Mentoring Moments

Women from multiple generations share their "wow, you need to know this" stories that propelled their careers. Women you may never meet will become your mentors. Forbes contributor, author and entrepreneur Denise Restauri, invites you into her NYC apartment to tap into her conversations with successful women who are sharing vulnerable moments. From high points, to when good ideas go bad, to moments of sudden insight when you just know you have to risk it all. We have advice for all of them.


Living My Inner Hippie

Denise is moving to Los Angeles and she's flipping the script when she asks Libby Moore to interview her for this final episode. Denise is raw and real as she answers these questions: What is she most proud of? What scares her? What excites her? And find out the real meaning behind her Inner Hippie Tour and her purple couch, why she is going to grow an artichoke and how she is "suddenly Denise."
01:12:00 11/8/2017

Past Episodes

Master Teacher Yamuna Zake shares how a debilitating injury turned into her A-Ha! moment, how stress causes physical pain in young women and how to make rejection work for you. Plus find out why she's done with 'the push' and what's really going on when Denise's brain feels like it's going to explode!
01:01:00 11/1/2017
Jillian Michaels, celebrity fitness trainer shares why it's important to celebrate the small wins, how her kids keep her true to herself and why she's done with fighting with men who are sexist. Plus get her tips on setting and reaching our goals and find out why Denise says, "Pick a message and stick to it."
00:55:00 10/25/2017
Should you be noisy or quiet in the workplace? Rena De Sisto, global executive for Arts & Culture and Women's Programs at Bank of America and Denise have the answer. Plus they chat about working through self-doubt, the loss of a loved one and how Rena didn't change her disco queen image to fit in. Rena also shares a tip on how to know if you're competent at your job.
01:09:00 10/18/2017
Zelda la Grange, Nelson Mandela's presidential aide for 19 years shares anecdotes of her experiences including how she - a blonde Afrikaner who grew up in a pro-apartheid family - got the job and how that role shaped her life. Plus hear the stories behind famous Mandela quotes and find out what she would tell her younger self.
01:06:00 10/11/2017
Bobbii Hach-Jacobs, music promoter and CEO of Live In The Vineyard and Yountville Live (festivals of music, wine and food) shares how being bullied changed her life, how she built a company without a plan and why she quit saying "I'm exhausted." Plus find out why Denise is done with taking business relationships over friends.
01:00:00 10/4/2017
Glennon Doyle, best-selling author of "Love Warrior" shares how flipping a coin can help you say what you're really thinking, what happens when women crowdsource important answers in life and how she discovered the true meaning of love when she met Abby Wambach. Also find out why we all need our version of her "wolfpack."
01:12:00 9/27/2017
Dress for Success CEO, Joi Gordon talks with Denise about surviving breast cancer, why it's OK to give the Superwoman cape a rest sometimes and the night she discovered her life was bigger than her law career when a judge asked her, "What do you stand for?"
01:03:00 9/20/2017
When Rebecca (workaholic) was fired at 75, her millennial son Sian-Pierre Regis had a crazy good idea: join his mom on a bucket list journey, film it and call the documentary, "Duty Free." From a hip-hop class with a "Hamilton" dancer to a deep dive into survival, they're discovering there's more to life than work. And get ready for the most vulnerable Takeaways yet!
01:03:00 9/13/2017
What taboos aren't we talking about? Katharine Zaleski, cofounder and president at PowerToFly and Denise break down that wall and share stories about pregnancy, parenthood and how to stop entering ourselves in races we don't want to be in. Plus Denise recounts the night she sat in her refrigerator!
01:00:00 9/6/2017
Are titles important? What should you shape your career around? When do you need to stop correcting and just start over? Denise and Laura Zarrow, host of "Women@Work" on Wharton's Business Radio on SiriusXM 111 have the answers. Plus find out what Denise discovered when she got her dad a white sports coat.
01:08:00 8/30/2017
"Pivot" author Jenny Blake shares stories about leaving her job at Google to become an entrepreneur and author as well as how she questions societal norms and how a pair of overalls helped her meet her partner. Plus find out why she's done with "sneaky shoulds."
01:04:00 8/23/2017
What scares a woman who routinely checked her car for bombs? Lauren Anderson, former FBI executive and international geopolitical consultant answers that question and shares stories about her actions on 9/11, what's going on in the FBI now, gender discrimination she encountered, sacrifices she made for her career and how she's helping women find their power.
