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Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. In this Network friendly version of the show Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to

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St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999

In honor of Valentine's Day, watch along with Steve relives the the main event from WWE's ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE: IN YOUR HOUSE as Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on Mr. McMahon! Just cue yourself up to 02:19:49 on the WWE Network and when Stone Cold says "here we go," follow along as Steve takes you through every stomped mudhole, every middle finger and every insane Mr. McMahon cage fall from this raucous and memorable match.
01:16:00 2/15/2018

Past Episodes

This episode of The Steve Austin Show totally reeks of awesomeness as Adam "Edge" Copeland and Jay "Christian" Reso join Steve via Skype for a tremendous conversation! Be here for stories about TLC matches, injuries, breaking into the WWE in the midst of the Montreal Screwjob and Edge's new gig on VIKINGS.
01:40:00 2/13/2018
On this Best Of edition of the Steve Austin Show, we will be taking a look back at some of the funniest moments of the podcast featuring comedians Bill Burr and Gabriel Iglesias as well as the one and only Ted Fowler, live and in-person at the Broken Skull Ranch.
01:09:00 2/8/2018
Join us for a look back at some of the finest conversations from The Steve Austin Show. This episode will focus on pro wrestling as Steve sits down with Scott Hall, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.
01:11:00 2/6/2018
Y2J finally comes to 317 Gimmick Street as Steve welcomes Chris Jericho to the podcast! Join Chris and Steve for a diverse discussion about rock bands, Chris's wrestling origins in Canada, podcasting adventures and, of course, lots of pro wrestling.
01:41:00 2/1/2018
Comedian, podcaster and now author Jim Florentine (VH1's THAT METAL SHOW, CRANK YANKERS) joins Steve on the show to discuss his new book, EVERYONE IS AWFUL (EXCEPT YOU!). Be here for stories about heavy metal, Jim's upbringing in New Jersey, seeing Superstar Graham in his WWWF heyday, doing stand-up for the first time, writing comedy, Mitch Hedberg and the outrageous ribs Jim has pulled over the years.
01:37:00 1/30/2018
Billy Gunn and his son Colton are back for another round with Stone Cold! Join us for stories about Billy's entry into the business, Bart Gunn's incredible fighting skills, the time Steve threw a garbage can at Billy's face as well as getting (too much) color while in TNA. Also, Steve shares some of his thoughts from the WWE RAW 25th Anniversary!
01:36:00 1/25/2018
The greatest wheelman in the business makes his way to 317 Gimmick Street! "Bad Ass" (or, if you will, "Mr. Ass") Billy Gunn, along with his son Colton, stop by the show to chat with Steve about all sorts of wrestling memories and road tales. Join us for stories about Harley Race's BBQ, country music concerts, competitive pool games, Billy's rodeo career and much more! Part 2 with Billy and Colton comes at you this Thursday.
01:18:00 1/23/2018
World class weightlifter and YouTube favorite C.T. Fletcher returns to the podcast to catch up with Steve about a variety of topics. Join us as C.T. updates us on his health and discusses MMA, classic cars and martial arts with Stone Cold! Support C.T.'s Patreon video series at
01:25:00 1/18/2018
One of Steve's favorite authors, David Clark, is back on the show this week to talk about getting your protein from vegetables, adventures in ultra running, MMA training, groceries on the road and the rock band KISS. Check out David's book OUT THERE: A STORY OF ULTRA RECOVERY available now.
01:43:00 1/16/2018
Its Steve Austin's 500th Episode! To celebrate, Steve is joined by the incomparable Vince Russo to look back at some of the best of moments of WWE Monday Night Raw and the Attitude Era.
01:45:00 1/11/2018
Steve is back with Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake to cover more topics from his long, storied career including his time in WCW, the creation of The Zodiac, his transformation into The Disciple as well as his tours of Japan. Brutus also answers YOUR questions about Shawn & Marty in the Barber Shop, traveling with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, working with the British Bulldogs, Mr. Perfect, "Outlaw" Ron Bass and much more!
