Legends of Sport with Andrew D. Bernstein

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame photographer Andrew D. Bernstein discusses life behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the world of sports. Covering the most memorable events of the past three decades, telling lively and personal stories, plus in-depth discussions about the serious issues affecting current and retired athletes. This is a podcast about the memories, business and culture of sports.


Legends of Sport with Andrew D. Bernstein

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Andy discuss their bestselling book collaboration, "The Mamba Mentality: How I Play". Kobe shares his thoughts about his obsession to the process and craft that led to five NBA championships, his iconic work ethic, the importance of playing for Team USA, overcoming his Achilles injury, his final game, the meaning behind the Mamba Mentality, and his plans for the future.
00:35:25 11/20/2018

Past Episodes

This week we sit down with perhaps the most iconic skateboarder that will ever live - Tony Hawk. Tony chats about his life in skateboarding; growing up learning from Stacy Peralta, the evolution of the sport, the impacts of landing the "900", starting his own skate company Birdhouse, the Olympics, injuries and concussions, his new app video game, and his philanthropic ventures.
01:08:49 10/9/2018
This week, we travel to Springfield, Massachusetts to celebrate Andrew Bernstein's Curt Gowdy Print Media award at the 2018 NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Also, we sit down with some of the inductees to hear more about their careers while also ruminating on some of the 2018 class' memorable speeches', including those of first-ballot inductees, Grant Hill, Ray Allen, Steve Nash, and Jason Kidd. It's all right here on this week's episode of Legends of Sport.
01:11:11 10/2/2018
When Leigh Steinberg began his career as a sports agent, they were not even allowed to negotiate with NFL owners. In fact, the industry did not really exist. By the end of the millennium, though, Leigh had become a 'Super Agent,' having his life loosely depicted in Jerry McGuire, representing nearly half of the starting Quarterbacks in the NFL, and ultimately selling his business for tens of millions of dollars. Leigh seemingly had it all until, through a series of circumstances, everything came crashing down. Forced to pick up the pieces, Leigh got sober, rebuilt his business and his life, and has since realigned his priorities. Today, Leigh is back at it, representing future superstars like Patrick Mahomes, writing books, and teaching younger aspiring agents through his academies. Hear his entire story on this week's episode of Legends of Sport.
00:59:52 9/25/2018
Award-winning sports photojournalist, John McDonough, has been a contributing photographer to Sports Illustrated for over thirty years. If there has been a major sporting event over that period then chances are that John has been there with a camera. He has covered a variety of sporting events over the years including the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, NBA Playoffs, the World Series, and the Summer Olympics. This week we sit down with him to discuss the state of the ever changing sports photography industry, Sports Illustrated's impact on the world of sports, and some of his most memorable shots.
00:00:00 9/18/2018
NHL Hall of Fame legend and current LA Kings President, Luc Robitaille, is widely considered one of the greatest Left Wingers to ever play the game. Growing up in Montreal, though, he was largely overlooked by scouts because of what some considered a lack of toughness and slow skating stride. If it were not for a part-time Ottawa scout who convinced the Kings to take a chance on the skinny eighteen year-old in the ninth round of the 1984 draft, Luc may not have been picked at all. By the end of his first season, though, everybody knew Luc's name after notching the Calder Trophy as the league's top rookie. In fact, Luc scored forty or more goals in each of his first eight seasons, including three fifty goal seasons during that stretch. Nineteen seasons later, Luc retired as the highest scoring Left Winger in NHL history, notching a Stanley Cup, as well as, being voted in as one of the '100 Greatest Players in NHL History' by his contemporaries. Luc has also won two additional Stanley Cups as an executive with the Kings. Hear about his entire journey, including stories from his six seasons playing with Wayne Gretzky, on this week's episode of Legends of Sport.
00:00:00 9/11/2018
In 1968, Jerry Colangelo left Chicago to become the youngest general manager in professional sports for the Phoenix Suns. It was twenty below zero when he left. He arrived with his family to seventy degree weather, Orange Blossoms in the air, nine suitcases, and three hundred bucks in his pocket. He never looked back. Fifty years and five professional franchises later, Jerry is today known as the man who brought Baseball, Hockey, the WNBA, and Arena Football to Arizona. Growing up in a poor neighborhood of Chicago, Jerry has never forgotten his humble beginning. In 2005, Jerry Colangelo was asked to take over a USA Basketball program desperately in need of realignment. He fervently accepted the job on the condition that he'd have full autonomy in order to rebuild the program the right way. They have since gone 75-1 and have won Gold Medals in Beijing, London, and the Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Hear the full story on this week's episode of Legends of Sport. Thanks to our sponsors this week, BETONLINE.AG and TRUECAR!!