00:54:00 8/16/2017
Former FBI executive and international geopolitical consultant Lauren Anderson gives new meaning to "working in a man's world." In part one of a riveting two-part conversation, she talks about her 29 years at the Bureau including doing drug busts, standing up to power and how SWAT team training along with following her gut is the reason she's alive today.
01:00:00 8/9/2017
"Hamilton" star Mandy Gonzalez shares how she decided to become a mom as she was flying across the stage in "Wicked", how stepping away from a dream job made her stronger and why she says, "I got this!" Plus find out how you can join her #FearlessSquad. And get ready - Bea Arthur drops by for Takeaways!
00:53:47 8/2/2017
Better to be perfect or prepared? Are you professionally persistent? How do you sidestep people that say, "no?" Sherry Paul, #100 on the Forbes Top 200 Women Wealth Advisors in America and Denise have the answers. Plus find out why they're done with regrets and giving away their power.
01:07:11 7/26/2017
Are you in it to win it, but impostor syndrome keeping you down? Pamela Elizabeth shares her story of how she went from zero culinary experience to the founder of eight vegan restaurants including Chelsea hotspot Blossom Restaurant. Also Denise signs up to be "veganized!"
00:54:54 7/19/2017
Head of US Music Operations at United Talent Agency, Natalia Nastaskin, shares stories about coming to America as a shy girl and "stepping into traffic" to become a high powered entertainment lawyer. Find out what Natalia did when a mentor told her, "You're not a $20 bill. Not everyone's going to like you."
00:59:30 7/12/2017
Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow and author, chats with Denise about how to figure out when to listen to your gut, why she's done with "brain picking" and her top success tips including "wake before the quake."
01:03:39 7/5/2017
Joy Bauer, Today Show nutrition and health expert and Nourish Snacks founder, chats with Denise about finding success when you throw noodles in the air, five foods that blast belly fat and why giving unsolicited advice makes you a nag. Bea Arthur returns for Takeaways!
01:07:09 6/28/2017
Ivy Woolf-Turk shares her gripping story: from a privileged life to being arrested at gunpoint by FBI agents. She discovered her true purpose while in prison. Now Ivy is the founder of Project Liberation and she's helping women who are "imprisoned" in their lives find freedom. Take a listen and discover one word that can change everything.
01:00:15 6/21/2017
Ashley Longshore, pop-artist and entrepreneur, chats with Denise about how she's doing things her way, what happened when she couldn't pay the power bill and how instant gratification gets you stoned, drunk or pregnant, but everything else takes time and work.
01:00:49 6/14/2017
Amanda Steinberg, financial guru, DailyWorth founder and author of "Worth It," shows Denise how you can figure out your financial personality and live life on your terms, how budgeting can backfire and why we all need to stop hiding from ourselves.
00:57:22 6/7/2017
Fran Hauser, startup investor, seasoned media exec and champion for women, chats with Denise about how to put your worries in a box, why jealousy is useless and how you can be both nice and strong at work.
01:01:32 5/31/2017
Billboard Deputy Editor, Isabel Gonzalez-Whitaker chats with Denise about being tenacious with life decisions, working through personal tragedy, honoring her mother's memory and why Denise used to pray to Steve Jobs.
01:01:15 5/24/2017
Liz Dolan, Satellite Sister and former CMO of NIKE and OWN channel, chats with Denise about how unconscious gender bias led to Liz's noisy resignation from Quiksilver's board, why we need to #getmessy and how to live an unimaginable life without your cell phone.
00:57:57 5/17/2017
Jo Piazza, author of How to Be Married, and Denise talk about how French women keep things exciting, how to maintain your individuality while tackling life with a partner and what Jo did when she got laid off via a text message while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
00:56:13 5/10/2017
Agapi Stassinopoulos, author, speaker and Arianna Huffington's wonderful sister, joins Denise for an inspiring conversation about how to get out of an amazing career that isn't making you happy, why "dream big" isn't getting us to where we want to go and why we need to stop waiting for permission to be ourselves.
01:03:00 5/3/2017
Kara Ross, CEO & founder of Unleashed, chats with Denise about motherhood, traveling around the world, working through all types of rejection and transforming a business into a vehicle for philanthropy.
