Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Ready to shake things up? Kaitlyn Bristowe is creating a space where girls (and gents) can feel empowered to be themselves... because there's more to life than Instagram, right? Kaitlyn isn't afraid to keep it real as she talks with some of the biggest names in Hollywood! Get ready for lots of laughs, candid convo, taboo topics, unfiltered advice, and wine... lots of wine!


Grape Therapy: Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson

This week Kaitlyn sits down with Bachelor in Paradise's engaged couple Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson. Join in the fun as we find how the Goose nickname came about, what it's like getting to know each other after the show, and questions from fans like you!
00:51:00 9/20/2018

Past Episodes

This week Kaitlyn sits down with "Bachelorette Royalty" Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen to talk about life after the show, fast food fanaticism, and discovering your partner's love languages.
01:36:00 9/18/2018
This week Carley Waddell and Evan Bass takeover for a special Bachelor in Paradise finale recap! Listen as they talk about relationship drama in the Bachelor world, their own time in paradise, and what's next for this year's participants.
00:53:00 9/13/2018
Kaitlyn is joined by Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer of The Home Edit, a full service home organization company. Join in as they share cost effective tips to getting organized, their favorite celebrity clients, and their new TV show on Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine network.
01:17:00 9/11/2018
Kaitlyn is joined by friend and Master Injector Elisabeth Smith to nerd out on some skincare, learn the truth about botox, and answer questions from fans like you!
01:02:00 9/6/2018
Kaitlyn hangs out with model, actress, and content creator Arielle Vandenberg as they talk about their mutual love of Justin Bieber, Arielle's mishap with the infamous Keke challenge, and invent a new kind of knock knock joke.
01:27:00 9/4/2018
This week Kaitlyn is in the land of the Vino with friend and manager Clio De La Llave. Join in the fun as they talk about rediscovering a world without WiFi, Kaitlyn swears she is having the time of her life, and Clio tests how much Italian Kaitlyn has been picking up along the way.
00:51:00 8/30/2018
Kaitlyn hangs out with Lauryn Evarts-Bostick and Michael Bosstick the hosts of Skinny Confidential to talk about their marriage, Lauryn shares some skincare tips, and some interesting uses for coconut oil.
01:07:00 8/28/2018
This week Kaitlyn along with her friend and manager Clio talk about dealing with online hostility, their coming trip to Italy, and what it means to be authentically yourself.
00:58:00 8/23/2018
This week Kaitlyn sits down with actress, dancer, choreographer and digital influencer Megan Batoon to discuss their mutual love of dance, texting protocols when she really likes a guy, and DIY projects for the home.
01:07:00 8/21/2018
This week Kaitlyn takes time to address the rumors about her and Shawn breaking up. Then fellow Podcast One alum Spencer Pratt joins in to share his experience with paparazzi and tabloid journalism, and even backseat parents on the internet.
00:55:00 8/16/2018

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