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Episode 50: Edward Gero in 'The Originalist,' The Inn at Little Washington's Patrick O'Connell, and 'Cabaret's' Jon Peterson

If you think D.C. is all politics and traffic, think again. Each week, Capital Culture explores food, culture, lifestyle and entertainment in the nation's capital - and beyond - with WTOP's Rachel Nania and Jason Fraley.

00:36:00 7/21/2017

Past Episodes

On the 100th episode, Jason talks to the cast and director of "The Wife." Rachel dives into a new event that's good for the body and the mind.
00:28:10 9/13/2018
Two D.C-based female creatives come into the studio to discuss their new and inspiring works.
00:34:05 9/6/2018
Actor and musician Jeff Daniels, plus 'Gilmore Girls' star Keiko Agena
00:24:24 8/16/2018
Actor Gavin Gregory of 'The Color Purple' and Patrick O'Connell's 'Innstock' food and music festival
00:25:14 8/9/2018
The Meatball Shop co-founder Daniel Holzman, plus comedian and podcaster Dennis Miller
00:27:39 8/2/2018
Saying 'so long' to the iconic summer punk tour, and learning Finland's secrets to mental and physical health.
00:21:30 7/26/2018
Inside the 'Titanic: The Untold Story' exhibit at the National Geographic Museum, plus the history of food with Daniel Stone, author of 'The Food Explorer.'
00:22:42 7/19/2018
Comedy and the history of wine. What's better?
00:29:00 7/12/2018
Hollywood special effects master Douglas Trumbull, plus CNN anchor and author Alisyn Camerota
00:38:00 7/5/2018
Horton's Kids Executive Director Robin Berkley, plus documentary film producer Nicholas Ma
00:26:00 6/21/2018

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