Sports Like a Boss with Holly McPeak & Anne Marie Anderson

Want to know how to use sports to create the life you want? Three-time Olympian, Holly McPeak, and sports broadcaster, Anne Marie Anderson, will help you get there! Whether you're a parent looking to generate confidence in your child, or you want to get to the next level in your own life, let us leverage our experience and the knowledge of our celebrity, athlete, and expert guests to help you do it LIKE A BOSS!


Sports Like a Boss with Holly McPeak & Anne Marie Anderson

The Savior: Tony Azevedo

5-time Olympic water polo player / 2008 silver medalist TONY AZEVEDO shares his philosophy on coaching - as well as the creation of his program 6-8 SPORTS - overcoming a dramatic incident from his childhood - and how he remained teachable going into his 5th Olympics.

00:56:00 6/25/2019

Past Episodes

Former MLB All-Star Nomar Garciaparra talks about his work ethic as a former player, parent, and current MLB analyst as well as the wisdom he's learned over the years from his father, being a part of baseball's greatest rivalries, and knowing when it was time to hang it all up.
00:55:00 6/11/2019

Three time Olympic gold medalist KERRI WALSH JENNINGS talks about falling short of the gold in Rio and the grind in trying to get to Tokyo for her 6th Olympic Games; A candid conversation about aging, marriage and why being a sport parent can be a challenge.

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00:41:00 6/4/2019

From playing college basketball to anchoring Sport Center - ROBIN ROBERTS talks growing up in the south - moving from sports to news - battling cancer - getting an ominous note from Peter Jennings - and setting a mattress on fire during the 92 Barcelona Olympics - ALL ON THE DEBUT EPISODE OF SPORTS LIKE A BOSS with HOLLY McPEAK & ANNE MARIE ANDERSON!

00:45:00 5/28/2019
Coming soon!
00:01:00 5/22/2019

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