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The Team Tiger Awesome Show is made up of tiny pieces of comedians Clint Gage (Cinefix), Nick Mundy (Conan, Screenjunkies) and Michael Truly (Why Would You Eat That). They all met during a hostage situation on a bus during which the bus couldn't drive slower than 50 mph or it would explode. They swore to each other that day, that if they made it out alive, they would never allow themselves to die without leaving a podcast behind. The Team Tiger Awesome Show is a weekly take on current events in pop culture at large that quickly devolves into nonsensical tangents about why Cop Rock is the best thing the human race has ever accomplished. No, it's not; it's Dog Police. That's stupid. How would a dog even hold a gun? It doesn't need to, because they're detectives like Law and Order SVU. Those detectives never apologized when they roughed up the wrong suspect. Never. If you like your podcasts to go all over the place like the previous paragraph, this is the one for you.


Bold and Salty New Year's Predictions

Buckle your safety belts, Tittens because it's a new year and it's time for a flavor burst of TTA's Bold & Salty Predictions for 2018! All of the most important questions for 2018 will be predicted and answered right here: Who's the next celebrity to fall from grace? When is all that dirt on Betty White going to come out? What sport will transition into a running man style death match? Does Robert Davi smoke out of a neck hole? What will be 2018's most shocking moment and does it involve Boston Market? Who will be 2018's biggest hero and can it be Cap'n Sully again? Who's penis are we most likely to see way too much of in 2018 and kinda be okay with? Now with more: Arnold Schwarzenegger doing commentary on Wes Anderson movie. Nick gets surprised by someone who DIDN'T die. Resolutions for Cowards. The TTA News heats up covering an intense merger.
00:40:00 12/31/2017

Past Episodes

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you Tittens! This week we discuss the proper way to dispose of a Chuck E. Cheese mascot head. Nick's sudden sleeping sickness. And then we dive into the plot of R'as Al Ghul to overthrow society by ruining Chuck E. Cheese. But more importantly Christmas is about presents! Presents for you. Presents for me. Santa bringing presents. Buying presents And of course us gift suggestions for some of our most important pop culture icons like: Idris Elba, Santa, R'as Al Ghul and Nikola Tesla. Also exactly one "interesting" 30 Seconds to Mars fact. And no more we promise. Questions for Extra Credit: Does Silk collect smells? Did Batman's parents own a Chuck E. Cheese? Did Nick have a fashion season that was all based around Turtle for Entourage? What's a spooky bathtub?
00:45:00 12/24/2017
*Whispers in your ear* Put on your silk robes, light a fire in the fireplace and pour your favorite libation. It's time to get erotic with some of your favorite Christmas characters of all time in some handcrafted, artisanal TTA Erotica. All your favorites are here and they're doing it: Ernest, Frosty the Snowman, Bruno Mars, Guy Fieri & Michael Keaton from Jack Frost (he's your favorite, right?). It may be cold outside, but they're all hot and ready for Santa to walk in on them and Santa be all like, "Ho. Ho No!" But then maybe Santa gets a little frisky too because big boys need some love also. Happy Holidays! Bonus: We celebrate Die Hard's inclusion in the Nation Film Registry along with lesser films! Why Die Hard with a Vengeance is actually a better Christmas Movie than Die Hard! What mama Fratelli screams when she wants it! Also we used a song by this guy: Carnivale Intrigue Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
00:57:00 12/17/2017
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just days away and naturally we wanted to breakdown that galaxy far, far away and determine who the sexiest Star Wars Characters is. Can half-machine weirdo Saw Gerrara upset Han Solo? The Emperor and Leia Organa go head-to-head to find out who is the sexiest business (wo)man in the universe. And will it be a trap when Admiral Ackbar goes up against possibly bi-sexual dreamboat, Poe Dameron? And finally, the round you we're all looking forward to: Lobot vs Watto! And finally--where does Lando fit in all of this? LET'S GET IT ON!
01:33:00 12/10/2017
Tittens! Are you tired of Frosty and Rudolph and every other boring Christmas Icon of the past? Well, good news! On today's episode, we're creating a brand new Christmas Icon and Scott Gairdner (Moonbeam City, Podcast: The Ride) is helping us do it! This episode goes off the rails pretty fast so strap in fast while them TTA Boyz get into the Holiday Spirit! Also, why isn't Blade in the F@#%ing Avengers movie?
01:18:00 12/3/2017
Before diving into the rich pile of meat that is NXT's Wargames, Nick pitches a Thanksgiving-themed restaurant and Truly consults his predictive algorithm to see if he enjoyed thanksgiving. Then the cage comes down trapping us inside the ring as we review the first WarGames in 20 years. Does Clint have a man-crush on Tangerine Dream? Has Nick finally hooked Truly on wrestling by showing him a match with a Dirigible Captain? How'd they feel about all the blood? Brought to you by Code: tiger50
01:14:00 11/26/2017
The TTA Boyz are strapped into one of their mid-size crossover utilities cars and are braving the journey to watch the Justice League! We start the show before the screening where the guys debate what snacks to get, will Justice League be better than the movie Priest, and is a terrible idea! Then the guys get back and report on what they just saw! Is it good, terrible or fine? What's with Superman's mustache? Why is Ben Affleck so tired? Why wasn't Aerosmith in the movie? And most importantly... was Justice League better than Priest? Listen now to find out!
01:02:00 11/19/2017
From the brand new hit podcast, PODCAST: THE RIDE, noted Disney expert and comedian Mike Carlson joins the show to discuss how to date, seduce and ultimately make love to our favorite Disney characters. You may love your favorite Disney characters but we'll tell you how to really love them. Mickey? Ursula? Scrooge McDuck? You name them, we're probably seducing them. And yes, some of our seduction techniques are scams but this time there's no nagging! Also, Truly stopped following Mundy on Twitter and it's now a thing. You could even call it a THANG!
01:08:00 11/12/2017
HOLY CRAP! NICK AND CLINT'S FAVORITE TEAM THE HOUSTON ASTROS JUST WON THEIR FIRST WORLD SERIES!!!! And since they haven't been able to think about anything else for the past month, we're talking about It! Has the playoff run turned Nick into Gollum? Is Clint still crying? Is Truly even here for this episode? Listen and find out!
00:54:00 11/5/2017
Breaking News! The new WWE had breaking news and completely changed their TLC card so Mundy got really excited and made Clint and Truly watch the show! Follow along as we watch Asukas depot, the rise of Enzo, Trulys love affair with Cruiserweights, why AJ vs Finn is not embarrassing, and how its not surprising that Bray Wyatt caught viral meningitis. We also debate the main event and decide if the Miz was an accessory for murder.

Also, Mundy was on the news It was weird!
01:14:16 10/28/2017
Professional baseball player, Cody Decker, helps us determine what is the greatest movie sports team of all time! The Mighty Ducks! The Titans! The Monsters! The Jamaican Bobsledding Team! The American Karate Team from Best of the Best! They're all fighting to death to determine who is the best. Also, Truly lets power go to his head almost immediately.

All this and why the playoffs are the worst! Listen NOW!
01:21:32 10/21/2017

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