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The Veggie Minute, Tabs on Travs & Jesus vs Superman

Rob, Chan & Bennett Webber are back in studio for this week's podcast and the open with some wild speculation about where Sarah Tiana is this week before turning their attention to Bennett's current work writing on next week's ESPY Awards. We also get into some Kansas City Royals news, an update on the evolving World Cup and Bennett's Angry Movie Reviews returns with a critique of Solo. They also take some listener questions on topics including the merits of college football vs the NFL, the outcome of a fight between Jesus & Superman, and more.
00:51:19 7/12/2018

Past Episodes

Rob and Chan are live from the Bahamas this week as they record an episode in pieces while they are shooting an upcoming show for Shark Week with Shaquille O'Neal. As the show opens up Rob & Chan reflect on some of the shooting they've already done in shark tanks and look forward to the coming days where they will be swimming with the sharks in the ocean. They also take a moment to reflect on and discuss the huge LAbron news and what it means for the NBA as a whole. Rob also reports from Stuart's Cove with Austin Gallagher from the non-profit Beneath The Waves which works to study & preserve sharks. As the show wraps up Chan and Rob give a recap of all the craziness they experienced and how excited the fans of Shark Week should be, especially as they tease some 'Shark Week History' that was made. At the tail end of the podcast 'Sharkquille' makes a quick appearance!
00:50:19 7/5/2018
While Rob is away Sarah is joined by the very funny Bennett Webber and they explore some of the recent news from the NBA awards including Bill Russell's obscene gesture towards Charles Barkley, James Harden's MVP win and more. They also discuss ESPN's 10th edition of the Body Issue and Greg Norman's confusing appearance therein. After some updates on the current events of the day including some shenanigans from the Philly Phanatic, Bennett dives in to this week's movie review featuring Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
01:03:26 6/28/2018
Rob & Sarah are reunited in studio today and they open up the show catching up on their great time at The Big Slick, from which we heard some clips last week. They also give an update on the world of sports including the recently passed U.S. Open and the changes that have occurred in the modern day golfers' physique. Later they recap some of the crazy events from the early stages of the ongoing FIFA World Cup as well as some stories from beyond the world of sports including a drug user who was looking for a quality check and a woman who ended up on the unfortunate side of an encounter with a python. As the show wraps up they take a few of your listener questions on topics from favorite childhood toys to the merits of skateboards vs. roller blades and more.
01:02:25 6/21/2018
Rob & Sarah podcast live from the Big Slick charity weekend in Kansas City as they grab several different interviews with guests including Paul Rudd, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Adam DeVine, David Wain, Blake Vogt, Robert Smigel, Chris Brockman and more.
01:24:50 6/14/2018
This week Rob & Sarah are taking your questions on a wide range of topics starting with the best fights everyone has been a witness to, Rob's prospects of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and what everyone's dream concert/comedy show scenario would be. Rob & Sarah also explore how one should speak to their children about the birds and the bees, how to deal with farting in a crowded elevator and how returning service members can get into the film and television industry. As the show wraps up the go into a deep discussion about this year and the general future of the Kansas City Chiefs.
01:07:32 6/7/2018
Rob and Sarah open the show discussing some of Sarah's revelations from her new experience of living with her boyfriend and co-parenting her dog Maverick. They then recap Sarah's banner weekend in the world of live sporting events including seeing the Braves play the Red Sox at Fenway AND seeing game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They then explore the story of an unlicensed surgeon who has been filming herself rapping with anesthetized patients in the background as well as Rudy Giuliani's frosty reception at the Yankees game on the day of his 74th birthday. As the show winds down they discuss the Stanley Cup Finals and the improbable run that has been the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
00:46:36 5/31/2018
After coming out of the gate with some hot vocal warmups, Rob & Sarah recap their weekends including a trip for Rob to play in the BMW Charity Pro-Am and the nightmare HOA scenario he returned home to. They then get into some of the crazy things happening in the world of sports including the improbable run that the Vegas Golden Knights went on from expansion team to Stanley Cup Finals. The gang then gets into some current events including some hot work at a Tim Hortons and an exceptionally unfortunate Hall of Fame Plaque presented to Brandi Chastain. They also discuss how men continue the dream of being professional athletes far too late into their lives and how hard it is to referee a sporting event, regardless of the level of competition.
01:04:00 5/24/2018
After a quick recap of their weekend's Rob & Sarah get into some current events including a man who is accusing his dog of shooting him, an accidental bobcat adoption, brain leakage and more. They then discuss the biggest story from the world of sports in recent memory, The US Supreme Court having paved the way to allow states to legalize sports betting. The conversation then turns to some of the recent controversy surrounding the polarizing Kanye West before getting into a few fan questions to close out the show.
01:05:28 5/17/2018
Rob and Sarah are once again back together in studio for this week's episode and we open with Rob telling Sarah about a recent injury he suffered. We then get into some current events including a disturbing story about an educator and the newly coined 'Hot D' as well as some of the more absurd outfits from this week's Met Gala. They also discuss some recent shenanigans involving a 7-Eleven microwave and the unbelievable recent play of LeBron James and the potential of the NBA's first female head coach. As the show wraps up the guys answer some listener questions!
00:58:35 5/10/2018
Sarah Tiana makes her triumphant return to the show as she and Rob welcome comedian, actor & writer Adam Pally to the show. The show opens up with Rob and Adam sharing with Sarah some of Adam's proposed rule changes for the fantasy football league that he & Rob are both members of which leads right into a discussion of last week's NFL Draft. After a quick no-spoilers discussion about Avengers Infinity War, Sarah shares some stories from her time on the road including a visit to Mount Richmore and Santa's Pub. After a quick discussion about the state of the NBA playoffs they get into the movie Adam is promoting 'Most Likely To Murder' before wrapping up the show with a Cinco de Mayo themed version of Loaded Questions.
01:06:57 5/3/2018

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