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Welcome to Bit Cast. Every episode, Alex shares his views on the latest gaming trends; from music to graphics. Check out Bit Cast before you buy your next game and e-mail Alex with your comments and future show ideas!


Bit 22 - Super Smash Bros. for Switch

Nintendo announced a new Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch! Alex talks about his thoughts and feelings on the matter, hot off the initial reaction.
00:33:31 3/15/2018

Past Episodes

In the wake of Metal Gear Survive, Alex remembers Konami's fallout with Hideo Kojima and then compares the rest of the series to Metal Gear Survive.
00:17:33 3/8/2018
In a modern age, one indie platformer dares to be great. And succeeds. Now Alex can gush about it.
00:26:15 3/1/2018
Can Alex's brother prove to him that Breath of the Wild deserves its hype? Can Alex convince him that the game was a letdown? Or can they find a middle ground?
00:34:02 2/22/2018
Alex summarizes Team Salvato's horror-genre visual novel and the effects it had on him.
00:24:06 2/15/2018
Alex gushes over Hyrule Warriors, a game for Wii U, 3DS, and now Nintendo Switch.
00:32:39 2/1/2018
Alex reflects on Fire Emblem Fates with fellow FE fan, Henry the Guest.
00:55:22 1/25/2018
It was getting an episode sooner or later. Alex brings Henry the Guest back so they can both talk about Undertale and its impact.
00:43:02 1/18/2018
Alex invites Henry the Guest to talk about a Survival-Horror game for the Playstation 4.
00:34:07 1/11/2018
Alex gets his hands on Mario Odyssey and talks about its high and low points.
00:21:20 1/4/2018
Alex talks about Tri Force Heroes after watching people on the internet playing it.
00:17:59 12/29/2017

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