01:24:00 1/9/2018
Al Snow is back again this week with Steve, this time for a look back at the time Steve trained at Al's school on submissions for his WrestleMania 13 match with Bret Hart as well as helping Steve get prepped to enter the WWF back in 1996. Also, Al shares his story of breaking into wrestling, his reverence for the Original Sheik and the story of the greatest equestrian-based wrestling entrance of all-time.
01:37:00 1/4/2018
Steve gets the opportunity to catch up former WWE and TNA star Al Snow on the podcast, covering a number of pro wrestling-related topics. Join Steve and Al as they discuss Al's approach to training at his globally represented wrestling schools, why it is important to develop a relationship with Vince McMahon when in the WWE, the art of selling, taking ownership of your character and creativity and the logic behind payoffs on the independent circuit.
01:19:00 1/2/2018
Steve's in Nevada for the holidays and he's taking time this week to catch up with his brother-in-law, Mitch Bailey. Join Steve and Mitch for a conversation about mountain lions, trapping in Nevada, coyotes and ATV riding.
01:14:00 12/28/2017
Former WWE and WCW superstar Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake joins Steve this week for a look at the stories behind his new book, BRUTUS "THE BARBER" BEEFCAKE: STRUTTIN' & CUTTIN'. Brutus and Steve discuss Brutus's early athletic years, how he was hooked by pro wrestling, his entry into the WWF and working at the first-ever (and subsequent five) WrestleManias, life on the road, his relationship with Vince McMahon, his life-changing parasailing accident, how Brutus "The Barber" came to be and much more!
01:25:00 12/26/2017
WWE superstars Bayley and Sasha Banks sit down with Steve for a conversation about road travel, the search for coffee spots, Crossfit, sleeping on airplanes, Eddie Guerrero, Japanese wrestling and much more! Then, on the back half of the show, Steve answers your questions, including the Stun Gun vs the Stone Cold Stunner, Mr. Fly part 2 and what's new with his Ford Focus. Be sure to send in your questions for future Q&As to
01:26:00 12/21/2017
WWE superstar Elias joins Steve at 317 Gimmick Street for a chat about his road to the WWE, time spent on the independent circuit, some of the wickedly awesome ring names he's had in the past, his musical influences, baseball, working in the ring with Roman Reigns & Jason Jordan and much more! Also, Steve reveals what he thought Elias has been saying all along with "WHO WANTS TO WALK WITH ELIAS?"
01:17:00 12/19/2017
Steve, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (and Rocky Romero) go into a WaldenBooks, crack open a few novels and pick up where they left off last week with more hilarious stories. Learn all about "stinky heat," backstage handshake etiquette, the origins of Tex Ferguson, wrestling gaffes in Japan and Harley Race, the chiropractor.
01:29:00 12/14/2017
Country music superstar Luke Bryan joins Steve on the podcast today, talking about his new album WHAT MAKES YOU COUNTRY. Sit in with Steve and Luke for hunting stories, Luke's pre-show ritual, his influences as a performer and his and Steve's mutual admiration for chocolate labs and watches.
01:11:00 12/12/2017
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson - THE CLUB - are with Steve this week on Unleashed for a raucous, fun episode that you won't soon forget. Hear all about jet ski adventures, Karl Anderson's bank account, hunting squirrels, the origin of Festus, the beginnings of the Bullet Club, Luke getting the People's Eyebrow from The Rock and much more! Crack open a novel and join us!
01:38:00 12/7/2017
"The Boss" Sasha Banks joins Steve this week at 317 Gimmick Street to share her incredible journey onto becoming a WWE Superstar. Sasha discusses her childhood, MMA training, her wrestling training in Massachusetts, how she created "The Boss" in NXT, dealing with nerves before a match, favorite places to perform, future plans and much more!
