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Phone Tap PODCAST: The Overthrow

Jubal calls as world renowned talent agent Topher Blaque. He's calling to offer a guy a spot on a BRAND NEW reality TV show. The premise of the show is simple: OVERTAKE NORTH KOREA. That's it, good luck.
00:05:28 3/16/2018

Past Episodes

Our "To Catch A Cheater" segment is BACK! This time... we received an email from a woman who was suspicious because someone ELSE was using their Netflix account. When she asked her boyfriend, that's when she got REALLY suspicious.
00:06:28 3/15/2018
Jubal calls as Donald the nerd. Donald has a new job as a pizza delivery man and he's got some new technology to make sure you receive your pizza as fast as possible... there's just a few (major) kinks.
00:05:12 3/14/2018
Jubal calls a woman whose moving into her new house, but her home has a gas problem. Jubal, of course- PFFTTT. HAHAHA did you just say "GAS"?
00:05:06 3/13/2018
Sage Willowbrooke is back... but this time he's singing the song of LOVE to a newly divorced lady. Don't get us wrong though, he's still definitely (definitely) creepy.
00:04:45 3/12/2018
Jubal calls a woman whose on a very relaxing vacation with some very relaxing news... her house accidentally got torn down.
00:04:54 3/9/2018
Jubal brings back an old favorite... Old Frank! Frank has a problem with some residents living in his complex and even though it's none of his business, he saw a young lady doing something he did NOT approve of. He's here to give her a piece of his mind.
00:04:59 3/8/2018
Jubal calls a father who is very excited to speak at his son's career day. Jubal is excited too. Actually, everyone's excited... except for the kids.
00:05:29 3/7/2018
Jubal calls a guy whose got a REAL bad cold. There's good news though, he's got instructions straight from the DOC and he knows exactly how to heal him. The best part is... the guy actually does it.
00:06:30 3/6/2018
Jubal calls as 'Dwayne' from public utilities with some real bad news... the water at this guy's house is TOXIC. To fix it, Jubal needs to come every day to test the water... by showering, bathing, making breakfast there. Just for a few weeks.
00:04:43 3/5/2018
Jubal calls a woman who works at the mall and he's got a big, BIG problem with her. She usually eats at a Cinnabon for her break... but this time she changed it up. AND THAT'S NOT OKAY!
00:05:25 3/1/2018

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