00:53:10 4/26/2017
Bronwyn Cosgrave, former features editor of British Vogue and the co-curator of "Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style," joins Denise to share stories about turning small ideas into grand projects, taking advice and getting through an identity crisis.
01:01:05 4/19/2017
Denise takes on the role of The Witch Doctor as she and outspoken licensed therapist Bea Arthur tackle the topics of when you should make yourself irreplaceable, what to do with the inner voices that hold you back and how to be a badass at every age.
00:44:50 4/12/2017
Sarah Robb O'Hagan, Flywheel Sports CEO and author of "Extreme You" joins Denise to talk about working for huge companies like Virgin, Gatorade and Nike, the multiple times she was fired and how she used her failures to propel her to go from a routine life to extreme living.
00:54:10 4/5/2017
Life is not a straight line... it's more of a noodle. Denise and Ellen Bennett, founder and designer at Hedley & Bennett (aka The Apron Lady) talk about Ellen restarting her life at age 22 after living in Mexico, why bumps in the road are the road and why the best way to shut up the naysayers is to succeed.
00:54:54 3/29/2017
Denise chats it up with Nabiha Syed, women's rights advocate and Assistant General Counsel for BuzzFeed. They discuss Nabiha's journey through law school, what it means to get "pointy" and the importance of having an unsilenced media.
00:56:32 3/22/2017
Feast your ears on Denise's conversation with James Beard award-winning chef, Jody Adams. They talk about Jody's path from studying anthropology to lessons learned from her mentor Julia Child to owning several successful restaurants in Boston.
00:58:14 3/15/2017
Denise talks with Leanne Lauricella, founder of Goats of Anarchy, about how she went from high heels and a secure job in the city to mud boots and starting up a goat sanctuary. Leanne shares how following her gut and falling in love with a goat led to a success she never dreamed of.
00:52:53 3/8/2017
Denise sits down for a powerful conversation with journalist and filmmaker, Michele Mitchell. They talk about the sweat and tears that went into her critically acclaimed documentary, The Uncondemned, knowing when to say "I don't know" and what can happen when you mobilize a lot of angry women.
00:50:56 3/1/2017
Go for a rock 'n' roll journey as Denise sits down with Kimra Luna, founder of Freedom Hackers. They talk about Kimra's inspiring path from booking punk bands in Idaho to becoming a mom. She also shares stories from her time traveling across the USA, living off food stamps and making millions with her online business.
00:52:50 2/22/2017
Carrie Hammer, a fashion designer who changed the definition of beauty when she featured "Role Models Not Runway Models" at the 2014 NY Fashion week, joins Denise to talk about jealousy, finding your "true north" and why being a badass is better than being perfect.
00:48:34 2/15/2017
Drue Kataoka, artist and technologist, joins Denise to talk about why she created a parallel universe for women, how to empty our minds to let new ideas take flight and why Drue was sought after by Hillary Clinton.
00:47:51 2/8/2017
Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, host of MarieTV and philanthropist, joins Denise to discuss starting your career before you're ready, stopping yourself from giving away your talents and becoming unstoppable once you realize that everything is "figureoutable."
00:59:08 2/1/2017
Get ready for a morale boost. Denise and Gloria Feldt, cofounder of Take The Lead and former CEO and President of Planned Parenthood, discuss the actions that need to happen after the Women's March on Washington, Hillary Clinton's impact on American politics and what Denise discovered when her Uber driver unexpectedly sang to her.
00:59:50 1/25/2017
Forget IQ - what's your AQ? Pauline Brown, professor at Harvard Business School and former Chairman of North America at LVMH, and Denise talk about why we need aesthetic intelligence (AQ), how not to be defined by your business card and why experiences are more important than stuff.
00:47:10 1/18/2017
Libby Moore was Oprah's chief of staff for 11 years - then she decided to hit the road for 365 days with a map to follow her heart. Libby and host Denise Restauri meet one year after their first interview to talk about life as a nomad, "BOOM" moments, finding a cure to the disease of perfectionism and Libby's trip to Rikers Island.
00:52:48 1/11/2017
Denise is talking grit and speed with two women in tech: Techstars CIO, Nicole Glaros, and championship-winning race car driver, Julia Landauer. They dig into the role of luck in your career path (and whether or not it exists), challenging yourself by doing things that scare you, and figuring out what you were born to do. Julia talks about what it's like to drive 170 mph, Nicole shares her experience as an amateur boxer and they all contemplate how they're going to do a future show while speeding around a race track in a stock car.
