Divorce Sucks with Laura Wasser

Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser answers questions, shares anecdotes and chats with opinionated men and women, innovative thought-leaders and celebrities about breaking up, getting divorced and moving on.

There's no way around it...divorce sucks...but it doesn 't have to be that way! 



Divorce Sucks! With Attorney Stacy Feinberg, Esq.

This week Laura and fellow Family Law Attorney Stacy Feinberg sit down to discuss Stacy's stand up comedy, court house parking, and when you might need to hire an attorney. The two attorneys discuss what to expect when you're getting divorced and some of the ways spouses can save money when dissolving their marriages. On the Sunny Side Up Report, Laura and Johnnie thank millennials for driving down the divorce rate, but how long will it last? LEESA - Go to Leesa.com/Laura for up to $235 off!
01:08:00 10/15/2018

Past Episodes

This week Laura invites two therapists into the studio to get their perspectives on breaking up. Listen in as they discuss the psychology of a break up and learn how to protect your self-esteem before, during and after a divorce. LMFTs Bree Callaham and Jamie Dewitt also share tips to maintain your mental health while navigating a break up, and Laura gets them to reveal what propelled them to become therapists in the first place. On the Sunny Side Up Report, Johnnie tells Laura about the Dine-n-Dash Dater and they discuss the break up headlines of the day, including the most common personality traits that lead to divorce. LEESA - Go to Leesa.com/Laura for up to $235 off!
00:58:00 10/8/2018
This week Laura sits down with the Honorable Jill S. Robbins, one of the most sought after private judges in Los Angeles. The two legal professionals discuss the pros and cons of litigating a divorce versus mediation, and doing your divorce online. they . Judge Robbins reveals the challenges she's faced making the most equitable decisions for everyone involved, including the one time she had to award full custody to one parent because the other was abusing substances. At the top of this episode Laura and Johnnie review the divorce news of the day.
01:04:00 10/1/2018
This week sees the debut of the Sunny Side Up Report with Laura and it's over easy's Chief Content Officer Johnnie Raines delivering the latest from social media and the ioe insights blog. Then Professional Certified Coach and Business consultant for Female Entrepreneurs Joy Chudacoff joins the podcast to bring her own brand of moxie and advice for women who want to start their own businesses after a break up. Joy and Laura share advice and their tips for success that you can use to avoid self sabotage in emotional situations. Green Chef - Go to GreenChef.us/divorce for $50 off your first box
00:47:00 9/24/2018

This week Laura sits down with matriarch and "momager" of the Kardashian family Kris Jenner! Join in as they discuss co parenting after a divorce, love/hate relationships with social media, and how best to support your children through their own divorce. 

00:42:00 9/17/2018
Recorded on location in New York City, Laura introduces us to some of the professionals curated and chosen for the it's over easy provider directory - The List. The List includes affordable, bespoke professionals all of whom have been background checked and who provide services from A to Z which help individuals before, during or after a divorce or a break up.

In today's podcast, you'll meet a few of the professionals we work with on the East Coast, including well-respected New York City Realtor, Katherine Gauthier, who describes what you need to know in Manhattan when it comes to moving out of your marital property and finding a new place to reside.

Laura's professional colleagues in New York also explain Family Law terms in this episode and she introduces us to an excellent personal trainer who specializes in post breakup fitness and mind and body wellness.
00:05:22 8/1/2018
Divorce Sucks, but that doesn't mean you can't laugh at it...or find the humor in your situation. It's all about perspective. Celebrity Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser is the founder and CEO of it's over easy, the one stop total divorce and break up resource online. Today, she sits down with Fashion Marketing Executive, Author and former Relationship Columnist for Elle.com Shawn Gold (@shawngold) to talk about the importance of laughter in a relationship. They discuss open relationships, bong hits on the phone with your attorney, idiosyncratic masturbatory syndrome and sex inside of marriage.

Original music by @doublevisionprojects - thank you Mark & Cat!
00:43:45 6/30/2018
Divorce Sucks...and it's been that way the beginning of time. In this episode you'll meet the esteemed Lawyer, Dennis Wasser, Esq. who is one of the most respected and experienced Family Law Attorneys in the world. In addition to being the father of it's over easy founder & C.E.O. Laura Wasser, Mr. Wasser is the only Family Lawyer to be inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers and he has been dubbed a "Super Lawyer" every year since 2004 by Thomson Reuters.

Mr. Wasser and daughter Laura rip back the curtain today to reveal the inner workings of the Family Courts. From prenuptial agreements to the myth of "common law marriages," listen to tips that everyone--from husbands + wives, husbands + husbands, to wives + wives--can use as they prepare for, or go through a divorce. For coparents in the audience, you'll also hear tried and true methods to save your children present and future anguish related to your divorce.

If you have questions, direct them to us via Instagram or Facebook @itsovereasy. In today's episode we answer questions from social media about emotions, divorce and how to have your marriage annulled. Your question may be featured on a future podcast.

Happy Father's Day!
00:38:53 6/1/2018
Divorces Sucks in NYC! From the NASDAQ billboard in Manhattan's Times Square, to the golden shores of the California coast and everywhere in between, the news is out?online divorce is available now. In today's episode of Divorce Sucks!, [**it's over easy**](https://www.itsovereasy.com/) founder and Family Law attorney Laura Wasser steps into The Wing in SoHo to school New Yorkers on prenuptial agreements, break ups and "starter marriages." While at the all-female co-working space, there's even talk of a penis being sucked off by a vacuum cleaner.
00:50:48 4/30/2018
**Divorce Sucks! Our First Podcast:** Laura brings together a diverse group of singles and couples for a lively conversation at The Bumble Hive pop up in Los Angeles about mind, body and financial wellness before, during and after a break up. She is joined by an outspoken group of female entrepreneurs, each with a specific expertise, who share proprietary tips and tricks so that you can thrive as you mend your broken heart.
01:00:00 4/2/2018
Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser, founder of it's over easy the online divorce website, answers questions, shares anecdotes and chats with opinionated people, innovative thought-leaders and celebrities about breaking up, getting divorced and moving on!
00:01:00 3/29/2018

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