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Episode 61: Lots of News and a Fun Quiz!

After a bit of a couple of slow news weeks, video game news is apparently back with a vengeance! Nintendo Labo was announced yesterday, you can play the JackBox games via Comcast now, Night in the Woods is coming to Switch and Mobile, Assassin's Creed: Origins and Final Fantasy XV get DLC dates, Xbox now has 100 Enhanced games now, Fortnite breaks 40 million players and 2 million concurrents and has a new map update, we talk about what publishers "owe" gamers when it comes to online servers and PS4 owners can now get a more Xbox like controller! Wow!

We answer a fun question from Vinny, take a fun quiz from Xtra and delve into the psyche of Mansocks.

We are also a Humble Bundle Partner now, so go buy some Humble games (but got to first!)
01:28:40 1/18/2018

Past Episodes

Adam is back! Yay!

We talk about how PUBG is making reporting cheaters easier and introducing some (potentially impossible to get) loot boxes that cost real money! HTC announces the Vive Pro, GeoForce Now Beta lands on PC, the Kinect is really dead this time, Battle Royale Trainer lets you practice your PUBG skills and pro Overwatch kicks off their first season!

With Adam back, we answer a couple of questions we've been pushing back, plus a ton of other questions from some of our favorite folks! Plus a great deal on Civ 6 in this month's Humble Bundle Monthly and the Xbox Dashboard in Troll Corner.
01:38:58 1/11/2018
We start off the show talking about video game addiction and stupid gamers being stupid, but the plow right into the 28 games we are most excited about in 2018! Have a listen and get ready to spend some money, this year is going to be a great one for gamers!

We also answer a couple of questions and talk cheap Humble Bundle games!
01:34:29 1/4/2018
Adam's gone (kidnapped by Santa Claus perhaps?) so Cliff and Dylan made a podcast! We do a bit of a dive into Fortnite and then answer questions from our fine, fine listeners!

We also debut next months Xbox Games with Gold and PS Plus games and a mobile game that Dylan is really loving.

Happy New Year!
01:26:33 12/27/2017
This episode is all about the GOTY. We each picked our favorite Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC games, plus our GOTY, plus our favorite game we played this year that wasn't released this year!

We also had some GOTY feedback from our Discord channel and answered a couple of questions.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday's from your friends at Byte Me!
01:37:14 12/21/2017
PUBG has finally released on the Xbox (and Miramar is on the test server), you can scratch your D&D itch with Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs, Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event gets underway, we were pretty excited about Hello Neighbor but apparently it's not great and The Game Awards happened with 15 new games teased!

We also talked video games and casseroles with questions from Vinny, Edsterturbo, Mansocks and Hijump, plus cheap & free games!
01:26:05 12/14/2017
After a couple weeks of drought, there was so much news this episode! Destiny 2 is changing their endgame and releasing their first DLC, there's a new Portal game coming out (sorta), we get the first look at the new PUBG map Miramar, Nintendo improves the JoyCon motion controls, The Division gets a huge new patch with tons of content, Hawaii Rep. Chris Lee wants to pass some laws regarding loot boxes and Capcom is making Mega Man 11! Wow!

We also talk to Vinny and Edsterturbo and talk cheap games from Playstation Plus and Humble Bundle!
01:13:49 12/7/2017
We talk what we bought on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the games nominated for the Video Game Awards, the weirdness with Destiny 2 leveling, Fornite is suing cheaters (including a 14-year-old) and soon you'll be able to get your chicken dinner to go (at least in China).

We answer some great questions from Vinny, Annie and JoeColeslaw, talk cheap/free games and complain about toxic gamers in Troll Corner!
01:33:30 11/30/2017
Since Thursday is Thanksgiving (at least in the US) we thought we'd release a day early so you could listen before you start stuffing yourself with turkey. But if that's not your thing, I say put it on when you are eating and expose the extended family to some Byte Me goodness!

This week we talked about Switch third-party games, a conspiracy theory about Battlefront 2 and EA, ask for just a little bit of critical thinking about things before we dogpile and a Minecon update!

We answered some great questions about video games (and pie), talked cheap & free games and even did a Small Bite!
01:31:31 11/22/2017
Byte Me Podcast turns one today, Happy Birthday to us!

To celebrate, we had some of our favorite listeners call in and ask us their questions directly, which was an amazingly good time! Thanks to Vinny, Kevin, Ryan, Vicky, Chalupa Dios, Josh and Carter!

We also want to thank every single one of you that listen every week, that send in questions, that talk to us on Facebook, Twitter and Discord, that game with us and that tell your friends to listen. Without all of you awesome people this podcast would just be three geeks talking into microphones, but with you, it's an amazing community.


Adam, Cliff and Dylan
01:17:26 11/16/2017

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