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Lauren 'Lern' Elwell is a radio personality and a self-proclaimed ethnographer who lives for interpersonal communication. Being on the radio is a treat for the masses but being invited into an intimate studio space, Lern gets to devour the history and stories of her guests - one person at a time. This is a treat for HER and you fine people get the pleasure of eavesdropping in on that conversation with topics ranging to all of the human corners of a life well lived.


Live and Lern

Ep. 5 / Katie May

Katie May is a local business owner and curator of vintage goods at her shop, May's Place. If you've been to St. Louis' Grove neighborhood recently, maybe you've seen the new digs for this fabulous vintage store. Now, two stories and even MORE gorgeous. Find everything your heart desires - maybe a 1981 Alice Cooper tour shirt or possibly a locally made candle that smells of dreams... or at least that's what their Egyptian Amber candle smells like to Lern. Katie is a fierce-woman-boss-lady as well as a mom and wife with a supportive husband who is her business partner. You will hear how she cares very much about the community she serves and even people not in this community - humanity at large! Listen in as Lern and Katie discuss Daryl Hannah sightings, medical marijuana and what it's like to own your own local business in this fabulous city. Maybe you will be inspired to start your own!
38:18:00 7/5/2019

Past Episodes

Tyler B. Ruff is an artist from Waterloo, Illinois. His comic book, 'The Unforgiven' has made its rounds through the local comic convention circuit, some national conventions and has even made it into the hands of the late and legendary, Stan Lee. Lern sits down with Tyler in The Grove at Rise Coffee Shop to talk about how one actually creates a comic book series, where the inspiration is drawn from (no pun intended) and how nurturing the talents of people can help those talents grow into careers. They also discuss the need for authenticity while being human, how we should never stop learning new things and how the foundation we grow on can greatly tune who we are later in life. You will also notice that Lern is rudely eating avocado toast throughout some of this interview, so Misophoniacs beware! Hopefully this episode will energize you to draw or at least let out the creativity within you!
57:57:00 6/5/2019
Michelle Smallmon is co-host of the Bernie Miklasz show on 101 ESPN in St. Louis. The lone female on her sports station sits down with Lern at Sasha's on De Mun over a couple glasses of wine to discuss being a woman in this business, working with such prominent figures in St Louis media like Bernie, she tells the story of how she got to the station and the importance of sports relating to the human spirit. Lern comes clean about being a total novice about the sports world and the two connect on so many other fabulous traits they both share. Also, Lern apparently has a limit of two glasses of wine on a Friday. Take a gander, and maybe pour yourself a nice tall glass while you're listening to this one.
01:07:38 5/5/2019
Orlandez Lewis is the Marketing and Promotions Director of Vintage Vinyl Record Store in St. Louis. While hanging out at Kayak coffee, the two chat about how vinyl records have always been in the foreground of Orlandez's life and how it lead to the existing career path he's grown into over the last ten years. If you've ever inherited the love of music from someone else, Orlandez's story will resonate deeply with you. And if you're someone who has passion for something special and would like to translate it into a career, listen up, you'll gain some insight.
00:33:54 4/5/2019
Lzzy Hale is one of the most prominent female voices in metal/rock today as she has fronted the band Halestorm for two decades. Lern sits down for the inaugural episode of 'Live & Lern' with Lzzy from the bowels of the Stifel Theatre in St Louis, Missouri, as they dive into the can-be-hardships of getting started as a female musician, tour life, where their good self-esteem comes from and what Lzzy was like at slumber parties as a kid with Alice Cooper records.
00:21:24 2/27/2019

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