Grumpy Old Geeks - Covering tech news, security, movies, tv shows, and books for tech savvy adults

Grumpy Old Geeks - Covering tech news, security, movies, tv shows, and books for tech savvy adults

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.


272: Vulcan Tighty-Whities

SPACE FORCE! WeWork at losing money; Google still tracking you; hacking voting machines; A New Spock; new Monty Python; streaming killed the music star; sand & salt; murderbots; Snapchat Dysmorphia; Seagal & Rodman 2020; Airbnb breaking down walls; the perfect banana. Show notes at
01:06:15 8/16/2018

Past Episodes

Picard to the rescue; rigged gig economy; Moviepass changes plan; Facebook regrets; Twitter stands with Alex Jones; NYC caps Uber; music on the blockchain; podchaining; Snapchat fail; DARPA vs Deepfake; going cashless; Cozmo; Magic Leap; yay, asbestos! Show notes at
00:58:03 8/12/2018
FB's got 99 problems; burning down the scooter; DNA deals; delete old Tweets; Moviepass lumbers on; Apple trillion; working up from the middle; chairs, desks & monitors, oh my; Bourdain, bad TV & British slang; Reddit hack; Quiet Skies; bad actors; super donkeys! Show notes at
01:36:45 8/6/2018
Bad QI; Bird graveyards; Toronto tech; Twitter trending twitches; Facebook takes a hit, finally; Moviepass plunges; GM goes peer-to-peer; abandoning cash; Google's DTP; Fairy Vulcan earbuds; Deadwood; Luke Cage; social prisons; hacking SIMs; ASCII art tattoos. Show notes at
01:59:18 7/30/2018
Tech news overload; Uber background checks; Twitter's lack of "bandwidth"; Apple autonomous cars; AI decision learning tree bullcrappery; Prime Day; Google fined; Moviepass copycats; Facebook's many problems; facial recognition; Samsam, election, IoT attacks. Show notes at
01:48:32 7/24/2018
More scooter wars; pseudo-AI; Apple moves; Uber purges; fair use on the Internet gone insane; haptic vaporware; laser rifles & 3d printed guns; Lando's back; Goliath, Mrs. Maisel & Sneaky Pete; Murderbot Diaries; DNC hacks; California's GDPR; 25 locations. Show notes at
01:20:08 7/15/2018
Facebook may listen to your TV; AirBNB can suck it in Santa Monica; IoT gone wrong; Lyft gets even more cash; AI Orb to take over ISS; Massive Law Enforcement breach; Far Cry 5 rocks; Plex is dope; Synology's still rule; Anker power goodies; Airbags for your phone. Show notes at
01:39:19 7/9/2018
Yes, that again; mea culpa advertising; distracted parenting & gaming disorders; Amazon Show & Buttons; browser battles; the cyclical Internet; Hypernormalisation; Moviepass, hold my beer; a win for privacy; filtering AI out; we really do care. Show notes at
01:22:35 6/24/2018
Sherlock Escapes; Bird/Weed Connection; Net Neutrality is DEAD; FBI get the goods; Shatner and IBM go blockchain; Star Trek VR; Bunkers are bad; China hates monkeys; Google can't translate rules judge; Smart water bottles are back. Show notes at
01:11:04 6/18/2018
Scooters spreading; Sherlock, hero; RIP Bourdain; browser swapping; streaming scandals; Facebook data trending; declining crypto-crap; Buzzfeed pivots; Apple WWDC; Riverhead holo-phones; VR doilies; revisionist memories; Scalzi; an incomplete list of bunk. Show notes at
01:12:30 6/10/2018
Really bad pizza; Pinterest; teens abandoning Facebook, really; Expanse, saved; 5 types of Alexa users; Jet-black; Common Sense; Roseanne's Twitter; Letterman; Evil Genius; the Americans; Goldfrapp & Gorillaz; the Bleak State; Google's Do A Little Bit of Evil, Solo! Show notes at
01:07:30 6/4/2018

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