00:55:48 9/4/2018
Big East Commissioner and former President and co-founder of the WNBA, Val Ackerman, has lived a life of 'firsts.' From her star college basketball playing days at University of Virginia, Val was one of the first recipients of Title Nine, offering a level playing field to both male and female college athletes. Working as a staff attorney for the NBA, Val took her experiences with her to USA Basketball where she became the driving force behind creating the women's first national team which culminated in a gold medal at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. With the success of this team, Val created the WNBA, launching the professional careers of some of the first stars of the league. Today, Val is not only running a college basketball conference, but she is teaching, and a board member with several notable foundations including March of Dimes and Girls Incorporated.
01:00:07 8/28/2018
Shane Mosley fought some of the best fighters of his generation winning four world championships in three different weight classes. Often considered one of the best lightweights in boxing history, Mosley amassed a 49-10-1 record over twenty-four years in the ring. Never one to back down from a fight, Shane fought well into his forties. In a sport filled with eccentric characters, Shane's stayed humble and never strayed too far from his roots, often choosing to let his Left Jab and Double Hook do the talking in the ring. So how how did this small town kid from Pomona, CA rise through the ranks to become, pound-for-pound, one of the greatest boxers of all-time? Find out on this episode of Legends of Sport.
01:29:08 8/21/2018
D-Fish wasn't the tallest guy on the court nor the most naturally gifted but through hard work and determination, he was able to level the playing field and prove his worth as both a scrappy Point Guard and a leader both on-and-off the court culminating in five NBA Championships and an NBA record 259 playoff games played. Derek's key to success was always knowing his role and when a shot needed to be made at the buzzer, Derek was never afraid to take it. We sit down with Derek this week to discuss a couple of his biggest shots including one of the most well known buzzer beaters in NBA history - a shot that became known as The Point Four. It was Derek's Birthday when we recorded this interview. He turned forty-four years young. A very happy birthday to him from Legends of Sport. Legends of Sport is sponsored by betonline.ag. Go to betonline.ag for all your degenerate gambling needs.
01:21:38 8/14/2018
Most people think that legendary athletes dominate at every level since the time they start playing, but for Orel, the road to stardom had several potholes along the way. After his Sophomore year at Bowling Green State University, he decided to quit the baseball team and hitchhike home to work for his father's paper company. During that time, he grew a couple of inches, gained a few pounds, took some summer school classes, and decided to give it another shot. Back on the team, Orel's Fastball had gained more velocity, had better control, and had scouts intrigued but only enough to get him selected in the seventeenth round of the MLB draft. The knock on him had been he's too soft, not aggressive enough, and mentally rattles easily. In walks legendary Dodgers Manager, Tommy Lasorda, who realizes it's Orel's mental approach to the game that needs tweaking. With a new nickname and mentality, Orel starts to dominate on the mound and in 1988, he puts together one of the most dominating seasons of all-time leading all pitchers in almost every statistical category, breaking Don Drysdale's 59 inning scoreless streak, winning the Cy Young, the Gold Glove, World Series MVP, and MLB Championship in one of the greatest World Series games of all-time. Today, Orel can be found in the Dodgers broadcast booth doing color alongside Joe Davis. Hear his remarkable story of fortitude and determination to become one of the greatest Dodgers to ever grace the field on this episode of Legends of Sport. This week's podcast is sponsored by Quip Electric Toothbrushes. Quip starts at $25 and, if you go to GETQUIP.COM/LEGENDS you'll get your first refill pack FREE. At a fraction of the cost of bulkier brushes, Quip's built-in timer helps you clean for the dentist-recommended two minutes and deliver new brush heads to your home every three months for just $5 which includes free shipping. See why Quip made Oprah's O-List and has been named one of Time's Best Inventions! This week's podcast is also sponsored by MeUndies. Try the best Undies in the world with their 'no risk' offer. If you're not happy, they'll refund the cost, AND you get to keep them. You will get 15% off your first pair and FREE SHIPPING. Just go to MEUNDIES.COM/LEGENDS to try your first pair.
01:00:29 8/7/2018

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