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The LadyGang answers a listeners question about her relationship.

00:02:34 8/15/2017

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Hear what it was like for Joss Mooney to do 2 reality shows with his exes, and lots of alcohol.
00:01:40 3/20/2018
Hear what it was like to watch back her relationship with Rob, and about her new Vegas life.
00:01:15 3/20/2018
Is this really Rob's first time sitting courtside? Plus, Sarah shares her theory on why Kevin Hart always sits courtside.
00:00:55 3/1/2018
Hear Spencer's theory on the real reason Kylie Jenner didn't "snap" during her pregnancy, and what he would do if he were Snapchat's CEO.
00:01:45 2/28/2018
Hear how WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon thinks Ronda Rousey has contributed to the rise of women in sports, and what she's already learned about Ronda's work ethic since signing her to the WWE roster.
00:01:30 2/26/2018
Screenwriter Gabriel Mizrahi reveals why uncertainty is a constant in life, and how to become better within that instability.
00:01:50 2/20/2018
You'd never go hungry if you know how to use a knife - plus, how it helps in a survival situation.
00:01:00 2/20/2018
Traveling 50 miles north from the Olympics home base, Jim and Tim visit one of the most dangerous strips of land in the world, and describe what they saw.
00:01:30 2/19/2018
Elegant rice balls. Wine. What else? Michelle and Matt talk each course they'd serve the legendary Mariah Carey.
00:01:55 2/8/2018
Hear the differing opinions of Heidi, Spencer and Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens on what to say in front of the reality tv cameras... and what not to say.
00:01:25 2/7/2018


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