01:31:00 12/5/2017
Steve takes on YOUR questions, sent in to, covering a plethora of topics. Join us for an update on the search for the Broken Skull Ranch, Version 2.0, the time Owen Hart and Mankind wrestled with a bag of popcorn, the latest on Steve's truck, Stone Cold's current core workout, King of the Ring 1997, the origin of DTA and stories about Gentleman Chris Adams.
01:36:00 11/30/2017
Steve's back from Texas to catch up with Ken Anderson - formerly Mr. Kennedy in the WWE - to talk about Ken's pro wrestling school, The Academy, which he runs with Shawn Daivari and Molly Holly in Minnesota. Join us as Ken and Steve break down the finer points of pro wrestling training, managing career expectations, what happened with Ken's run in the WWE as well as his time in TNA, Ken's battle with painkiller abuse and how he won that battle, and the perils of wearing body jewelry in the ring.
00:00:00 11/28/2017
Comedian, podcaster and ex-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub (THE FIGHTER & THE KID, BIG BROWN BREAKDOWN) joins Steve for the first time to talk about transitioning from the fight game to the entertainment world. Check us out as Steve and Brendan get into the Ric Flair 30 For 30, the parallels between UFC fighters and WWE Superstars, Brendan's burgeoning stand-up career, the mental process of taking damage in a fight and the perils of arm wrestling.
01:43:00 11/23/2017
Steve is joined again this episode by MLW's Court Bauer for a look back at what is considered to be, by many, one of the best if not THE best WarGames match ever pitting Sting's Squadron against the Dangerous Alliance from WCW WrestleWar 1992! Go deep into the match psychology, the legendary line-up of participants, the direction of 1992 WCW and much more!
01:32:00 11/21/2017
Steve and MLW's Court Bauer sit down this week to watch WWE's In Your House: Canadian Stampede from 1997 and break down the event for you, from top to bottom including the epic 10-man tag main event between Stone Cold and his crew against the Hart Foundation. Join us as Steve shares memories of working with Chyna, the time Vince McMahon told him he was going to win the 1996 King of Ring and which Hart family members got a bit too rowdy during the match. Join us for a trip back to one of the wildest, most action-packed WWE PPVs ever!
01:51:00 11/16/2017
Mike Ryan, trainer to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, grew up amongst legit mobsters out in Massachusetts and was able to see WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino wrestle in his PRIME. This week, he sits down Steve to talk about his unique memories of pro wrestling, being a part of the weightlifting scene in Southern California, his modeling career and partying with the Nature Boy!
01:18:00 11/14/2017
Steve's back on the mean streets of Los Angeles and he's NOT happy about someone trying to steal his truck! Join Steve this week for thoughts on ESPN's Ric Flair 30 For 30 as well as your questions, covering WrestleWar 92, WrestleMania 13, blading and talking trash on the way to the ring.
01:32:00 11/9/2017
Coming to you from Sparks, Nevada, Steve sits down with his brother-in-law Mitch to recap their mule deer hunt in the mountains of the Silver State. Join us as Steve and Mitch glass on some bucks with varying results and take in the vast Nevada wilderness. Plus Steve has some words for the person that tried to break into his truck!
01:25:00 11/7/2017
Steve and TedFowler361 are back together this week for a round of questions that YOU sent in to and they've got some answers! Join us for an update on Ted's love life, Steve Austin no-selling a hangover, funny mishaps on the Broken Skull Ranch and Ted's choice of a very specific tattoo.
01:11:00 11/2/2017
Steve sits down with BBQ entrepreneur and Traeger Grill representative Chad Ward to discuss the history and origin of the Traeger Grill, what life is like on the competitive cooking circuit, the time Chad cooked venison for Kid Rock, pro wrestling memories from Florida and lots of tips and tricks to level up your grilling game!
01:51:00 10/31/2017
Podcast favorite Ted Fowler returns to UNLEASHED to give Steve the latest on Ted's efforts to help the town of Rockport, TX on its way to recovery from Hurricane Harvey. Steve and Ted also answer a few of your questions and talk about Steve's upcoming Nevada hunting trip.
