We all need healing, whether from a broken heart or a chronic health condition. Join self-help obsessed writer and founder of BeautyBets.com, Elizabeth Kendig, on a weekly spirit journey with the teachers and gurus who are transforming lives in unconventional ways. From the colonic therapist to the shaman priestess, these modern-day healers will change the way you view the universe--and your ability to heal yourself. ABOUT ELIZABETH: A lifestyle editor by trade and a storyteller at heart, Elizabeth has spent more than a decade creating compelling content for Target, Nordstrom, Mpls, St. Paul Magazine, ClementineDaily.com and an award-winning skincare collaboration with One Love Organics. A hippie disguised in J.Crew, Elizabeth is also a crystal-carrying, amateur tarot-card reading, certified Reiki healer.


S3 ep6: Intuitive eating and exercise for an empowered pregnancy, with Brianna Towne

Watching women struggle with fear, stress and anxiety around pregnancy and food broke Bri Townes heart--and it also resonated with her. The mother of three endured two miscarriages and post partum depression before applying her background in nutrition and yoga to gently coach mothers on tuning into what their body really needs--not following a one-size-fits all rulebook. Spoiler alert: you already have the answers.

Work with Bri:
Instagram: @briannatowne

Past Episodes

We all seem to be in search of an identity these days. A story that we can put out into the world to keep us safe. Sabrina Rollo of Vigor and Sage has many identities. Dancer, mother, reiki healer, yoga therapist, and one of the most vulnerable voices I've encountered on social media. A healer who admits that she's a work in progress just like the rest of us. She's living proof of what happens when we stop trying to define ourselves and instead be ourselves.
Live from my bathroom floor in Brooklyn, I'm trying out something new. No, not a new face mask . . . After a number of requests, I'm opening up about my own healing journey. Right now, after a wedding and a cross-country move, it's really kicking my you-know-what. So instead of pretending that life is is all brownstones and Bellinis in the Big Apple, you're going to get 11 minutes of full disclosure. My plan is to sprinkle in these solo sessions when I have something to share that could be helpful, useful, or make you feel a little less alone. If you love it, leave a comment. If you hate it, not to worry: we'll be back next week with more Healers.

Healers Wanted Retreat
January 13, 2018 in Minneapolis
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=39886949941
How does she do that?! Phil and Elizabeth are under Kristen's calming spell, and determined to be more present while also moving forward.
If Kristen James weren't the most calming, loving, kind soul I'd ever met, I'd probably hate her. Kristen is what I like to call a modern mystic: she's one part goddess hair stylist, one part sacred esoteric healer. Her form of energy work is hard to put into words, though the type-A in me totally tries to in this episode. At its core is a belief that we are all already whole--just the way we are.
Phil and Elizabeth talk about relationship respect, rejection and the one question our host wishes she'd asked.
New York City based psychotherapist and author of The Golden Condom, Jeanne Safer has spent more than 40 years going where no one wants to go with love and relationships: the toxic, the obsessive, and the heartbreaking. Her professional and deeply personal stories of love lost and found, as well as her refreshing viewpoint on keeping the peace in relationships polarized by political views, will leave you with a renewed sense of compassion and courage in matters of the heart.
We knew we were going to push the envelope this season but this episode threw Derek off balance in a big way.
The episode you're about to hear was so big, so dense, we couldn't pick one quote to encapsulate it all. Maia Nikitovich is an old soul trapped in a 27 year old's body. From a very early age, she has studied everything from Hinduism to Holistic Medicine, Christianity to Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Today Maia helps others connect to the Divine and to the truth of their lives -- both present and past.
The cuffs are coming off this season, starting with Kalisa Augustine. I thought we were going to talk about crystals, but that would be selling this energy artist and metaphysican short. She is a force of nature and she is going to remind you that you are on this planet not just to survive, but to thrive -- whether that means being more discerning about the people you surround yourself with or the content you consume.
Derek and Elizabeth dig into the magic and mystery of crystal healing -- and commiserate about the drain of social media.
Elizabeth and Phil on being in the state of flow, managing depression, and the benefits of Netflix
Kristen Kalp is a writer, poet, introvert and business coach -- five words you don't often hear in the same sentence -- who helps people make more money, magic, and meaning in their lives. She does so with compassion, a really refreshing dose of irreverence, and a three-step approach to discovering your truest work--whether its writing a book or the world's best mom. If you're tired of saying you're going to do that thing someday, Kristen is your girl.
Becky joins Elizabeth and Phil to talk about holding space for ourselves and each other during planetary and political shifts
Becky Costello is a registered nurse, Reiki healer, psychic medium, and spiritual coach who says we are all born with intuitive powers, it's just a matter of tuning in and trusting them. Talking to Becky is like touching the other side. Her experiences with the spiritual realm, from the arc angel who paid her a life-changing visit, to the energetic shift currently underway in the world, will make you a believer in something bigger than yourself.
Phil and Elizabeth come clean about their pizza habits and wonder what's taking priority: our bodies or our iphones
Prescribe Nutrition founder Katie Jasper is back with more food for thought. Hers was the most popular episode of Season 1. Some of you listened to the episode multiple times. Many of you asked me to bring her back. And I think it's because Katie not only has a gift for debunking diet trends and myths, but she's one of us. She wants to have her cake and eat it too.
Elizabeth attempts to explain the nuts and bolts of Life Activation to our resident skeptic and producer Derek after they've both had too much coffee.
Erin Anderson is a gentle soul with a powerful gift for awakening our soul's DNA. In addition to reiki, aura clearing, chakra balancing, and gemstone healing, Erin practices something called Life Activation, a 4,000-year-old ritual that unlocks your spiritual blueprint so that you can live with more joy and meaning. Sounds too good to be true, right? It's not. Our episode kicks off with someone who experienced Life Activation with Erin on a profound level. You'll want two of whatever she's having.
Was this episode too woo woo for Phil? Are we really our thoughts? Plus, how two recovering Catholics found their faith.
This is one of the most powerful episodes weve recorded for Healers. I'm still buzzing from my conversation with Vanessa Feils or as she would say, vibing high. I could introduce Vanessa as a meditation guru, as a life or career coach, as a spiritual guide, but really she's a healer from another plane who has been put on this earth to help us step into our power and our purpose. If you're listening to this episode, it's because you're ready for a breakthrough of your own. And we're going to go there today.

