The Danny Picard Show

I was on the field before game 4 of the World Series in Los Angeles, so I decided to record a podcast featuring special guests Buck Martinez, Butch Stearns, and Lou Merloni.

The Danny Picard Show
00:28:58 10/27/2018

Past Episodes

On Thursday's podcast, Danny Picard opened the show with reaction to Mike Trout's $430 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels, and discussed what he believes would be a fair contract for both Mookie Betts and the Boston Red Sox. Plus, Danny shared his thoughts on the Boston Celtics losing to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, and explained why he actually enjoyed Marcus Smart's push on Joel Embiid, even though it might have cost the C's the game.
00:54:01 3/21/2019
On Monday's podcast, I reacted to the Conor McGregor lovefest in Boston during St. Patrick's Day weekend, while looking ahead to what McGregor's future holds. Is he heading to the WWE? And if so, who would his WrestleMania opponent be next year? Plus, I shared some thoughts on Duke being the favorite to win the NCAA Tournament, the New England Patriots' next offensive free-agent target, and Isaiah Thomas returning to the TD Garden.
00:58:42 3/18/2019
On Thursday's podcast, I opened the show reacting to some of the biggest NFL offseason moves so far, including Odell Beckham Jr getting traded to the Cleveland Browns. Plus, I explained why I once again trust Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots to make the correct free agent decisions (23:02). Also, I had a strong response to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith (42:34), who recently claimed that Boston sports fans "prefer their superstar to be white." And I closed out the podcast explaining how I know that Major League Baseball listens to "The Danny Picard Show." (1:05:14)
01:18:44 3/14/2019
On Monday's podcast, I opened the show discussing all of the NFL moves that were made over the weekend, including Antonio Brown being traded to the Oakland Raiders. Also, I shared some thoughts on the Celtics' successful West Coast trip while analyzing the plane ride that they say changed the season (29:46). Plus, I doubled down on Kyrie Irving going to the Lakers this summer as a free agent (47:53). And I closed out the show with reaction to Major League Baseball's absurd rule changes that they'll be testing out this year (56:42), and gave a review of WWE's FastLane PPV from Sunday night while looking ahead to WrestleMania (1:13:05).
01:35:13 3/11/2019
On Thursday's podcast, I reacted to Tom Brady's latest instagram post that was directed towards Odell Beckham Jr, and wondered what it all means (26:45). Plus, I opened the show with some thoughts on the Boston Celtics winning in Golden State and in Sacramento. And I closed out the show discussing Steven Wright's PED suspension and how it could be linked to a potential Red Sox trade (48:56).
00:59:17 3/7/2019
On Tuesday's podcast, I opened the show reacting to yet another Kyrie Irving soundbite that will drive you mad. So I had a message for him before Tuesday night's Celtics game in Golden State: HEY KYRIE, NOBODY FEELS BAD FOR YOU. Plus, I reacted to Bryce Harper's new $330 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, and more.
00:57:41 3/5/2019
On Thursday's podcast, I closed out the show reacting to the Boston Bruins' moves before Monday's trade deadline, and how I'm disappointed they didn't end up acquiring Wayne Simmonds from Philadelphia (36:10). Also, I opened the show discussing Kyler Murray's future as an NFL quarterback, or quite possibly as a Major League Baseball player. And somewhere in the middle of it all I shared my thoughts on where Nick Foles will end up, and where the Boston Celtics currently rank on my panic meter.
00:55:10 2/28/2019
On Monday's podcast, I opened the show with reaction to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft being charged with solicitation of prostitution. Plus, I explained why the Boston Bruins should trade for Wayne Simmonds. And I actually praised the Boston Celtics for not making headlines with their postgame comments following a brutal loss to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday. Also, I questioned whether Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski hinted towards trading for a reliever.
00:52:16 2/25/2019
On Thursday's podcast, I opened the show with my reaction to Kyrie Irving's 1-on-1 interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols and his response to the KD video. Plus, I shared some thoughts on the Boston Bruins trading Ryan Donato for Charlie Coyle (43:20). And I explained why the Boston Red Sox should pay Chris Sale right now, while revealing the specifics of the contract offer I would extend to him before the regular season begins (52:14).
01:13:32 2/21/2019
On Monday's podcast, I reacted to some of the top story lines from NBA All Star weekend, including Kyrie Irving's possible attempt to convince Kevin Durant to leave Golden State and join the Boston Celtics this summer. And I closed out the show with my thoughts on WWE Elimination Chamber and DX going into the WWE Hall of Fame (29:43).
00:45:48 2/18/2019

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