The Jordan Harbinger Show

244: Rob Reid | Synthetic Biology for Medicine and Murder

Rob Reid (@Rob_Reid) is a tech entrepreneur, early-stage tech investor, author of After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley, and host of the After On Podcast.

What We Discuss with Rob Reid:

  • The potential for synthetic biology to be leveraged by nihilistic mass murderers to wipe out millions.
  • The potential for synthetic biology to be leveraged by altruistic medical pioneers to save millions.
  • What CRISPR is and how its eventual availability to hobbyists may ensure there's a mad scientist on every block.
  • Why the future of synthetic biology may be exponentially more dangerous to humanity than the nuclear proliferation of the Cold War.
  • What we can start doing now to prepare for this future and minimize its risks while reaping its rewards. 
  • And much more...

Full show notes and resources can be found here:

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