Don't miss a moving testimonial from Jaclyn, whose story of love and loss and the work she did with Vanessa helped her to finally release the grief and reclaim her life.
Did Christina get all of her questions answered? Will she write a lullaby for her next child? Plus, the real reason she thinks she finally got pregnant.
Today we're talking to Dr. Julie Von about the powerful, complex and and very emotional link between spirituality and fertility. Dr. Von is a Manhattan-based holistic doctor who merges her medical education with intuition into a method called Psychic Fertility. Through her unconventional approach and wisdom, she has assisted countless couples and individuals in conceiving and carrying healthy children into the world.

I asked my dear friend Christina to join the conversation as her own fertility journey shed light on a topic that I, admittedly, know very little about.
Phil has an aha moment about living a more self-full life and Elizabeth gets on her spiritual soap box.
Dreams have helped Darla Antoine navigate every major life transition and decisions, from divorce to moving to another country to starting a life with a near-stranger. Todays she's here to help us with our dreams as divine guidance.

But first, a love story for the ages.
Elizabeth gives producer Derek a hard time for being a skeptic and for having fish. But we can agree that questioning conventional wisdom is always the courageous path.
Bonnie Illies is an animal intuitive and energy healer who has helped thousands of animals suffering from chronic illnesses and behavior issues. For 20 years she has healed dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, fish, ferrets and even dairy cows when nothing and no one else could. Bonnie has a gift for identifying and treating the root of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. In so many ways, she speaks for our animals when they can't speak for themselves.
HEALERS producers Derek and Phil further debunk the millennial mindset for Elizabeth, plus discuss how the man card continues to make therapy taboo for the male population.
Kaleigh Frey is a therapist who specializes in millennials and is a miliennial herself. But her message is ageless. It's time to replace comparison with self-compassion, negative self-talk with intentional self-care. Today we're going to talk about some about some of tools she uses in her practice that you can implement today to heal whatever's holding you back from the life that you deserve.
Join Elizabeth, Jes Rosenberg and HEALERS producer Derek Wetmore after the show as they geek out even more on mindfulness. This is where let our freak flags fly, recapping and diving deeper into Season 2, Episode 1.
Jes Rosenberg is a national yoga educator, Reiki master, and the creator of The Adventures of Super Stretch, an interactive fitness program and app developed to give children a physical outlet to express and empower themselves in a healthy and happy way. She has been practicing yoga and wellness since the early 1990s - long before it was cool or there was this thing called lululemon and teaching for more than 16 years. Whether you're a parent, a yogi or just getting started with this who woo woo business, you can benefit from Jess mission to help us all come home to our minds, bodies and hearts.
The Healers are coming, the healers are coming! We are back July 17 with a new cast of healing friends eager to help us help ourselves--plus our pets, kids and maybe even the people in your life who are now curious about all of this woo woo business. There will be plenty more where that came from, as well as a new after show that may or may not be as entertaining and insightful as we think it is. Namaste and see you soon! --Elizabeth.
Continue your healing journey with this companion guide to Season 1.
A fitting conclusion to HEALERS Season 1, plus how to stay involved while we work on Season 2.
Laura Harrison is so much more than an organizer. The founder of Less Mess, More Life in San Francisco, shes a house whisperer who calms the chaos in your space by starting with your spirit. This isn't about buying a label maker or getting rid of everything you own, it's about living with less so you can have the life you want. The episode kicks off with our producer Phil eager to share his own journey of living with less--just dont take away his Batman VHS tapes.
Sarah Von Bargen is the founder of YesandYes.org, a blog about discovering what makes you happy so that you can do more of it. One of the biggest topics she tackles is the one that none of us like to talk about: money. Whether you have a lot or a little, healing your relationship with money about getting really clear about what brings you joy makes you happy so that you're more intentional about how you spend it. P.S. If you think you need to give up Starbucks or earn dramatically more to have the life you want, Sarah is here to prove that you don't.
