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5/16 - Lori & Julia chat with Star-Tribune TV critic Neal Justin

Good shows to watch out there.
00:00:00 5/17/2018

Past Episodes

Including the new shows THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT and THE FIX.
00:00:00 5/16/2018
Donna did something she does not normally do and watched a scary movie and Steve finally saw The Darkest Hour and gives us his full review.
00:00:00 5/14/2018
Plus: Everything else Lori, Holly and Donny are watching, including Handmaid's Tale season 2, Killing Eve, Wild Wild Country, Rise, Riverdale, The Crown and The Good Fight.
00:00:00 5/3/2018
The performance that made the girls cry. PLUS: Picks to win! Why we like this season better than others.
00:00:00 5/1/2018
THE HANDMAID'S TALE is freaking Colleen out and Bradley is fascinated by WILD, WILD COUNTRY.
00:00:00 5/1/2018
This was WAY TOO MUCH! And yet we wanted so much more. The silver lining. The worse case scenario game. Do people still do "something old, something new, something borrowed something blue"? Colleen is scared for next season. Are we headed for Pain-town? Who is the "she"?? When we cried.
00:00:00 3/15/2018
The episode is "This Big Amazing Beautiful Life," and it was a surprise. Randall's got Dad Jokes! What made us cry: Deja on counting beds. What's next? Next week's finale preview: what's up with old Jack at Kate and Toby's wedding? Hallucination? Dream?
00:00:00 3/7/2018
Colleen Lindstrom and Alexis Thompson discuss what This Is Us" means to them. We needed this episode! Does everyone fake it in Vegas? Randall and Kate. What made us cry.
00:00:00 2/28/2018
Alexis & Dawn review episode 8 of the hit show "The OA" on Netflix.
00:00:00 1/8/2017
Alexis & Dawn review episode 7 of the hit show "The OA" on Netflix.
00:00:00 1/7/2017

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