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The Bernie Miklasz Show - March 20, 2018 - Hour 3

The Backpage - returning to the Sweet 16 and some of the questions heading into this weekend NFL Roundup - Suh to the Rams? Richardson with the Vikings? Baker Mayfield's latest drama Joe Sheehan joined Bernie Miklasz and Michelle Smallmon to talk about the Cardinals heading into 2018, his thoughts on the offense, his fear with the team's bullpen, and Mike Matheny entering a big year Crossover with Mike Young and JR
00:42:39 3/19/2018

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Path for the Blues to make the postseason with 10 games remaining You're Killin' Me Smalls - Izzy Azalea burns Nick Young What's with the outrage over TBS/CBS showing crying kids during NCAA tournament? Bernie and Michelle are baffled by this Ask Bernie - what loss affected you the most as a kid?
00:36:52 3/19/2018
The Bernie Bits - Odds on NCAA tournament, odds for Blues making postseason, and easiest path to Championship in the tourney Could the Mike Maddux effect help save Mike Matheny's job? Bernie and Michelle discuss this Chris Spatola joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about the craziness of the NCAA tourney and why it's not that surprising, Virginia's rep as a bad tourney team, and who the favorite is now. Did Michael Porter Jr. hurt his NBA draft stock? Michelle and Bernie discuss Pete Thamel's piece on this topic.
00:41:42 3/19/2018
The Backpage - a return to the top stories of the day including the Blues, NCAA tournament, and Mizzou Tigers season ending Dana O'Neil joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about Villanova, Clemson, the surprises in the Sweet 16, the Loyola-Chicago run, and the mid-majors making some noise but it won't matter. You're Killin' Me Smalls - Gronk crashes Bachelor party Crossover with Wheeler
00:44:06 3/18/2018
Blues win two in a row; in OT, as they refuse to "roll over and play dead" and the Bernie show is as confused as anyone. Upsets rule the NCAA tournament, Bernie and Michelle discuss the fun of the tournament and Sister Jean Mark Saxon joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about Carson Kelly's situation, if he's trade bait, Matt Carpenter playing 3rd, getting Jose Martinez in the lineup, and Carlos Martinez's weird spring. Ask Bernie - Another early exit for Tom Izzo; is he done as a great head coach?
00:38:23 3/18/2018
The Bernie Bits - Crazy NCAA Tourney, the Blues winning weekend, and the Cardinals making roster moves Bernie and Michelle give their takeaways from the first weekend of the NCAA tourney Bird Bytes: Carson Kelly to Memphis, Carp plays 3rd, more time for Jose Kelly best as a trade piece? Mizzou season ends as MPJ and Jontay Porter now have decisions to make, Bernie and Michelle discuss what they think will happen
00:40:55 3/18/2018
The Bernie Bits - First day of Tourney action, the Blues doldrums, Jack Flaherty's impressive spring, and Tiger Wood returns to action. Bernie and Michelle give their takeaways from the first day of NCAA tournament action Paul Finebaum joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about the SEC's success in basketball, the coaches in the league making it better, the Mizzou Tigers success and Cuonzo Martin, MPJ and what to expect, and Barry Odom's choice of offensive coordinator. Blues soil the bed at home again, proving the playoffs are likely a pipe-dream
00:40:25 3/15/2018
The Backpage - NCAA Tournament Day 2, and Sister Jean's role in the Loyola Ramblers success Mike Lupica joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about the Cardinals, their long-term success, keeping things in perspective, fans frustration, why the Cards lucked out by getting Ozuna over Stanton, and why this is such a tough topic to discuss because sustainability some times means missing the postseason. You're Killin' Me Smalls - Baker Mayfield being stalked by NFL teams? Crossover with Wheeler
00:36:24 3/15/2018
Porter Moser joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about his Ramblers, Coach Rick Majerus, his memories with the former SLU coach, Sister Jean and her role in Loyola's success, and why his team has had so much success. What a spring for Jack Flaherty, but what does it mean? Bernie and Michelle discuss Mizzou headed for their first NCAA game since 2013; how does it stack up? Bernie and Michelle assess Ask Bernie - favorite non-St. Louis sports teams
00:39:16 3/15/2018
The Bernie Bits - the real kickoff for NCAA tourney, the Blues vs. Avs: a must-win for the Note, and Blues looking for a home-ice advantage Bernie and Michelle assess Adam Wainwright's impressive spring training Jeremy Rutherford joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about the Blues and if this is a different team, how they've found recent success, the Carter Hutton injury, Jake Allen's turnaround, and how the Avs have turned it around from last season. Bernie and Michelle explains why the Patriots are the most intriguing story after the free agent frenzy
00:41:41 3/14/2018
Is Matheny's message to the team about "unplugging" from social media and the World a sign of paranoia, or a good thing? Michelle and Bernie debate You're Killin' Me Smalls - psychotherapy session for Bernie and Michelle John Clayton joined Bernie and Michelle to talk about Joe Thomas' phenomenal career, the end of the Patriots Way, quick hits on the QB free agent market, and winners and losers of free agency Ask Bernie - What's worst people telling you about their whole bracket or their whole fantasy football team?
00:39:57 3/14/2018

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