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09/26/18 Hour 1 The first GL podcast guest, Dr Tom Combs on the opioid crisis and the threat of yet another Ebola outbreak.

Noted author Dr. Tom Combs became the very first guest on the GL podcast, he discussed the opioid crisis and the potential for another Ebola outbreak. Joe also discussed yet another Kavanaugh accuser, and gave an update on the Lake Minnetonka docking controversy.

Garage Logic
00:00:00 9/25/2018

Past Episodes

06/24 We clear up the podcast episode numbers. AOC says that the explosions at a Philadelphia oil refinery are the result of climate change. Bernie Sanders is going to forgive all college debt, and Mn Nice tweets.
01:16:31 6/23/2019
06/21 Alyssa Ahlgren with Alpha News Mn makes her first in studio appearance. Fresno CA lawmakers want to pay gang members not to shoot each other and Reusse live from Hazeltine, the site of the women's PGA championship.
01:26:10 6/20/2019
06/20 Joe began positive Thursday with a piece from WTOP in which the Supreme Court ruled a WW I memorial in the shape of a 40-foot-tall cross can continue to stand on public land. Joe also read a great email on the life of fallen officer John Hetlund of Racine, WI.
01:26:38 6/19/2019
06/19 The Mayor has a number of deep thoughts on the Garage Logic service road of life on the St Paul school board voting last night to drop James Monroe's name from two of it's buildings. A Minneapolis Park Board commissioner is floating an idea to add affordable housing for low-income residents at the pavilion site at Bde Maka Ska.
01:37:02 6/18/2019
06/18 Joe begins the show with another great D-day letter. The crew also has a little bee talk, controversy around the launch of the USS Minneapolis-St Paul, a trash artist in South Minneapolis, and of course the new foods at the Mn State Fair!!
01:44:40 6/17/2019
06/17 Joe takes issue with the detail of a Star Tribune story on the boathouse community in Winona. The Obamas travel to France, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.
01:35:18 6/16/2019
06/14 The CP questions the placement of Joe's flag at his house. An emergency call is placed to the Lake Detective to explain a recent DNR advisory on sunfish. Patrick also joins for his weekly segment on the conclusion of the NBA and NHL seasons, the U.S. open and of course the red-hot Mn Twins.
01:22:38 6/13/2019
06/13 WTOP in Washington D.C. launch a new podcast called "22 Hours: An American Nightmare" Joe spends a few minutes with the hosts Megan and Jack today. Rook and Reuvers try again to trip up the Mayor on Positive Thursday along with thoughts on Trump saying he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on opponents.
01:19:05 6/12/2019
06/12 An angry and emotional Jon Stewart demands Congress compensate 9/11 first responders. More on how we have become enslaved by those in the salon. We also this week's final edition of guitar news with Johnny Heidt.
01:31:06 6/11/2019
06/11 More thoughts from The Mayor on the Minneapolis Park Board forcing traffic to take detours off Minnehaha Parkway. Power washing the word black, the discovery behind the creation of a cities Chief Resiliency Officer, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.
01:25:18 6/10/2019

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