Former TV meteorologist, Jerrid Sebesta, walked away from a successful career in 2014 to find more purpose in his life and work. Based on Ben Taatjes' book, "Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America" where Ben encourages retirees to walk into a life of greater purpose - Jerrid teaches and inspires you to live a life of purpose, meaning and impact. Look for interviews with authors, experts in this field, people that have discovered their purpose in unusual ways and people that have left a dent in society or their field of work. Find out what motivates them and how others can follow their lead and leave a lasting legacy.


Choosing to accept or reject life's challenges (ep. 34)

Born with no arms or legs, Chris Koch established early in his life he would not be raised with pity or sympathy. Instead, he has made an intentional effort to live a fun, positive life with a strong sense of humor. In this podcast, Chris challenges listeners to accept the challenges in their own lives and gives simple advice for impacting others. Find more information on Chris Koch at .

00:00:00 3/1/2018

Past Episodes

J. Caleb Perkins is a compelling influential leader with a passion for people and a heart for stories. He is an audacious millennial and gifted orator who carries a timely message of change through the art of storytelling. J. Caleb's community centered focus has allowed him to rally millennials from diverse backgrounds centered around systemic change. He has championed the support and influence of prominent political leaders, activists, entertainment icons and successful business leaders on investing into the next generation. J. Caleb just launched the book, Remedy Network: A Millennial's Journey on Connecting New York City Through Stories. Get more information at .

00:00:00 2/19/2018

Dan Stoltz, CEO of SPIRE Credit Union, is a man dedicated to living-out his mission in and out of the marketplace. He describes the importance of having a personal mission statement and engaging with it on a daily basis. Dan also talks about the key to being a leader whether you're the CEO of a company or a stay-at-home mother or father. Get more information about SPIRE Credit Union at

00:00:00 2/12/2018
Courtney Godfrey, TV reporter for FOX9 in the Twin Cities, was recently involved in a boating accident leaving her an amputee. She discusses the physical and psychological challenges of being a young, active, up-and-coming broadcaster to suddenly having to adjust to life walking on a prosthetic. Courtney admits she doesnt know exactly the purpose of this accident in her life, but its not stopping her from having a positive mission to impact others. Follow Courtneys journey on Instagram at @courtneymgodfrey.
00:00:00 1/28/2018
Dave Baker, Minnesota State Representative and small business owner, will admit hes not the most-polished leader. But, he has a knack for dreaming and instilling a vision. Dave attributes purpose in his life to pivot points including the death of his son, Dan, in 2011. His advice for people wanting to have more impact is to rise up and be a champion of something. Get more information on Dave Baker at
00:00:00 1/24/2018
Steve Masseth, administrator for Community Christian School in Willmar, MN knows the power of avoiding mission-drift. Steve shares his own testimony of how he and his wife wavered off-course. He gives advice for people looking to develop their own mission statement as well as ways to identify seasons of drift. Learn more about Steve Masseth and Community Christian School at
00:00:00 1/18/2018
Adam Weber, founder of Embrace Church in Sioux Falls, SD and author of the book, Talking With God, admits being a pastor and a writer are two things he originally avoided. In this podcast, Adam gives practical tips for people struggling to find purpose. He addresses the importance of saying no when it comes to living an impactful life. And, Adam shares his take on how we can be people with greater influence. For more information on Adam Weber, the book "Talking With God", and Embrace Church go to
00:00:00 1/17/2018
When Jack Jablonski was 16 years old his life changed forever after he was hit during a high school hockey game. The resulting injury left him quadriplegic. Today, Jack continues down his road to recovery, believing that every day holds the potential for something amazing to happen. And the foundation that began in his name works to do something amazing for others with spinal cord injuries. In this podcast, Jack reveals his take on finding purpose in life and the key to having an impact. For more information on The Jack Jablonski Bel13ve in Miracles Foundation, go to
00:00:00 1/2/2018
Brian Dozier, All-Star second baseman for the Minnesota Twins, will be the first to admit his life and career are not his own. Brian is outspoken about his faith in God and how it motivates him to live his life on and off the field. He gives insight for people searching for purpose in their lives as well as how he wants to be remembered after baseball. Find Brian on Twitter and Instagram at @briandozier.
00:00:00 12/18/2017
Paul Sohn, author of "Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties", believes your sweet-spot is at the intersection of four specific areas of self-discovery. Paul shares his own story of finding his calling after leaving his dream job at a Fortune 500 company. He also gives practical advice for people, young and old, wanting to have an impact and leave a legacy. Get more information on Paul Sohn at and
00:00:00 12/12/2017
Debbie L. Mayer, author of After the Crash: Grieving With Hope in Light of Eternity", lost her three daughters in a car accident on New Years Day of 2004, just two days before her sons wedding. She is now using her story to encourage others dealing with loss and tragedy. Debbie explains the reasons this event has given her a more-focused purpose for her life and how we can all use our story to impact others. For more information on Debbie L. Mayer and the book, After the Crash, go to
00:00:00 12/6/2017

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