Daves of Thunder

Dave Dameshek and his pal David Feeney ARE BACK to bring their brand of hooey & applesauce to the world. Where Murtaugh and Riggs left off, Dameshek and Feeney begin. When these two get together, NO subject is off-limits (except for some subjects)!


Episode LXXXV

The Daves get together for dinner at one of their favorite Italian restaurants. They share memories of their first years living in Los Angeles and reminisce about past lovers. The guys also talk about relationship etiquette and reflect on their careers. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
01:35:00 11/9/2018

Past Episodes

The Daves celebrate Feeney's Red Sox big win in the World Series, take a call from an absent Li'l Donovan and go over another classic movie scene in a new installment of David Feeney's Master Class. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Go to BetDSI.com and use code Thunder101 Remember to keep things Interesante with Dos Equis Get $20 off your first order & free bacon in your first box by going to ButcherBox.com and use the discount code DAVES at checkout
01:12:00 10/31/2018
The Daves go on another twister. Email us: DavesOfThunderPodcast@gmail.com Leave a Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 DavesOfThunder.com
01:05:00 10/24/2018
Shek is spooked after a mysterious sighting, which leads the Daves to talk about the afterlife. The guys also take a call from Mo Dameshek about Thanksgiving plans and a new bit Feeney is proposing. Later, they recall some old Halloween costumes and listen to some voicemails. Email us: DavesOfThunderPodcast@gmail.com Leave a Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 DavesOfThunder.com
01:10:00 10/18/2018
The Daves open the show as Feeny's Red Sox face off with the Yankees in the ALDS and Feeney fears the worst. Once the game ends the guys turn to some listener voicemails and hear another round of poetry from Lee Dameshek before breaking down a legendary scene from the classic film 'Road House'.
01:12:00 10/10/2018
Shek is having trouble sleeping. He and Feeney then talk about some of the movies they've been watching late at night. Later, the Daves try out a new producer and hear from Lee Dameshek. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
01:10:00 10/3/2018
Dameshek gets in the car with Birdbath Gary and a sick Donovan to search for David Feeney.
00:24:00 9/27/2018
Shek and Feeney give their thoughts on what they think is the funniest show of all time. The Daves also get some voicemails and hear more show ideas from Jacuzzi Cioffi. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
01:06:00 9/18/2018
Shek and Feeney recap another twister they threw at The Farmers Market last weekend. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
00:46:00 9/11/2018
The Daves set up a voicemail for the BTL's and monkeys to leave them messages. They also answer a few more listener questions before having Donovan and his girlfriend reenact their first date. Later, Shek and Feeney take a listen to another musical submission. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
00:52:00 9/9/2018
The Daves address the validity of Donovan's fight story by welcoming his girlfriend to the program to tell her side. Shek also challenges the guys to a Regular Guy decathlon before answering some listener questions in a new segment called 'Q and Daves.'
00:45:00 9/3/2018

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