Starving for Attention with Richard Blais

Get an entertaining, behind-the-scenes look at the world of food with chef, television personality and author Richard Blais. Hear from anyone and everyone in the culinary industry, including restaurateurs, television hosts, famous chefs, producers of your favorite cooking and competition shows and more. They'll join Blais for spontaneous, back-of-house conversation about what it takes to make it in different parts of the food business, global trends and where the industry overlaps with entertainment. Plus, play along with their games, trivia and other wacky moments.


Aspen Food and Wine Classic: From War Room to Debriefing

Richard and Jazmin give a look behind the scenes as they prepare for and subsequently break down their time at the "grand daddy of them all', The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen.
01:11:00 6/19/2018

Past Episodes

Richard plays scar or barf for the first time with Ellen Bennentt
00:06:00 6/15/2018
Richard and Jazmin are joined in the mobile walk in by writer and food network regular Troy Johnson to talk about his start in music journalism, Richard's envy of his similes while judging, and feats of strength against Guy Fieri
01:12:00 6/12/2018
Richard asks Chef Carla Hall the tough questions, DC or NYC?
00:06:00 6/8/2018
Richard and Jazmin finally DEUX get ahold of Adam Richman to talk about how his recovery is going, competitive eating challenges, and ketosis
01:07:00 6/5/2018
Richard and Jazmin play Marinate, Shuck, Grill with Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso on the first installment of Friday Game Night
00:08:00 6/1/2018
Richard and Jazimin are ALMOST joined by Adam Richman from the BottleRock festival in Napa. But instead Richard breaks down his plans to make exploding soup for his presentation at the festival, Richard becomes a Bruno Mars fan mid podcast, and shares a fun story when Giada De Laurentiis didn't recognize him
00:57:09 5/29/2018
Richard is joined on the road by Chef's Justin Warner and Aarti Sequeira along with Producer David Lewis. The quartet talk about the role of the restaurant chef vs TV chef, the entrepreneurial spirit, and "hands and pans"
01:22:00 5/22/2018
Richard joins Superstar chef Rick Bayless in Chicago to discuss the connection between the theater and kitchen, the rise of the airport restaurant, and the role yoga plays in keeping the mind and body strong through life.
01:08:00 5/15/2018
Richard and Jazmin are joined by Chef Nyesha Arrington in the walk in to talk about the transition from traditional fine dinning kitchens to cooking shows, getting over the emotional roller coaster of TV shows, and Nyesha's new restaurant Native
01:24:00 5/8/2018
Richard and Jazmin are joined in the walk in by Chef and owner of Alimento, Zach Pollack, to discuss the LA vs San Diego rivalry, what qualifies food as "authentic", and perfecting the mozzarella stick.
01:13:00 5/1/2018

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