Jason & Alexis

Melissa McCarthy and a hilarious cast share screen time with puppets in The Happytime Murders in theaters on Friday. What are the joys and challenges of acting with puppets and will she let her kids see it?

Jason & Alexis
00:00:00 8/21/2018

Past Episodes

Adult ADHD talk; Dirt alert with Elizabeth; What kind of TV watcher are you? Jason opens his own biscuit business
00:43:53 9/19/2019
Alexis' baby is a grapefruit; Jason saw Downton Abbey Movie; Second Chance Romance
00:40:05 9/19/2019
Overnight update and baby update; Dawn's great soup experience; Taylor is still talking about Kanye? Wendy talks shade about The Real and they clap back
00:37:50 9/19/2019
Courtney hasn't dated in years so when Rick came to install her new kitchen countertops and they clicked, she asked him out on a date. They went on one date and she said they had a great time. She texted him a couple times to set up a second date, but she's just hearing crickets back. What's going on? We asked Rick.
00:00:00 9/18/2019
Alexis reads your sticks; Dirt alert with Dawn; NeNe Leaks and Wendy Williams; Jeff Lewis gets his daughter kicked out of preschool
00:40:45 9/18/2019
Week of manliness; Whitney Houston hologram tour; Angel's latest yard sale tips; Would You Rather; Celine Dion's new songs (sorry edited out)
00:41:55 9/18/2019
Life is good, bull semen explosion is a bad day; E Coli out break at the Fair; Alex Trebek update; Pirates pitcher Felipe Vasquez arrested;
00:38:43 9/18/2019
Alexis gives us a list that makes us super old; Dirt alert with Dawn; Mind Melding; Early Christmas decorations
00:40:36 9/17/2019
Marianne from Brooklyn calls in on her birthday; Dancing with the stars premiere; Pop up theatre; Michael Strahan fights over horseback riding?
00:39:37 9/17/2019
Alexis' Mom is here visiting; Do you like living alone? Martial arts for Jason; SNL fires new cast member; Jonas Brothers debacle from years ago
00:43:27 9/17/2019

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