Retro Rage

Hit the rewind button on pop culture! April and Robert take you back to the best of retro movies, trends, fads, music, and more!


Valenitne's Day Quickie

April & Robert talk about how Valentine's Day has changed and bad Valentine's gifts in a short podcast.
00:00:00 2/13/2018

Past Episodes

Teens eating Tide Pods in a challenge? But, we've been doing dumb things for years, haven't we?
00:00:00 1/17/2018
April & Robert talk about Christmas songs. The bad, the worse, and the ones that are really just about snow.
00:00:00 12/20/2017
Remember the Sears Wishbook? Columbia House? Grit Magazine? Spy glasses? April & Robert from 106-5 The Arch take you back to the days of mail order 80's.
00:00:00 11/2/2017
It's one of April's favorite holidays, but not Robert's. Find out why and hear all the adventures of the day before, day of, and day after Thanksgiving.
00:00:00 11/1/2017
More than Freddie and Jason. April & Robert exhume favorite TV horror movies, bad knock-offs, killer animals, Italian giallo, classic monsters, and a possessed Punky Brewster!
00:00:00 10/26/2017
April & Robert from 106-5 The Arch discuss the best, worst, and first concerts they've seen. Backstage and on-stage!
00:35:53 10/17/2017
Late returns, Melted tapes, Crazy customers, X-rated home movies.... April and Robert share their experiences working in video stores in the golden age of VHS.
00:28:15 10/2/2017

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