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The Federal Newscast is a daily compilation of the stories Federal News Radio Producer Eric White reads on Federal Drive with Tom Temin. Listen to the newscast or read the stories each weekday morning on FederalNewsRadio.com.


Hackers successfully steal hundreds of government credit card numbers

In today's Federal Newscast, the Defense Department says malicious hackers managed to steal the credit card numbers of several hundred people who'd been issued government travel cards.
00:04:20 3/15/2018

Past Episodes

In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wants to know what Defense Secretary James Mattis is doing to address Pentagon waste and high contractor pay.
00:05:02 3/14/2018
In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) says Gina Haspell will have to explain her involvement in the CIA's enhanced interrogation program before he'll vote for her confirmation.
00:04:47 3/13/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, the Government Accountability Office polled nine acting inspectors general and their staffs to find out how operations are effected by not having a permanent IG in place.
00:04:25 3/12/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, three agencies are working on a spacecraft that could destroy an asteroid with a nuclear weapon.
00:03:58 3/11/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, 24 agencies plan to consolidate their office space in the coming years according to the Government Accountability Office.
00:04:14 3/8/2018
In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, the Office of Special Counsel updates its its guidance regarding when federal employees' use of social media violates the Hatch Act.
00:04:21 3/7/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, 18 members of the NBIB will travel to Hill Air Force Base in March to help with the backlog of pending security clearances.
00:05:02 3/6/2018
In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee would like Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to explain why he decided to nix an idea to have the Postal Service work with the Census Bureau.
00:04:55 3/5/2018
In today's Federal Newscast, a new policy from the National Science Foundation will require grant recipients to report the findings of any sexual harassment investigation against a researcher.
00:03:55 3/4/2018
In today's Federal Newscast on Federal News Radio, Rep. Ted Budd's (R-N.C.) Essential Act of 2018 would require agencies to submit a list of all employees deemed non-essential during a government shutdown to the Office of Management and Budget.
00:04:54 3/1/2018

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