We all need healing, whether from a broken heart or a chronic health condition. Join self-help obsessed writer and founder of BeautyBets.com, Elizabeth Kendig, on a weekly spirit journey with the teachers and gurus who are transforming lives in unconventional ways. From the colonic therapist to the shaman priestess, these modern-day healers will change the way you view the universe--and your ability to heal yourself. ABOUT ELIZABETH: A lifestyle editor by trade and a storyteller at heart, Elizabeth has spent more than a decade creating compelling content for Target, Nordstrom, Mpls, St. Paul Magazine, ClementineDaily.com and an award-winning skincare collaboration with One Love Organics. A hippie disguised in J.Crew, Elizabeth is also a crystal-carrying, amateur tarot-card reading, certified Reiki healer.


P.S. This is Healing: A Letter From a Listener

Every time I get an email from a listener about how Healers has changed their life, I want to read it on air. Not to feel better about myself or the work we're doing here, but because I want you to know that you're not alone in your pain, anxiety or confusion, and I want you to see how these practitioners can hold space for you to find more peace in your lives. Today I'm finally going to do it. Thank you, Kristen in Arizona, for being brave enough to share your story with thousands of strangers. And thanks to all of you for tuning in each week for this weird and woo woo ride! You're the reason we do this show and we couldn't do it without you.
00:00:00 4/8/2018

Past Episodes

Vanessa Feils is back with a quick-and-dirty mini episode to announce our first HEALERS event in NYC! Even if you can't attend, don't miss V's views on living with fear, facing our truth, and the reason her phone has been ringing off the hook (hint: your moment of courage is coming, too).


MindTravel + Guided Meditation 

Saturday, April 14, 2-4pm

Jill Lindsey, Brooklyn


TICKETS >> https://bit.ly/2HaofXp 

Ring in spring by going on a true healing journey to your soul. The advancement that is available on the planet right now may have you desiring to tap into your inner TRUTH deeper than ever. Using the MindTravel 'silent' headphone system, spiritual life stylist Vanessa Feils will guide you into a deep healing meditation, incorporating Murray Hidary's piano compositions + healing binaural beats in the background of the experience. Get ready to get fast tracked into a space where you can design your life from a pure state of bliss.  

Please bring a mat or cushion to sit on, a journal and your favorite pen.  

00:00:00 4/3/2018
I am convinced that The biggest crime against humanity is not loving yourself. What if you were to forgive yourself. To unburden yourself of the shame and the self-hate and the insecurities that keep you imprisoned? Katy Nicholls did, in an a-ha moments in her backyard, and it was the beginning of the rest of her life. Now this yogi and spiritual mentor is helping others return to their authentic selves and step into the role that we're here to do. Work with Katy: http://katelandamanda.com/ More from HEALERS: http://www.healerswanted.com insta: @healerspodcast
00:00:00 3/22/2018
This week, I'm responding to a listener's question: How do I know that the Universe has my back? That listener happens to be my mother, so I'm extra determined to make my case. The answer is everywhere, you just need to know where to look. In this episode, I share simple but powerful ways for you to start tuning into the Universe and enjoy the gifts it keeps trying to give you. I also offer a few recent experiences that have helped me trust the Universe like it's my job. Once you realize just how much you're supported, worry and fear will slowly be replaced with an inner knowing that you are exactly where you need to be.
00:00:00 3/12/2018

Michelle McGlade is a healer for healers. An acupuncturist with an MBA, she's found her calling as a consultant for healing and wellness professionals who feel stuck or unsure of how to grow their practice. Whether you think you might want to be a healer or you already and want to take your business to the next level, Michelle is the practical and spiritual kick in the pants you've been waiting for. Join Michelle's Wellness Marketing Masterclass Webinar: http://bit.ly/2CJyxKn 

00:00:00 2/25/2018
Katie Chirgotis had it all: a good job, a beautiful relationship, friends and family, financial security. And yet she flung herself across the country to start over and create the life she wanted to live. What emerged was the truest expression of herself. I'll let Katie tell you the rest. Connect with Katie: http://eothenfloral.com/ instagram: @ eothen_
00:00:00 2/14/2018
My name is Elizabeth, and I worry about everything. There. I said it. And I'm worried you will think less of me for doing an episode about how much I worry. But if I can't be honest on a podcast called HEALERS, where can I be? In this episode, I unpack a recently identified lifelong habit of worrying?why I do it, how it's impacting my life, and what I'm doing to free myself from its debilitating grips. But first, a massive thank you to everyone who reached out about the bathroom floor episode. Your empathy and encouragement took my breath away and I am so very grateful!
00:00:00 2/6/2018
Watching women struggle with fear, stress and anxiety around pregnancy and food broke Bri Townes heart--and it also resonated with her. The mother of three endured two miscarriages and post partum depression before applying her background in nutrition and yoga to gently coach mothers on tuning into what their body really needs--not following a one-size-fits all rulebook. Spoiler alert: you already have the answers.

Work with Bri:
Instagram: @briannatowne
00:00:00 1/16/2018
We all seem to be in search of an identity these days. A story that we can put out into the world to keep us safe. Sabrina Rollo of Vigor and Sage has many identities. Dancer, mother, reiki healer, yoga therapist, and one of the most vulnerable voices I've encountered on social media. A healer who admits that she's a work in progress just like the rest of us. She's living proof of what happens when we stop trying to define ourselves and instead be ourselves.
00:00:00 1/9/2018
Live from my bathroom floor in Brooklyn, I'm trying out something new. No, not a new face mask . . . After a number of requests, I'm opening up about my own healing journey. Right now, after a wedding and a cross-country move, it's really kicking my you-know-what. So instead of pretending that life is is all brownstones and Bellinis in the Big Apple, you're going to get 11 minutes of full disclosure. My plan is to sprinkle in these solo sessions when I have something to share that could be helpful, useful, or make you feel a little less alone. If you love it, leave a comment. If you hate it, not to worry: we'll be back next week with more Healers.

Healers Wanted Retreat
January 13, 2018 in Minneapolis
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=39886949941
00:00:00 1/2/2018
How does she do that?! Phil and Elizabeth are under Kristen's calming spell, and determined to be more present while also moving forward.
00:00:00 12/11/2017

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