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Episode 125: New Xbox and New Playstation In One Episode?

Hey, there is a new Xbox One coming out next month and Cliff has decided we should call it the Xbox One SADE, but pronounce SADE like the singer of Smooth Operator. Microsoft will be letting folks bundle Game Pass and Xbox Gold into a single package, which is a pretty good deal if you want to pay monthly. Sony announces a bunch of specs that might very well describe their next system, or maybe not! It's honestly anybody's guess at this point. Capcom is releasing a huge new arcade controller that also includes 16 games and you really need to see this monstrosity. The new trailer for the inelegantly titled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order looks really good (and Cliff's brother is probably going to make us do an extra podcast talking about all the things we don't know about Star Wars). And finally, there is a good reason to buy Days Gone at GameStop. Sorta. We also talked about Twitch Sings, Forza Street and Assassin's Creed Unity (they are all free!), plus new games hitting Game Pass this month. Also, Sony is not-so-shockingly in Troll Corner again. Finally, we decided that we are going start putting the full text of all the questions into our show notes so that people can start searching on our website to see if a question has already been asked, so here is the first set! Vinny: So after my 14 hour stream this weekend, I'm curious on what your longest time has been playing games consecutively (excluding Extra Life)? And what games did you play during that time, who with, and what made it different than any other gaming experiences you've had? (We got our awesome co-worker and soon to be Twitch employee Suelin to answer this one. Follow her on Twitch!) JoeColeslaw: What is the true and proper protocol for spoilers? Surely, video games and movies / TV shows are a bit different? Examples? Sure! During last week's podcast, you KINDLY didn't want to spoil The Twist of BioShock...yet you brought up the Thanos snap in casual conversation. I don't think trailers should be spoiler territory because it's only three minutes, but then again, some people avoid them for going in blind...thoughts? Mansocks: What is your favorite flavor of Icee / Slurpee? Also Mansocks: What is your favorite ride/attraction at Disneyland? ShadoughX: Do you think AAA developers stay away from early access because of the expectations as a AAA developer or because of negative stigma tied to its meaning? The industry is shifting to releasing titles unfinished, but should they should release these games as early access when they are not finished to avoid poor Metacritic scores poor working conditions, backlash, etc. Should developers use early access to their advantage when developing games, specifically open world 60+ hour games? AngelGrl: What board game would you like to see turned into a video game? what type would it be (rpg, fighter,ect)? And what aspects of the game do you think would translate best and worst? EddieSpaghetti: Round Two of This or That! Baked Mac & Cheese vs Oreos Adam vs Kratos Dylan vs Batman Cliff vs Soft Serve Ice Cream
01:41:29 4/18/2019

