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On Thursday's podcast, I reacted to Kyrie Irving's latest comments about his current contract with the Boston Celtics, and I explained why I actually wouldn't be shocked if Irving was traded this summer. All I'm saying is, keep an eye on the New York Knicks.

00:55:33 6/14/2018

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On Thursday's podcast, we picked up the slack for the Boston Red Sox after they dropped the ball on "WWE Night at Fenway" on Wednesday night, by giving you a special edition of "Pic's Picks: Top 10 WWE entrance songs of all time." Plus, I reacted to David Price continuing to talk to the media, Papa John being a racist, and Isaiah Thomas wanting a one-year deal with the Celtics.
00:58:06 7/12/2018
On Monday's podcast, after being out all last week for personal reasons, I had to drag producer Pete Needham back into the studio to help me get through the show, in which I reacted to LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kawhi Leonard still in San Antonio, Demarcus Cousins to Golden State, John Tavares to Toronto, David Price struggling, Brock Lesnar returning to UFC, and much more.
00:48:20 7/9/2018
On Thursday's podcast, I reacted to reports that the Boston Celtics are still trying to trade for Kawhi Leonard, while explaining that Danny Ainge must know something about Leonard's interest in playing in Boston that we don't. Plus, I shared my thoughts on Jameis Winston's three-game suspension, the Bruins waiting on John Tavares' decision, and David Price's latest postgame weirdness.
00:39:04 6/28/2018
On Monday's podcast, I opened the show revealing some details on my new video-game show "Pic-up Ya Sticks" on YouTube, while ranting about companies stealing my ideas. I also reacted to the latest Hanley Ramirez reports, while explaining why I feel there's still a missing piece to the puzzle. I also shared some thoughts on the NBA Draft, LeBron James, the Bruins being considered by big-name free agents, and Julian Edelman's appeal of his four-game PED suspension.
00:55:33 6/25/2018
On Thursday's podcast, I shared my thoughts on the NBA Draft and some blockbuster trades that haven't been made yet. I also explained why I keep talking myself into Kawhi Leonard being a great fit for the Celtics. And I reacted to Tom Brady's latest cryptic use of instagram, David Price mocking those who think he's stopped playing video games, and the Bruins' interest in Ilya Kovalchuk.
00:55:33 6/21/2018
On Monday's podcast, I admittedly put on my fantasy GM cap and considered the possibility of the Boston Celtics acquiring both Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James this summer. With the NBA Draft on Thursday, the rumors surrounding both players will certainly be swirling, and the Celtics will undoubtedly be involved in those rumors in some capacity. But what would it take for Danny Ainge to land both players? Plus, I shared some thoughts on the US Open, the World Cup, and closed out the show praising WWE's "Money in the Bank" PPV.
00:55:33 6/18/2018
On Monday's podcast, I reacted to all the latest drama surrounding the New England Patriots, including Julian Edelman testing positive for PEDs. I also explained why it's OK to question Alex Guerrero and the TB12 Center now that Edelman has been suspended four games for that PED violation. I also shared some thoughts on the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Title, the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, Kenny Omega winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and CM Punk getting demolished at UFC 225.
01:16:44 6/11/2018
On Thursday's podcast, I explained why I want LeBron James to end up with the Celtics this summer if he opts out of his deal with the Cavaliers. I reacted to Stephen A. Smith's report that LeBron will have a discussion with the Celtics in the offseason, and I've convinced myself that the idea of LeBron in Boston isn't as crazy as some might think, even if Kyrie Irving stays. Plus, I closed out the show with some thoughts on this weekend's UFC 225, that will see CM Punk back in the octagon.
00:55:33 6/7/2018
On Monday's podcast, I reacted to the Golden State Warriors taking a 2-0 series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Plus, I expressed my amazement for how the national sports media has completely ignored the latest twist in the Peyton Manning "HGH" story. And I shared some thoughts on the Boston Red Sox and their current injury situation after splitting a four-game series in Houston over the weekend.
01:01:23 6/4/2018
On Thursday's podcast, I returned from vacation to preview the NBA Finals, while reminding everybody to stop counting out LeBron James. Plus, I reacted to the Boston Celtics' season coming to an end, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski missing OTAs, the NFL's new national anthem policy, and The Ringer's report on Bryan Colangelo and his anonymous twitter accounts. And I closed out the show wondering if releasing Hanley Ramirez was the right move for the Red Sox.
01:05:57 5/31/2018

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