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Second Date Update PODCAST: Hoppity Hop

A man with an obsession with frogs tries to WOW his date with... frogs. He thought the date went swimmingly, but for some reason she's not returning his calls (even when he uses his frog voice).
00:18:50 3/16/2018

Past Episodes

One of our listeners is BROKE. No job and no money... but that didn't stop him from planning a completely FREE date. The date was fun... until he said a certain three words that he feel might have ended the date.
00:15:50 3/14/2018
Single Moms have it really rough... it's hard to find a guy who they can actually CONNECT with. On top of trying to find the perfect guy... they have to try to sell GIRL scout cookies also. By the way, unrelated, do you want to buy some?
00:16:31 3/12/2018
One of our callers did something that we would NEVER do... he planned a date with someone and he had NO IDEA what she looked like. Turns out she was hiding a pretty big secret about her appearance...
00:15:49 3/9/2018
One of our listeners went on a great date and he has no idea what went wrong, except that maybe his balls were a little light. We called his date and then we figure out what was wrong... not with him, but with EVERYONE else.
00:16:21 3/7/2018
One of our listeners went a bad date two years ago with a girl... and her dad. He was always ignoring her until recently, he had a change of heart and wants a second chance.
00:18:14 3/5/2018
One of our listeners got a text after his date: "NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN"... So we went ahead and contacted her and the reason she sent that text will BLOW (up) your mind.
00:17:29 2/28/2018
New inventions and ideas are being created by people in this country every single day... and one our listeners is no exception. He ALSO has a unique business idea and it might be the reason that he's not getting a second date.
00:17:26 2/26/2018
Mark and Allison went on the cutest date of all time - even Brooke wanted to date him! - However, for some reason Allison isn't calling Mark back even though she admitted to us that she REALLY wants to go out with him and she has even been working on a gift for him!
00:15:32 2/21/2018
One of our listeners was having the BEST date of his life until he was FORCED tell the entire restaurant that he was on a first date and things got... awkward. Why did he have to tell the entire restaurant? Well, he had to. You had to be there.
00:18:07 2/16/2018
This may be one of the most INTERESTING people we've ever had on this show, and he goes by one name: Mr. Charisma. Oh, you haven't heard of him? Well, that's probably your fault.
00:17:35 2/14/2018

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