Hiding In The Bathroom

Do you feel stuck in the corner of your career? Never fear. Morra brings on author and radio host Samantha Ettus to talk about why women should not place a low priority on their careers and how guilt drives bad decisions. Morra also chats with media strategist Wendy Sachs on the best time for women to pivot in their career paths.

00:36:07 1/17/2017

Past Episodes

Blogger and bestselling author Luvvie Ajayi's secret to building a great career and ensuring there's a team in her corner? Bringing her audience along on her professional journey. On this episode of Hiding in the Bathroom, Luvvie and Morra talk about getting paid what you're worth, creating true diversity at work, and how to turn your vision into reality.
00:36:11 5/9/2017
Reporting from throughout the city each day, Chicago Tribune reporter and 2017 Nieman Fellow Lolly Bowean has built a career telling the stories of people you probably aren't used to seeing in the newspaper - and she's rarely stuck in the office! Morra and Lolly talk about rejecting cynicism, why journalism matters, and how to build power inside your organization (finding "the juice") so you can do your best work and tell those stories.
00:40:34 5/2/2017
Annoying fact: men have more money than women. Cool fact: you can use your money to get ahead. On this episode of Hiding in the Bathroom, finance maven and Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck shares her personal finance tips designed to help women everywhere lead the lives they want.
00:36:06 4/25/2017
Stressed out about what to wear to your next big meeting or work event? Want to build a power look, but not sure how? We've got you covered. Fashion icon Stacy London, former host of What Not to Wear, shares her philosophy on style and career, why fashion is feminist, and why these days she's wearing what she wants.
00:40:31 4/18/2017
Genevieve Jones and Rachel Skidmore work in the "wheel of awesome," creating experimental media for Skybound Entertainment. Morra talks to Genevieve and Rachel about geek and niche culture, how they built their careers, and finding your leadership philosophy. Plus a preview of our conversation with style icon Stacy London.
00:38:27 4/11/2017
Financial therapist Amanda Clayman wasn't always a money expert. In her twenties, she spiraled into serious credit card debt before she got serious about her money. Now she counsels people on healthy ways to reach financial wellness. Listen as Amanda shares her tips for budgeting for a life you want, managing money with your partner, and building a relationship with money that will serve you for the long term.
00:35:59 4/4/2017
A self-proclaimed "math kid," LegalZoom CMO Laura Goldberg started her career in finance so she could pay off her student loans. But she was passionate about the online music industry, so she took her skills to Napster, where she worked as COO before hopping industries again - twice. Morra and Laura talk about the early days of the internet, navigating bro-culture at work and how to propel your career forward while building a life you love.
00:30:03 3/28/2017
Flexibility isn't just a perk - it's essential for keeping talented women in the workplace and on track for leadership positions. Morra talks to Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach, co-founders of the job site Werk, about their tips for negotiating flexibility, caregiving while working and taking control of your schedule so you can thrive.
00:29:52 3/21/2017
When you're creating your own path or starting your own business, it's hard to remember to take care of your body. That's when you burn out (and your business can't afford that). Radical body mover and therapist Sukie Baxter joins Morra to explain how we can change the way we move, avoid burnout, and take up the space we deserve.
00:32:09 3/14/2017
How do you know when you're called to do something? When is it time to do meaningful work in the public sphere, and when is it time to let that go? Morra talks to Meighan Stone, Entrepreneurship Fellow at Harvard's Shorenstein Center and former president of the Malala Fund, about the seasons of her career, making big choices from a place of quiet reflection, and the many ways to do powerful work.
00:36:30 3/7/2017

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