Christina Lonsdale is the artist behind a pop-up aura photography laboratory, Radiant Human. She travels the country visually capturing the vibrational energy we put into the world. It took us three attempts to make this show happen and I'm so glad we did because Christina's story and the way that she is using photography to connect us to our truth, our higher self, is a beautiful and breathtaking thing.
You feel like you have it all together on paper -- the job, the home, the friends. But something still feels like it's missing. You think it must be possible to feel better than this, more joyful and energized, less anxious and uncertain -- but you don't know how. Fashion publicist turned NYC breath-worker Erin Telford of has been there, done that and is here to help us uncover what's missing on a soul level. She'll also walk us through a breath exercise that you can do at home whenever you need grounding.
When I met Jaimi Brooks nearly 10 years ago she was the founder of Fiore Beauty, a successful, buzzed-about on-site beauty service in L.A. But recently Jaimi returned to her original calling as a licensed therapist. Now she's helping everyone from the burnt-out corporate executive who doesn't know what to do with his life, to the working mother who's struggling to to get her sex life on track, to get honest and intentional about what matters to them. This show is about the choices we make to be better, live better and feel better--with or without the help of a little therapy.
This just in from the Universe: You don't have to figure it all out on your own. We want to open doors for you. The first step is putting the call out. Rory Lula McMahan is a tarot reader, pagan priestess, and spiritual mentor who's on a sacred mission is to make spiritually more accessible. If you're searching for your higher calling, if you want to live a more authentic life but aren't sure how, you cannot miss this episode.
Natalie Davis is the butt of a lot of jokes. A former candida sufferer, she saw five different doctors before finding relief with colon hydrotherapy. Now the founder of Move Colonics, Davis administers warm water using a really big tube to help people flush out the toxins that can cause everything from bloat and constipation to acne and autoimmune diseases. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.
TV scams, call-in numbers and caricatures of psychics have made skeptics out of many of us. So have our fears of finding out that something bad is going to happen. In this episode, intuitive medium Christine Schroeder debunks those myths while bringing us into her weird and wonderful world. Christine tells it like it is, from the life lessons youve been ignoring to the reason you havent found love. Like a cool, tough-love aunt who just happens to know when youre going to have a baby or get a new job, shell help you tap into your own intuition so you can create a life based on your authentic self. From the start of the show, Christine even had our skeptical producer at hello.
We are inundated with diets, detoxes and juice cleanses. But what we aren't talking about is our relationship with food. How we use it to self-medicate while it's also the very thing that's making us sick. Katie Jasper is a functional nutritionist, recovering anorexic and the co-founder of Prescribe Nutrition, whose mission is to help us feel better. It's less complicated than you might think, but it starts with tuning in to the thing you've been neglecting: you. Other highlights from the episode: the booze blues, yeast infections, and the one thing we should stop eating.

Katie was in the throes of a sinus infection when she joined me in-studio, a reminder that our bodies are always telling us what they need and when to slow down.
Stephanie Gailing isnt your average astrologer. The Cornell- and NYU-educated healer has astral insights that will change not only the way you read your horoscope, but how to apply what's happening up there to your life down here. After this episode, you'll know how to survive and thrive in 2017--regardless of who you voted for. You'll also be prepared for Venus, who goes retrograde in March. Buckle up!
Writer Elizabeth Dehn has spent the last decade on a self-help bender, studying every healing experience and modality under the sun. Shes had her her palms read, chakras re-aligned, and house saged, and that was only last week. In Season 1 of Healers, Elizabeth will be talking to the guides and gurus who have dedicated their lives to transforming ours. If you're tuning in, it's for a reason. Whether you realize it or not, you were called to this podcast because a part of you knows that it's time. Time to let go of the pain, the fear and all of that self-doubt. There will be laughter. There will be tears. And there will be plenty of woo woo. So get excited, because the journey is about to begin.

Healers Season 1 launches February 6.

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