Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie on SKOR North

Lou Nanne joins to talk about Super Bowl week and the Wild, we try to get to the bottom of Judd's disinterest in the Olympics, and we share Stuff You Should Know About.

Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie on SKOR North
00:00:00 2/7/2018

Past Episodes

8/16/19 Hour 1

  • Can the Twins keep slugging their way to the AL Central title?
  • FCC is issuing fines for the EAS Test misuse... Are we in trouble because of the Ramie Trade Alert System
  • Matthew Coller joins to talk FOOTBALL
00:58:00 8/15/2019

8/16/19 Hour 2

  • Write That Down
  • Bobby Carpenter had his own gross foot story
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:46:00 8/15/2019

8/15/19 Hour 1

  • What's gone wrong with the Twins defense?
  • The show devolves into a gambling discussion
  • Judd's still irritated about the Little League World Series being on ESPN every year
00:00:00 8/14/2019

8/15/19 Hour 2

  • CRAM Session
  • Ramie is getting upset by some Twins pitchers' comments on a electronic strikezone
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:47:00 8/14/2019
Judd and Chip get back to their roots by talking about Vikings' dysfunction, or at least questionable decision making. In this case, it's the Vikings' move to add a kicker/punter to the mix during training camp instead of resolving this situation before training camp. The Conduits also talk about the roller-coaster ride the Twins and their fans will be on for the remainder of the summer and why Marwin Gonzalez is among their favorite athletes.
00:45:00 8/13/2019
*Has the opinion of the Twins changed after their win in the first game against the Brewers? *Judd still doesn't trust Miguel Sano at 3rd base in a playoff game. *The guys do an early Wrap with Reusse as Pat is doing a St. Paul double dipper with United and the Saints
00:00:00 8/13/2019
*Should there be concern over Jorge Polanco's recent play? *Antonio Brown explained away his frostbitten feet on Hard Knocks *In Other News: Stories from Brazil and India *Aaron Rodgers is now crying fake news?
00:00:00 8/13/2019

8/13/19 Hour 1

  • What is going to consitute a collapse by the Twins?
  • Roy Smalley joins to talk about the, now, second place Twins
  • Does Minnesota Sports Past have any bearing on Minnesota Sports Present?
00:56:00 8/12/2019
Judd and Declan breakdown the remaining general manager candidates for the Wild; as well as Bruce Boudreau's possible line combinations.
00:00:00 8/12/2019

8/13/19 Hour 2

  • The boys discuss Antonio Brown returning to Raiders camp and Magic Johnson's weird ranking formula
  • What makes a Minnesota Sports Fan
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:45:00 8/12/2019

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