Daves of Thunder

Dave Dameshek and his pal David Feeney ARE BACK to bring their brand of hooey & applesauce to the world. Where Murtaugh and Riggs left off, Dameshek and Feeney begin. When these two get together, NO subject is off-limits (except for some subjects)!


Episode LXXIX

Shek and Feeney give their thoughts on what they think is the funniest show of all time. The Daves also get some voicemails and hear more show ideas from Jacuzzi Cioffi. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
01:06:00 9/18/2018

Past Episodes

Shek and Feeney recap another twister they threw at The Farmers Market last weekend. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
00:46:00 9/11/2018
The Daves set up a voicemail for the BTL's and monkeys to leave them messages. They also answer a few more listener questions before having Donovan and his girlfriend reenact their first date. Later, Shek and Feeney take a listen to another musical submission. Voicemail: (812) 682-0044 Email: davesofthunderpodcast@gmail.com
00:52:00 9/9/2018
The Daves address the validity of Donovan's fight story by welcoming his girlfriend to the program to tell her side. Shek also challenges the guys to a Regular Guy decathlon before answering some listener questions in a new segment called 'Q and Daves.'
00:45:00 9/3/2018
The Daves kibitz about Mr. Belvedere, making love outside, and Shek's fondness for Pittsburgh. They also recall confrontations they've had at bars. Here comes the Kahuna!
01:18:00 8/27/2018
The Daves are back in studio. They discuss some of the magic from last week at the bus stop, including a few things that happened after the mics turned off. Shek and Feeney also welcome the return of Blaster Girl and reminisce about their respective prom nights. After a couple of listener-submitted songs, Feeney shares the final installment of his letter exchange with a restaurant in Rhode Island.
00:55:00 8/20/2018
The Daves find themselves recording at a Los Angeles bus stop due to a scheduling mistake by Donovan. Also, Shek presents Feeney with a birthday surprise.
00:50:00 8/13/2018
Shek and Feeney are back in studio to talk about Shek's experience acting on a network TV show. The guys also share some stories about their mother-in-laws and hear a few listener submitted Jacuzzi thoughts. Later, Feeney reads more actual letters he wrote to a Rhode Island restaurant.
01:05:00 8/6/2018
Shek reads some text messages he got over the weekend from an inebriated Feeney. The Daves also welcome the return of Donovan before going over emails with Blaster Girl and playing another round of Pick Your Poison. Later, Feeney shares an actual letter exchange he had with a Rhode Island restaurant.
01:05:00 7/30/2018
The Daves keep spinning right where they left off continuing to answer reddit questions from the fans, they also discuss reincarnation, hear a gem of a listener song and explore some drug names in a new game from the mind of Dave Dameshek
00:25:00 7/26/2018
The Daves return to the confines of the studio after spinning episode 70 out in the wild and they open the show discussing the varying opinions from the BTLs and Monkeys on the mobile episodes. A family member then returns to the fold with a shocking prepared statement related to their recent absence. After hearing a fan submitted song teased last week the guys turn to the Daves of Thunder subreddit and address some listener questions on topics ranging from what actors would portray the Daves in a movie adaptation of the show, what a typical work day looks like for each Dave, and more.
00:48:24 7/23/2018

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