00:53:59 1/4/2017
Ever wonder who's the Hotdogger driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Meet comedian and storyteller, Robin Gelfenbien as she joins Denise at the kitchen table to talk about wieners, her work now as an ice cream cake maker and "Ambassador of Fun," and how she dealt with bullying and workplace harassment. Denise shares a story about a boyfriend turned stalker, Bea Arthur talks about the fear of life change in "Takeaways," and Robin performs an original song!
00:53:53 12/28/2016
Always a bridesmaid - never a dull moment. Denise brings on professional bridesmaid, Jen Glantz, to talk about her job that's been called "the weirdest of all time." They swap wild wedding stories, discuss turning your side hustle into your main gig and Jen shares her unique mentoring experience with an 86-year-old man. For "Takeaways", She's The First co-founder, Christen Brandt, asks for Jen's help on being her guy friend's "best woman." Denise also shares her account of hiding in a freezer!
00:58:31 12/21/2016
How much of yourself would you give for something you truly believe in? Visiting from Nepal, 30-year-old Maggie Doyne, founder of Kopila Valley Childrens' Home, joins Denise in her apartment to share her journey: A New Jersey native, Maggie went on a gap year, discovered Nepal, became the mother of 50 children and with babysitting money built a home for her children and a school for 350 students. From the highs of seeing how love can transform lives (and winning CNN Hero of the Year) to the lows of when the unimaginable happens, this podcast takes you into a vulnerable conversation between two friends.
00:56:34 12/14/2016
Want to know how to blow up a $55 billion industry? Denise sits down with Grace Choi - a serial inventor, Harvard graduate and founder of Mink, a 3-D makeup printing company. They dig into Grace's life mission, the virtue of flying by the seat of your pants and how to keep your creativity from getting stuck. Erin Zaikis returns for "Takeaways" to help figure out where women entrepreneurs find their sense of confidence and self-beauty.
00:56:20 12/7/2016
What does it take to bounce back from a failed company? Denise brings on Bea Arthur, licensed therapist and entrepreneur, to talk about failing forward and following your moral compass. Bea shares how she had to relinquish control of her once promising start-up and how rooting for herself propelled her through the tough times. They break down the role of modesty as a entrepreneur, the difference between happiness and satisfaction, analysis paralysis and what Denise refers to as the "red shoes" in our lives. For "Takeaways," Denise brings on her very first male guest - Executive Director at Global EIR Coalition, Craig Montuori.
00:48:20 11/30/2016
The energy level enters a whole new league when Denise chats it up with Digit Murphy, one of the most successful players and coaches in women's hockey, including a 23-year career at Brown University. They share tips on parenting, staying focused, crazy relationships, and how Digit created her own "room" when the guys wouldn't let her in their locker room - it's called United Women's Sports, a new pro sports model for women. Video journalist and former athlete, Tala Hadavi, returns for "Takeaways" to bring a millennial perspective to the conversation.
00:58:45 11/23/2016
Denise takes a seat at her kitchen table to talk with Food52 Co-Founder, Amanda Hesser. They talk about what it means to get into "the right situation," how you don't need to ask for permission and how to get comfortable with rejection. Amanda shares how she had to muster up the courage to leave a big job at the New York Times to start her own company and discovers she and Denise have a shared interest in obituaries. For Takeaways, Denise introduces 20-something Erin Zaikis, Founder of Sundara, an organization that recycles hotel soap with the goal of preventing global hygiene related diseases.
00:45:31 11/16/2016
Denise talks feminism with Jamia Wilson - a feminist activist / writer / speaker and executive director of Women, Action and the Media. They talk about what it means for women to keep their power, dealing with impostor syndrome and why you need to stop saying you're sorry. Jamia shares her life-changing story of when a man told her she could not be a feminist and why she's done with taking total responsibility for making relationships work. On "Takeaways," Denise introduces millennial Julie Zeilinger, editor of MTV Founders, who raises the issue of how women are socialized to take up less space.
