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The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Jesse is worried about a pain he has

Jesse has had throat pain for the last couple days and he can't explain it. Also, he had a friend who he met a few weeks ago spend the whole weekend with him. We explain. Plus, people with Apple Watches have been accidentally calling the police recently.
00:17:37 3/19/2018

Past Episodes

Jesse admits he does this one thing every night before going to bed. It's a little strange. Also, an update on our "March Dadness" bet and Amanda talks about her upcoming for shoot for Women's Health magazine.
00:15:30 3/18/2018
Jesse admitted that from time to time, he'll put a certain song on while he's driving. He says it gets him pumped up. Wait til you hear it. Also, we've set our BET for March Madness. Find out what Amanda or Jesse have to do if they lose!
00:21:55 3/15/2018
Jesse swears that he can tell the difference between generic cereals and name brand. So he got blindfolded for a taste test. See how he did. Also, apparently there is a benefit to taking a shower at night. We talk about it.
00:16:27 3/14/2018
Amanda found a list online of 5 questions you should ask someone on a first date. So we ask them and each give an answer.
00:14:07 3/14/2018
Amanda saw something strange while she was at the gym today. Also, does having a recliner make you old? And, Amanda has an update about her upcoming profile in Women's Health magazine!
00:17:17 3/13/2018
Jesse lists 5 of his goals for the next 5 years. Winning an ACM award, paying cash for a new car, and more!
00:13:48 3/12/2018
Science says talking to your pets in a baby voice is good for them. Also, Amanda had a weird interaction with a school bus in her neighborhood. Plus, Amanda makes Jesse uncomfortable with a round of "Luke Love Stories."
00:13:03 3/12/2018
Have you heard of the "gallon of water challenge?" Well Amanda and Jesse are trying to drink TWO gallons of water in one day. Hear how it goes!
00:16:28 3/11/2018
We don't do a lot of "stupid criminal" stories on our show but today, Jesse decided he had one to share. It turns there is a reason we don't do a lot of stupid criminal stories on our show.
00:16:08 3/8/2018
Amanda was very excited to share some news about being featured in a national magazine. Also, we discuss "Man-gagement" rings and Amanda asks Jesse if he would ever wear one.
00:22:22 3/7/2018

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