PFF Fantasy Football Podcast with Jeff Ratcliffe

Jeff Ratcliffe breaks down the fantasy football implications of Jordan Howard being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, including Howard's fit in the offense and where to value him in fantasy drafts. Jeff also discusses Isaiah Crowell landing with the Raiders, Kerryon Johnson's workload being limited, the chance Josh Rosen is traded, the Titans basing the offense around Derrick Henry, and why we shouldn't expect Chris Godwin to get close to 100 catches.

PFF Fantasy Football Podcast with Jeff Ratcliffe
00:32:30 3/29/2019

Past Episodes

Jeff Ratcliffe welcomes to the show Mike Clay of ESPN to talk about fantasy football projections. Jeff and Mike chat about Mike's start in the industry and his days with PFF Fantasy and then dive into some things people might not realize about the process of putting together fantasy football projections. Jeff then pick's Mike's brain on Baker Mayfield's 2019 fantasy outlook, what he expects for Kyler Murray in Year 1, what he's doing with Melvin Gordon, reasoning on why we may not want to go all in on Damien Williams, and his expectations for the Eagles backfield.
00:28:16 7/18/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe kicks off today's show with his thoughts on the recent news that Ezekiel Elliott could hold out into training camp and that the Titans could ride Derrick Henry this season. Jeff then dives into his tight end draft strategy, telling you exactly how he's attacking the position in 2019 fantasy football drafts. Topics include: where you can expect Travis Kelce to be drafted, why you don't need to draft one of the first three tight ends this year, when to target your tight end on draft day, which tight ends to draft in the late rounds, and much more.
00:20:44 7/17/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe kicks off today's show with some thoughts on why using rankings can actually limit you in your fantasy football drafts. He then dives into wide receivers and breaks down his rankings, tiers, and strategy for the position in 2019. Topics include: why DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams are alone in the top tier, how you can draft running backs early and still get strong wide recievers, what to do with Tyreek Hill, breakout candidates, unsexy value picks, middle-round options with upside, late-round targets and much more.
00:25:06 7/15/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe breaks down his thoughts on how to attack running back in 2019 fantasy football drafts. Topics include: the Big-4 top-tier running backs, what to do about a potential holdout from Melvin Gordon, when should you draft running backs early in your drafts, upside running backs to target, running backs to avoid due to risk, premium handcuff options, late-round targets, and much more.
00:25:04 7/12/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe takes a deep into the quarterback position on today's show and gives you his thoughts on draft strategy in 2019 fantasy football drafts including when you should be looking to pick your quarterbacks on draft day. Jeff then dives into his rankings and breaks quarterbacks down into tiers with some thoughts on why you shouldn't use rankings when you draft. Jeff then rounds out the show with some tips on when you should look to draft quarterbacks in your 2QB leagues.
00:25:04 7/10/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe discusses the significance of goal line carries on fantasy football production from running backs and breaks down the numbers you need to know from last season, including what Melvin Gordon's limited usage in the red zone could mean for his 2019 fantasy outlook. Jeff also checks in on the very unique fantasy format in the Scott Fish Bowl and talks a little about his draft strategy.
00:25:04 7/8/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe kicks off today's show with some thoughts on one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your fantasy football drafts. He then dives into a one-man mock draft of the first round of a 12-team PPR draft. Jeff goes pick-by-pick and tells you not only who he'd pick in each spot, but the reasoning behind each player. The mock takes some interesting turns that you might not expect, but could see happen in 2019 fantasy football drafts.
00:25:01 7/5/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe previews the AFC West with the biggest fantasy football storylines, questions, and information you need to know for 2019. Topics include: Royce Freeman offers value at running back, how to value Damien Williams in your drafts, what to do with Tyreek Hill this year, Philip Rivers is as steady as they come, Mike Williams poised to break out, Derek Carr gets a major upgrade in his receiver corps, Josh Jacobs' outlook in his rookie season, and much more.
00:18:32 7/3/2019
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00:01:54 7/2/2019
Jeff Ratcliffe previews the NFC West with the biggest fantasy football storylines, questions, and information you need to know for 2019. Topics include: excitement and unknowns in Arizona with Kliff Kingsburry and Kyler Murray in house, the fantasy 180 on David Johnson, what's going on with Todd Gurley, all three Rams WRs are top-25 options, which 49ers back to go with in fantasy, Dante Pettis poised to break out, an interesting gambling line on Chris Carson, why you should look to get Russell Wilson at a value, and much more.
00:23:40 7/1/2019

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