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Episode 74: God of War, King of Kong, Joycon Infomercials and Ewoks

God of War is getting amazing reviews (and there is a right and a wrong way to play it on the PS4), Billy "King of Kong" Mitchell got his high scores wiped, you might want to update your Joycons, Hellblade cleaned up the BAFTAs, Battlefront 2 is getting a fun sounding Ewok mode, Sea of Thieves has a update schedule planned, there might be a bunch of Sega games coming to the Switch and there is a new Castlevania game coming out...on iOS. We take a fun quiz from Vinny and answer questions from Jjames, Cpt Insano and JoeColeslaw!
01:10:31 4/19/2018

Past Episodes

Cliff just won't stop talking about Far Cry 5. It might be time for an intervention. We also talked about Fort Grenades in Fortnite, GTA IV is losing a bunch of songs, GTA V might be a bigger deal than you thought, Overwatch is getting a new (temporary) PvE mode, Boss Key's new game Radical Heights is 80's-tastic, Xbox is getting a bunch of great OG Xbox games via backward compatibility and Spyro is getting remastered! We answered a bunch of questions, found out about Dylan's fear of ketchup and chicken and talked about this month's Humble Bundle!
01:24:08 4/12/2018
Cliff and Adam are both playing Far Cry 5 and LOVING it. We talk a bunch about that, plus PUBG is getting rid of mouse and keyboard controls on consoles, there is a meteor (or comet?) in Fortnite, Assassin's Creed is getting killer control panel, Guacamelee 2 is coming "Soon-ish" and you can pick up the original right now for cheap, Shadow of War is ditching microtransactions, Bizzard is using AI to catch toxic players and a Pirate Legend has been born...sorta. Plus a ton of questions from Vinny, Colby, Miles, Cpt Insano6 (or Andrew from St. Louis if you prefer), Mansocks and Cliff? There are also a ton of cheap and free games out right now, you'll want to stay until the end!
01:24:13 4/5/2018
We all finally got some time with Sea of Thieves and we (shockingly) have a lot to say about it! We also talked about Microsoft's attempts to regulate content on the Xbox, how the Sea of Thieves devs are listening to feedback, Hellblades release date on the Xbox, Crossplay Hijinks with Randy Pitchford and Tim Sweeney and how you can play Red Dead on the PC (kinda). We also answered a ton of really fun questions this week from Vinny, Jon, Jjames, Ryan, Joe Coleslaw, Michael and Mansocks (in case you were wondering about our donut preferences. There are also some amazing cheap and free games available right now!
01:37:12 3/29/2018
We talk about so much booty in this episode. Ok, it's mostly just us talking about Sea of Thieves. Mostly. We also talk about the new Ghostbusters themes AR game, Spring 2018 releases, the new Vive Pro, the latest Nintendo Nindies announcement and Austin Wintory is doing a kickstarter!
01:23:16 3/22/2018
We are a little bit late this week, but with both Cliff and Adam sick it's been a bit challenging to get three people in a room together that can all talk without dying! Once we did though, we talked Fortnite and PUBG coming to mobile, about the huge dump of games coming to the Switch, Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets a release date, Byte Me favorite What Remains of Edith Finch is nominated for seven BAFTA awards, Skyrim is coming to Vive and Occulus and the Xbox is getting Freesync support! We answered a couple of questions from Vinny, Colby and Shadough X and went over the HUGE list of games you can get free from Twitch Prime for the next month!
01:05:38 3/15/2018
Scoop! We talk Kirby: Star Allies and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze after Cliff got to play both new Switch titles at ECCC! Also, it looks like Diablo could be coming to the Switch, there is an Inside Special Edition coming and it includes "something" made by sex toy manufacture Real Dolls, new DLC for The Fractured But Whole is coming this month, the ESA is meeting with President Trump about video game violence, Battlefield V (?) will have a new cool co-op mode, Rainbow Six Siege is cracking down on hate speech and thank goodness Mario is a plumber again! Plus great questions from Vinny, Joe Coleslaw, Mansocks and OptimistPrime and a bunch of cheap and free games!
01:29:00 3/7/2018
Cliff is back from Disneyland and ready to talk about games (even though he didn't play any last week.) Curious why Diablo 2 hasn't been remastered? The reason why might surprise you. Apparently Dylan's mashup game from last week actually exists...sorta. Fortnite goes "Solid Gold", a new horror game called Blackup Club was announced and it has quite the pedigree, Overwatch adds a new character on the PTR, PS 3 and Vita games get dropped from PS+ next year and the ESRB is going to start letting you know if a game has microtransactions (spoiler, they do). Plus a very meta question from Vinny, a throwback from Mansocks and two (yes, two!) questions from Optimist Prime. Find out what cheap and free games are available next month and a listen to a double entry in troll corner.
01:25:21 3/1/2018
Sorry about the late posting, got distracted by Disneyland stuff! Also, I have no idea what this episode is about, but I bet it's great!
01:19:39 2/22/2018
The folks at Rare dropped a TON of new information about Sea of Thieves and we talk about it all! Get the down low on how servers will be balanced, info about crew and ship size, character creation, ship customization, legendary mode, microtransactions and more! We also talked about the re-release of South Park: The Stick of Truth, Fortnight SMG changes and Rocket League IRL. We also had a ton of questions and talked about Disneyland just a little bit. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was featured in Small Bytes and Fortnite landed in Troll Corner!
01:26:19 2/15/2018
Pretty much the second we finished recording last week's episode Nintendo dropped a ton of news, so this week we are covering Mario Kart Mobile, Switch Online and the new Mario movie! Plus Fortnite gets a minigun and experimental weapon mechanics and Red Dead Redemption 2 details got leaked. We answer a ton of questions (and wish Vinny a Happy Birthday) and talk about all of the new Humble Bundles!
01:43:34 2/8/2018

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