00:51:27 11/9/2016
Denise brings on Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby Awards Founder Tiffany Shlain to talk about the importance of being unavailable, how to ask for what we want, and why we all need to take "tech shabbats" and build our "moxie muscles." They discuss Tiffany's powerful new film 50/50 that explores the dynamics of women and power throughout history and why Tiffany launched Character Day, an interactive global initiative that focuses on character building. Millennial Tala Hadavi returns for "Takeaways" and walks away with action steps on how to take an idea and make it happen.
00:52:02 11/2/2016
Denise takes the show to Boston for the Forbes Under 30 Summit and sits down with The Go-Getter Girl, Shinjini Das who took the leap and made her side hustle her main gig. They break down what they heard at the Summit and talk about Shinjini's transformation from a introverted young girl in an immigrant household to an American entrepreneur. Denise and Shinjini discuss why being "normal" is ho-hum, how to figure out where you belong and why Denise wants to be searching for a push-up bra when she's 90 years old.
00:47:29 10/26/2016
Denise Restauri brings on Ingrid Vanderveldt, Founder and CEO of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, to dive into getting "comfortable with the uncomfortable." Ingrid talks about making her come back after being homeless and suicidal and how her "tribe" helped put her back on track. They dissect how faking it until you make it does not contradict being true to yourself and what it means to "dude up." Denise brings back Tala Hadavi to share her takeaway from Ingrid's life story and discuss choosing your friends wisely and the confidence that comes from being honest with your own story.
00:55:36 10/19/2016
Denise and Peggy Cafferty (actress, writer, producer and activist) share powerful stories about personal growth from tragedy, the generational evolution of the word "feminism," the importance of meeting "your people," and a pinky promise to own the word "aggressive." Denise introduces 30-something Tala Hadavi in the takeaway segment to talk about her perspective on the conversation, and the three women dig into "how to network and get what you want."
00:50:43 10/12/2016
Denise Restauri and Ann Shoket, former Seventeen magazine editor-in-chief, talk about the bumps in the road Ann endured to get her big job. They dig into what drives millennial women, how first impressions aren't always right, and how one word can change your life. Denise kicks off her new "takeaway segment" introducing a millennial superstar, Tammy Tibbetts, to join the conversation and share what resonated with her most about Ann's journey to success.
00:41:00 10/5/2016
Sallie Krawcheck, formerly the CFO of Citi and CEO of Merrill Lynch, is now the CEO of Ellevest, a digital platform offering investment solutions for women because women invest differently. We talk about why women need to understand that money is power (and how to get both), when to hang on by our fingertips, what's worse than falling on CNBC (it wasn't her record of being the only woman fired twice on the front page of the Wall Street Journal), and questions to ask before you take that next job.
00:54:02 9/20/2016
Robyn Sue Fisher is the Founder and Chief Brrrista (aka CEO) at Smitten Ice Cream. Robyn wanted to make being an adult a fun thing, so she chased after something she loved - ice cream -- and made it better by using high tech to take it back in time, making it pure again. It all starts with a story that includes a Stanford MBA, liquid nitrogen, a 40-pound machine that she built and bungee corded to a Radio Flyer wagon that she hauled around the streets of San Francisco selling "made to order" ice cream, hoping to not get arrested. Robyn is scrappy, smart and stubborn. She proves that "if there's a will, there's a way." Now, 10 years later, Robyn has seven stores, 200 employees and she's making tons of people smile. Grab a seat in Robyn's red wagon and come along for a ride that will make your day.
00:48:26 9/6/2016
Kat Cole has the ultimate self-made woman story that makes for great headlines like "From Hooters Girl To Running A Billion Dollar Brand." Kat grew up with a single mom and two sisters, living on $10 a week for groceries. When she was 32, she became President of Cinnabon and when she was 36 was promoted to Group President of Cinnabon's parent company FOCUS Brands (including Auntie Anne's, Carvel, Moe's). She's an angel investor, humanitarian and philanthropist. In this episode, Kat shares her stories about how she has the confidence to do more than she knows, finds and creates her opportunities, and communicates using two basic rules. Plus a tip for when you're making those big decisions in life (so you don't end up on the proverbial ledge).
00:45:14 8/23/2016
Cindy Gallop's Twitter profile says it all: "I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of Business." And this is one of my favorite Cindy quotes: "You'll never own the future if you care what other people think." Cindy is the founder of MakeLoveNotPorn, a site about real world sex. Before that she was Chairman and President of the global ad agency BBH. Today we're talking women, men, money (how women get it and what they do with it), sex, power, equity, owning the future, taking action, why every woman needs a champion who may be a man, and managing your own mind. Are you ready?
