What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 298 - Making some noise for your business to stand out - Ken Schmidt

Ken Schmidt, former director of communications at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, discusses his new book, Make Some Noise, and unique philosophy to making sure your branding and marketing stand out from the competition.

What's Working in Washington
00:11:35 1/6/2019

Past Episodes

Adam Roberts, executive director of Bethesda Green, discusses the ways that companies like his are building environmentally sound and sustainable communities, and the responsibilities businesses have to care for their surroundings.
00:10:00 2/17/2019
Karen McCord, CEO of Breezio, discusses how her company provides a service to connect communities, creating bases of knowledge for companies to keep engagement strong and cut out spam.
00:07:57 2/14/2019
Whit Fulton, CEO of ConnectDER, discusses how his company and their product works to shift the electrical power industry towards cleaner, smaller, and better alternatives on distributed networks.
00:09:34 2/12/2019
Libby Wuller, director of external engagement at Quorum, discusses how her company develops a suite of tools to help corporations, nonprofits, and associations influence and engage with government more effectively.
00:10:02 2/10/2019
Kathleen Day, experienced business journalist and professor, discusses her new book on the history of financial crises, Broken Bargain, and how the economy could once again take a sharp downturn without careful planning.
00:13:34 2/5/2019
Bob Gourley and Matt Devost, co-founders of tech research and advisory firm OODA, discuss the rise of machine learning and A.I., and how their national security background and the D.C. region give them a distinct insight into the new technologies.
00:15:22 2/3/2019
Anil Karmel, CEO of C2 Labs, discusses how some of the modern regulations for cyber and information security might be needlessly restrictive, and how a new approach to such regulations could speed up innovation while preserving consumer safety.
00:08:46 1/31/2019
To understand more about the groups that are working together to spur digital literacy and tech knowledge in under-served communities, we spoke with Derrick Washington, part of the leadership at educational nonprofit Byte Back.
00:08:34 1/29/2019
Tripp Donnelly, CEO and founder of REQ, discusses how businesses need to have a real grasp on how they're seen on the internet. If you're not actively working on your digital brand, you're letting everyone else do it for you.
00:12:11 1/27/2019
On this EXTRA episode, to understand what many tech companies are doing to change their internal culture for the better, and whether it's enough to stave off regulations, we spoke with Mark Walsh, serial entrepreneur and investor; Ally Schweitzer, reporter at WAMU 88.5; and Stewart Verdery, CEO of Monument Policy Group.
00:28:04 1/20/2019

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