01:18:00 10/26/2017
Author and ultra runner David Clark (OUT THERE: A STORY OF ULTRA RECOVERY) returns to the show to catch up with Steve about his recent caffeine purge, how to curb your vices, David's new podcast, getting your protein on a vegetarian diet, tips on how to ease into running exercises and training for his most intense race yet! Later, Steve sits down with his wife Kristin to talk about upcoming hunting excursions, driving in California and their latest trip to Nevada.
01:22:00 10/24/2017
Steve gets together with musician, entrepreneur and former competitive bodybuilder (~!) Greg Golden at the Bizarre Guitar shop in Reno, NV. Join us as Greg shares tales of guitar collection and selling gear to music greats such as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Marty Robbins and Merle Haggard! Also, learn all about Greg's band, The Greg Golden Band, as well as the remarkable collection of guitar rarities in his shop.
01:48:00 10/19/2017
Steve is joined by MLW's Court Bauer to discuss the latest in pro wrestling. Be here this week for thoughts on the Shield reunion, what's going on with Neville and the Cruiserweight Division, the return of War Games in NXT, Daniel Bryan's potential return to the ring, the return of Tony Schiavone to the commentary booth, what's next for Major League Wrestling and the search for the next Ricky Steamboat.
01:28:00 10/17/2017
Raven sits in with Steve this week for UNLEASHED to discuss their favorite wrestling announcers, Raven's entry into ECW, memories of Brian Pillman, the origin of THE RAVEN EFFECT podcast, why Raven chose the DDT, what makes Jerry Lawler great and much more!
01:43:00 10/12/2017
ECW, WWE and WCW superstar Raven returns to the Steve Austin Show, live in-person at 317 Gimmick Street to shoot the breeze with former WCW traveling buddy Steve Austin about all sorts of topics. Join us for tales of working in the Memphis and Texas territories, the greatness of Billy Joe Travis, Boy Tony impressions, how Raven battled back from addiction, wrestling psychology, how to save your highspots and so much more.

Check out Raven's podcast, THE RAVEN EFFECT, exclusively thru PodcastOne and The Jericho Network and available on Apple Podcasts and the PodcastOne App!
01:32:00 10/10/2017
Steve along with his wife Kristin talk about a fun mini-vacation they had out in Mammoth Lakes, California, filled with beautiful scenery, interesting folks and pastrami sandwiches. On the back half of the show, Steve answers YOUR questions about the Keto Diet!
01:17:00 10/5/2017
Steve keeps it going this week with author and ultra distance runner David Clark as David discusses the finer points of competitive distance running, how to keep your energy (and sanity) in check during the most grueling of races as well as David's MMA training experience and why he would favor forty-five minute rounds.

Check out David's book, OUT THERE: A STORY OF ULTRA RECOVERY, available on Amazon and Audible.
01:14:00 9/28/2017
Steve sits down with his wife Kristin to work out some grievances about living in Los Angeles. Join us this week on UNLEASHED for tales about the perils of riding a bicycle, getting prepped for earthquakes, stocking up on whiskey, having furniture delivered and how to deal with a hyperactive dog while exercising.
01:20:00 9/21/2017
Former Ohio Valley Wrestling manager - and author - "Starmaker" Kenny Bolin joins Steve on Unleashed this week to discuss his experiences working in OVW with nascent talents such as John Cena, Mark Henry and Rico Constantino. Kenny and Steve also recall and revel in the greatness of Memphis wrestling as Kenny speaks about his decades-long friendships with Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Cornette as well as memories of such greats as Bill Dundee, Dutch Mantel and "Dr. D." David Schultz!
01:44:00 9/14/2017
Wrestling promoter and podcast impresario Court Bauer joins Steve on Unleashed this week to discuss some of the recent events in wrestling including the Sexy Star / TripleMania incident, the build to WWEs No Mercy and the rise of Braun Strowman, what's next for Brock Lesnar, the Four Horsewomen of MMA colliding with the Four Horsewomen of the WWE and what's going on with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling. Also, Court tells us all about the MLW One-Shot event on October 5th in Orlando, Florida!