Past Episodes

Dylan is at the Happiest Place on Earth (well, next to Adam's studio anyway) and so it's just a duo today! Overwatch is going co-op again with the Storm Rising event, Super Meat Boy is missing it's launch date for a great reason, review bombing Borderlands just didn't work out, Apex cheaters are getting banned at a hardware level, Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are getting VR support, Twitter is making in-game dogs more pettable and Resident Evil 2 is letting you unlock rewards for real life money now. Plus, tons of great questions, cheap and free games and even some Small Bites! Chasing the Scream: Moral Combat:
01:28:03 4/11/2019
We are firmly on the Borderlands 3 bandwagon, talking release dates, new vault hunters, at least a billion different guns, which edition to buy (including one perfect for Adam) and whether the game will feature cross platform co-op. On top of all that, Borderlands, The Handsome Collection and Borderlands 2 VR are also all getting free updates! There was, of course, some non-Borderlands 3 news too. Best Buy listed some surprising (and not so surprising) games that we are hoping to see actually come out, the Sega Genesis Mine gets a release date and price, Valve doubles down on their commitment to fix Artifact, the Call of Duty swatter responsible for the death of an innocent bystander gets a hefty prison sentence, Civilization 6 has cross progression on the Switch and PC, and Vivox is making a Switch controller that will let you get rid of your squid adapter. Finally. We also answered questions from Vinny, Turndwn4wut, JoeColeslaw and Alan S and talked about a TON of free and cheap stuff you can pick up this month.
01:26:33 4/4/2019
Falcon Age [PS4, PSVR] - April 9 - $??? Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows [PC, iOS, Android] - April 9 - $49.99 Shovel Knight Showdown [PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch] - April 9 - $9.99 Table of Tales [PSVR] - April 16 - $??? Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster [Xbox, Switch] - April 16 - $49.99 My Time At Portia [PS4, Xbox, Switch] - April 16 - $39.99 World War Z [PC, PS4, Xbox] - April 16 - $39.99 Jupiter & Mars [PSVR] - April 22 - $ Mortal Kombat 11 [PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch] - April 23 - $59.99 SteamWorld Quest [Switch] - April 25 - $25 Days Gone [PS4] - April 26 - $59.99 Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age [Xbox, Switch] - April 30 - $49.99 Super Meat Boy Forever [PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch] - April TBA - $??? Dauntless (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox) - April TBA - FTP
00:34:27 4/1/2019
Buckle up folks, it's a long one! There are a ton of new games coming out for nearly every platform and I think they all got announced or got a release date this week! SteamWorld Quest, nine new PSVR games, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and eight new ID@Xbox games coming to Game Pass! EA laid off nearly 4% of their workforce (mainly folks in marketing, publishing and operations) and we want to wish them the best of luck finding new jobs. Sony is going to stop selling PS4 game codes at retail and that is bad news for Gamestop, No Man's Sky is getting a VR mode on PSVR and SteamVR plus a new social and multiplayer experience, Apple announced Apple Arcade their new game subscription service, Nintendo might be releasing two new versions of the Switch and The Philidelphia Fusion are going to be the first esports team to get their own arena in the US! We answer some great questions about video games and musical theater, the value of retro gaming, if the Switch is the future of consoles, how we'd save Gamestop, what quests we would lead hapless heroes on and a huge game of This or That! Xbox Games with Gold and Playstation Plus games have been announced and we chat about which ones to look out for, we are going to try to convince you to date a grasshopper in this week's Humble Bundle and Gwent is coming to your cell phone!
01:42:31 3/28/2019
We talk at length about Google Stadia, the new streaming platform that Google announced at GDC. We also talked about Lucasarts coming back (and then found out after the fact that it's probably not true, whoops!) Nintendo is releasing a TON of games on the Switch including a surprise Zelda game and Oculus revealed the Rift S. We answered a bunch of great questions (some about video games, some not) and dug into some great cheap and free games coming out in the last half of the month.
01:32:17 3/21/2019
Hans got to play the new Sterns Munsters Pinball, the Playstation Classic has been hovering around $40 for a while now (and might be worth that?), a guy found a NES Championship cart worth $15-20k in his attic, a very specific Super Mario Bros cartridge sold for $100k, new games are available on the Switch if you subscribe to Switch Online and Sega is asking for recommendations on games for the new Sega Mini. After the news we take a deep dive into Beat 'Em Ups from Kung Fu Master to Double Dragon to X-Men. There are so many amazing games in this genre just dripping with nostalgia! Finally, we answer some questions from Vinny, Turndown4what and JoeColeslaw!
01:10:05 3/18/2019
The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC (and Steam!), the OG version of Diablo is back and up on GOG, the Dead Cells DLC is coming out way sooner than we thought, Bioware is patching bugs and players are pissed, Devil May Cry 5 has a scene that is only censored on the PS4 and a couple of new Octopath games are in the pipeline. Plus we answer a bunch of great questions (some that are about breakfast), talk cheap and free games, look at a new Small Bites and throw Spiro in Troll Corner.
01:15:56 3/14/2019
It's another great week in podcastland! We talk about a fun writer reveal for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Days Gone effectively has two full length movies stuffed inside of it, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition might actually be a thing, Friday the 13th: The Game: The Switch Edition: Plus DLC is a thing (although we still aren't sure how), if you aren't playing Apex Legends or Fortnite what are you actually playing, Anthem is not very stable on the PS4 and RIP PS Vita. We also answer some great questions, talk Girl Scout cookies and go over a TON of cheap and free games.
01:26:38 3/7/2019
A bunch of new games coming out this month, enjoy! - Dead or Alive 6 [PC, PS4, Xbox] - March 1 - $60 - ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove [PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch] - March 1 - $19.99 - Devil May Cry 5 [PC, PS4, Xbox] - March 8 - $60 - Kirby's Epic Yarn [3DS] - March 8 - $40 - The Division 2 [PC, PS4, Xbox] - March 15 - $60 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice [PC, PS4, Xbox] - March 22 - $60 - Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ardyn DLC [PC, PS4, Xbox] - March 26 - $5? - Generation Zero [PC, PS4, Xbox] - March 26 - $40 - Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 4 "Take Us Back" [PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch] - March 26 - $20? - Final Fantasy VII [Xbox, Switch] - March 26 - $16 - Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered [PC, PS4, Xbox] - March 29 - $40 - Yoshi's Crafted World [Switch] - March 29 - $60
00:22:26 3/1/2019
It seems like it's been forever since the entire Byte Me Podcast team has all been in the same room together and so we let this one take as long as it needed to! We talked about the Pokemon Sword and Shield announcement, the new Detective Pikachu trailer, Dead Cells is getting free DLC this year, Kingdom Hearts is getting a board game, Anthem has a pretty solid 90 day plan, Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring (and being replaced by Bowser), Chex Quest HD has a new trailer, and Xbox games might be coming to both Windows 10 and the Switch! We answered some questions (and talked a lot about reviews), talked about a ton of cheap and free games, and even did a Small Bit and Troll Corner!
01:41:43 2/28/2019

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