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The Social Feed Podcast is created to help business owners and marketers discover what works when it comes to social media. Each week, we update you on what's new in the social media world, highlight an app that will make your life easier, & give insight on topics like Facebook organic reach, dealing with negative reviews, and much more.


The Social Feed

How Hypertargeting Is Taking Digital Marketing to the Next Level (ep81)

Digital marketing is always changing as technology advances. A company that is on the front edge of those changes is Adcellerant. They manage hundreds of thousands of local campaigns for businesses across many platforms - from social media to mobile devices to display ads. In this episode we sit down with Brock and Chris from Adcellerant and find out what Adcellerant offers, how they got started, and what they think is the latest and greatest advertising opportunity for local businesses.
00:30:53 4/16/2019

Past Episodes

MNBloggerBash started several years ago as a part of Hubbard Interactive with the idea to connect businesses to bloggers and influencers. We have hosted many events and the team behind those events decided it was time for a rebranding effort. Over the last 6 months they have built a new website, designed new logos and changed the whole color scheme, and even reframed the events themselves. In this episode we talk with a couple ladies from the MNBloggerBash team about the rebrand and what it will mean going forward.
00:26:50 4/9/2019
Flip Phone Drag Brunches have become a big hit in Minneapolis. Tickets sell out as soon as they go on sale, attendees have a blast, performers make good money, and it all raises money for local non-profits. It's a win-win-win for everyone! And it's all coordinated by the owner of Flip Phone Events, Chad Kampe. He is the mastermind behind the drag brunches and the numerous other shows and parties throughout the year. In this episode we sit down with Chad and talk about what it's like to manage the marketing, social media, event production, and even host some of the events. He really does it all - from Facebook event promotion to video marketing to influencer marketing, and he talks to us about what he's done to succeed with all these events.
00:33:32 4/2/2019
Facebook makes changes to their platform almost everyday it seems. Between the newsfeed algorithm, advertising rules, new features and user interaction, keeping up with what's new on Facebook alone can seem like a chore. And that's only one social media platform. That's why we brought in Jayna Wilcox for this episode. Jayna travels around the country and keeps all of the Hubbard Radio markets in the loop and up to speed with the latest social media news. In this episode she dishes out the latest for Facebook advertising, Instagram stories & features, and chatbots.
00:33:40 3/26/2019
Our team went to SXSW in Austin, TX to learn the latest in digital marketing, podcasting, social media and more. It was a week of informative sessions and crazy experiential events that got our minds spinning with ideas. In this episode, we recap our seven day excursion and dish the highlights from SXSW.
00:36:02 3/19/2019
Netflix and Hulu both recently released documentaries on the same subject: Fyre Festival and its creator, Billy McFarland. They each tell the story differently and are fascinating to watch. Fyre Festival was marketed so well with video and flashy photos along with big-name social media influencers and models like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and more. People bought tickets to this one-of-a-kind music festival and expected to have the time of their lives. But in the end the whole thing fell apart and was a big, public flop. In this episode we talk about the marketing of Fyre Festival and how they were able to make the marketing a success and build such a buzz around the event. We also discuss what went wrong and try to take a few lessons away on community management and influencer marketing.
00:32:06 3/12/2019
How does a marketing agency market themselves? On this podcast we talk to a variety of business owners and marketers, and offer advice and hear what works and doesn't work for them. But in this episode we reveal what we at Hubbard Interactive do for marketing our own products. We are gearing up for our next Hubbard Digital Academy and are putting a lot of thought and effort into that promotion, so this episode as all about the tactics we are utilizing to get the word out about our conference in June.
00:33:58 3/5/2019
When you start a business from scratch, everything seems daunting and social media and digital marketing is no exception. In this episode we talk to Kelsey from CBD Health about some of the things she has worked on with her bosses in the few short months since they opened CBD Health. Kelsey talks about how they use social media and email marketing and even text messaging to communicate and educate customers and potential customers.
00:36:01 2/26/2019
Generation Z is the newest generation to be named and were born between 1995 and 2015. They are currently between 3-23 years old, and there are nearly 74 million of them in the U.S. In this episode we went to the University of Minnesota to the Student Advertising Summit to talk with several members of Gen Z about their social media habits as well as how they view and interact with brands on social media.
00:27:34 2/19/2019
Southwest of the Twin Cities in the small town of Red Wing, Minnesota lives Billy the Bun Man - a larger-than-life personality who thrives on Facebook promoting the local bakery, Hanisch Bakery. Bill Hanisch is the owner of the bakery and has built an audience of over 18,000 fans on Facebook with his social media alter ego, Billy the Bun Man. In this episode we talk to Bill about that persona. He talks about the work that it takes to run a successful bakery and keep up his Billy the Bun Man identity (for which he has a costume and everything), and how he has used social media to build business for his bakery as well as other businesses in Red Wing.
00:34:08 2/5/2019
Recently SKOR North in the Twin Cities went through a major rebrand - new name, new logo, new website, new social media channels, new platforms, new everything. It was a process that took months to plan and implement because they changed their whole business model. Before they were an AM sports talk radio station with it's toes in the digital marketing world, but now as SKOR North, they are a investing heavily in digital content distribution while still maintaining their AM radio presence, which has been around for almost 100 years. In this episode, we talk with Derek Wetmore and Seth Auger from SKOR North about the whole process of rebranding and what they are excited about going forward with a completely different brand mentality and focus.
00:34:20 1/29/2019

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