or get you sick? Neil has been going through one of the greatest challenges new parents face: making medical decisions for a child. In this episode, he and Gabby talk to one of the most well-known and highly recommended pediatricians in Southern California, Dr. Jay Gordon, about the truth behind vaccinations, as well as the weakness and strengths of the hospital and medical system. They then visit teenager Jake Peters. Diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica, a rare disorder that affects the eye nerves and the spinal cord, he has little to no movement from the neck down and breathes with the help of a ventilator. His parents are now trying to determine if the HPV shot that he had prior to the incident could have triggered the disease. Jake's story, and his attitude towards, life just may inspire you, as it did Neil and Gabby.
00:56:59 11/15/2016
So, how do you incorporate the Paleo diet into your every day habits? John Durant, author of The Paleo Manifesto and founder of, has agreed to come back for Part 2. Last week, Neil and Gabby went through John's day and there were a bunch of amazing takeaways. This time, he walks us through the rest of his day and touches on how he got started with Paleo, what his diet is like, and what his next obsession is. He also shares the best caveman joke he's ever heard, the simple tool he uses for his to-do list, and the best books on evolution he'd recommend to people. John also brings up some interesting points in this episode, such as the rise of Trumpism, the use (and abuse) of evolution in politics, his view of human nature, the disruption of traditional gender roles, and the reason he quit Twitter.
00:49:24 11/8/2016
In this episode, Neil and Gabby discuss how to optimize your everyday habits with author, entrepreneur and professional caveman John Durant (The Paleo Manifesto). Topics include how to get a better shower with no soap, how to get a better sleep by simulating a cave environment, lifting your mood by getting in sync with circadian and seasonal rhythms, and designing the ultimate workout based on thousand-year-old rituals. These counter-intuitive practices just might change the way you live your life.
00:48:50 11/1/2016
What makes extreme surfers and athletes Laird Hamilton and Greg Long so successful at what they do? In this podcast, Neil Strauss and Gabby Reece explore an idea never discussed: That it is your relationship with death that makes you great at life. For innovator Laird Hamilton, arguably the biggest name in big-wave surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, there is a window between when you think you're going to die and when you're actually going to die. And it's in that window that he explores in his performance. For Greg Long, watching friends die gave him the motivation to live the best life possible. But when he drowned during a big-wave surfing accident, after he was brought back to consciousness, it changed everything for him. The insights he got from this experience will change your life, just as they did Neil's and Gabby's from hearing about them. You'll also hear Hamilton's story about being lost at sea and what he promised to the universe he'd do if he was ever rescued.
01:07:08 10/25/2016
What can we learn from those who've been close to death, or even died, and lived to tell about it? In this surprising and revelatory episode, Neil and Gabby speak with actor/comedian Larry Miller (Best in Show, Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries) about his death and his story of meeting God face-to-face to receive a life-changing message. They also talk to Bachelor producer and former LA Times writer Marc Weingarten, who was sure he was going to die from cancer, about what it took for him to beat it and how his entire perspective on life changed afterward. What's most surprising about these interviews is that they don't just provide answers. They raise new questions. To quote the tattoo that Weingarten put on his arm afterward: "Lost time is not found."
00:55:33 10/18/2016
In the debut episode of the Truth Barrel, Neil Strauss and Gabrielle Reece sweat it out in the barrel sauna with extreme waterman Mark Healey. He is a big-wave surfing champion, winner of the Spearfishing World Cup, a shark-tagger, a free-diver, a movie stuntman, and much more. In this episode, they discuss bullying, and how that eventually led Mark to a life of death-defying accomplishments. He discusses fear, and how to use it to motivate you to move toward things instead of away from things. You'll also find out what exactly to do when a shark is making a beeline straight for you. How to hold your breath for extended amounts of time underwater and on land. What it takes to make anything happen in your life. Where you'll find the real heart and soul of people. And expect some vigorous debate between Gabby and Neil, as they discuss: Did Mark's biology or childhood experiences determine who he became. It gets intense, but that's what happens in The Truth Barrel. You'll also find out secrets about Neil's anatomy that you'll wish you never knew.
01:11:59 10/11/2016
The Truth Barrel with Gabrielle Reece and Neil Strauss premieres Tuedsday, October 11, 2016.
00:00:00 9/22/2016

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