The Amber Rose Show

Join Amber Rose and certified sex therapist, Dr. Chris Donaghue, as they discuss personal stories and topical issues, chat with sex counselors and special guests, and take intimate listener calls in a judgment-free environment. They're exploring everything from sexual curiosity and relationships to self-empowerment - all with Amber's distinct honesty and flair.


WE'RE BACK!!! Totally Different...But Exactly The Same

Amber and Dr. Chris ARE BACK - and they dive RIGHT into the hard hitting questions:  Would you sleep with a Trump supporter?  Would you talk to your 9 year old about masturbation?  Do you attract narcissistic egotistical weirdos?  What does Hennessy have to do with your sexual performance?  Do ugly men make better dads?  ...all this and more on the debut episode of The Amber Rose Show with Dr. Chris!!! 

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00:47:00 7/12/2018

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It's coming. If you have a question for Amber and Dr. Chris, call 323-486-2269! Please leave your name, number, where you are from and your question. You may just make it on the show!
00:00:41 6/29/2018

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