00:44:35 8/9/2016
Christina Greer is a 30-something professor of political science at Fordham University in NYC, author of "Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the American Dream", and a connector of people and ideas. She appears regularly on MSNBC and NY1 to talk politics. Today you'll find out why you need to move at least once, get robbed and work on a political campaign; how to never take "no" from someone who can't tell you "yes;" and why you need to "prep your clay," even when there's no clay in sight.
00:40:08 7/26/2016
Alysia Reiner surrounds herself with women who commit crimes. She's the tough assistant warden on Orange is the New Black, and she produced and stars in Equity, the movie about devious Wall Street women. In real life she's using her powers for good, taking action to un-stereotype women. From why her tattoo would read "as is" to how to flex your creative and business muscles every day, she's telling it as it is.
00:38:22 7/12/2016
Jane Wurwand is a self-made woman. She left the UK and arrived in LA with an entrepreneurial dream and a beauty school diploma. Within 3 years she launched Dermalogica, now the #1 skincare brand for salons and spas. All because her mom said: "Learn How To Do Something."
00:50:08 6/28/2016
Liv Boeree is 31 years old and one of the top female poker players in the world. She has won $3 million off her smarts and wits. Liv is a member of Team PokerStars Pros, has a degree in physics and astrophysics from the University of Manchester and recently spoke at Oxford University. Find out Liv's tricks and tips, the things you need to know for the game of life: how she reads people, prepares mentally for games, measures her success and has become a master of emotional control, especially when she loses.
00:51:22 6/14/2016
Do Cool Sh*t. That's the title of Miki Agrawal's book and a description of her life. Miki has ding-ding-ding moments, times when she sees things that suck in the world and she figures out how to fix them. She got sick from gluten, so she opened Wild, restaurants that serve yummy gluten-free food and drinks. Then she created new products to disrupt the "3 P's" -- periods, pee and poop. Thinx is the fashionable period underwear that won't leak or stain; Icon is for women who experience bladder leaks; Tushy is a portable bidet, a better solution than toilet paper. Her give back model is changing lives around the world.
00:41:09 5/31/2016
17-year-old Lizzie Velasquez stumbled upon a YouTube video labeling her "The World's Ugliest Woman." It had over four million views and the first comment she saw was: "Will you please do the world a favor? Put a gun to your head and kill yourself." Born with a rare disease that prevents her from gaining weight, Lizzie is now 27 years old and has never weighed more than 64 pounds. She was crushed by that video, but Lizzie found the courage to fight back in a beautiful way: she's now an entrepreneur, anti-bullying activist, motivational speaker (her TEDxTalk has over 10 million views), author and leading lady in A Brave Heart, the documentary about her life. In this podcast, Lizzie shares her life lessons including a never-been-told-before story about the power of friendship. Get ready to be inspired.
00:44:18 5/17/2016
Sara Mearns is an athlete who knows how to rock
a pink leotard. She's a principal dancer at the New York City
Ballet, a definite "wow." From how she can't believe she's living
her dream, to getting through her crazy 20s, to picking herself up
after falling in front of hundreds of people, to finding her
inspiration, this is the inside look at the life of an American
ballerina filled with tips to make you shine on your
00:42:03 5/3/2016
Kim Chambers swims with the sharks. Literally. Kim's one of the world's best marathon swimmers and she's taking us into her world: from knowing that when she slips into the water she may never come back, to what it feels like to have that kind of adrenaline pump through her veins. You'll leave this podcast knowing that the best time to do something is when you're the most afraid.
00:43:39 4/19/2016
If you were in Oprah Winfrey's inner circle for more than a decade, what would you know today? That's what I asked Libby Moore, the woman who was Oprah's Chief of Staff, Executive and Personal Assistant for 11 years. Her answers are in this podcast. In college, Libby dreamed of writing for Saturday Night Live. That didn't happen, but by being herself and doing things her way, she ended up in a dream job she never imagined. That led to a really big adventure -- the Libby Moore Gypsy Tour -- 365 days with no plan except to follow her heart. Now she's a speaker, certified life coach, connector, board member, connector and mentor to many. She's a force. Are you ready?
00:48:06 4/12/2016

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