01:31:00 9/7/2017
Steve calls up his good friend Teddy Fowler for an update on how Teddy has been getting by in the midst of the chaos that is Hurricane Harvey down in Texas. Teddy, along with his dogs and his chickens, are doing good and his house is standing strong. Join Steve and Teddy for stories about the ferocity of Mother Nature, the virtues of preparedness and most importantly, people helping people.
01:43:00 8/31/2017
Steve Austin is back on the line with YOUR phone calls! This week, Steve gives out his recommendations on getting fit for wrestling school, how he's staying in shape these days, the first time he met The Man Called Sting and whether or not he's considering a Broken Skull LIGHT beer! Also, stories about the supermarket fight with Booker T, thoughts on Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universal Title and Steve tells you all about his truck repair woes!
01:11:00 8/24/2017
Steve welcomes back rapper Post Malone for this week's UNLEASHED to continue their conversation. Post and Steve talk about life on the road, what's next creatively for Post and Steve shares the story behind the double knee braces. Also, Steve Austin displays his great affinity for watches! All this plus updates from the Broken Skull Ranch and much more!
01:27:00 8/17/2017
Sean "X-Pac" Waltman returns to 317 Gimmick Street, and this time he and Steve are answering your questions, and talking a little more in-ring psychology. X-Pac's also got more stories about working with Big Van Vader, Kane, and Macho Man Randy Savage. Plus, Steve and X-Pac weigh in on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight.
01:03:21 8/10/2017
Steve Austin is talking to YOU!! He opened up the phone lines, and you called in with all kinds of questions! Find out if Stone Cold was ever ribbed by Vince McMahon, why he would've loved to work for Bill Watts in Mid-South in the 80s, which is his favorite match with The Undertaker, and how the keto diet's working for him. He's also got stories about Brian Pillman, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, and hanging with William Regal in his WCW days.
01:07:42 8/3/2017
Don Callis returns to the pod to talk about his career runs at WWE, ECW, and TNA; some of his gimmicks like The Jackal, and The Truth Commission and the Human Oddities; and being a mark for every trend in the business (but does he still have his halliburton briefcase?)! He also recounts how he got into broadcasting, his turn as a heel commentator, and what it's like working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. And he weighs in on Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and the Bullet Club. Plus, Steve Austin bids a fond farewell to his best friend.
01:08:30 7/27/2017
Paul Lazenby has a new book, "When We Were Bouncers 2," and he's sharing some of the crazier stories on the Steve Austin Show. He's also talking about the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 tournament, Kenny Omega, Juice Robinson, and Zack Sabre Jr. Plus, Paul just finished filming the new "Predator" movie and will share what he can from that set along with stories from his days as a movie stunt man, including the films he did as Steve Austin's stunt double! And then Wade Keller joins after the show to break down this week's WWE Monday Night RAW and Smackdown.
01:46:08 7/20/2017
The white meat babyface from Norman, Oklahoma, Jumpin' Jim Ross, stops by 317 Gimmick Street to talk about his own return to WWE, calling matches for New Japan Pro Wrestling, The Undertaker's final Wrestlemania moment, what he makes of Kenny Omega, the Big Cass heel turn on Enzo Amore, why he wants to see Shinsuke Nakamura take on AJ Styles, and his hopes for Braun Strowman. He also shares how he's doing since losing his beloved little angel! Plus, Wade Keller checks in after the show to rundown the WWE Great Balls Of Fire PPV, and this week's RAW and Smackdown.
02:14:23 7/13/2017
NJPW color announcer Don Callis aka Cyrus aka The Halliburton Cowboy (and cohost of the "Killing The Town with Storm & Cyrus" podcast) joins Steve to talk New Japan Pro Wrestling! They break down Kenny Omega, Okada, and Shinsuke Nakamura's current WWE run. Don's also sharing stories from his own in-ring career including tag teaming with Rick Martel, his WWE gimmick in The Truth Commission, and traveling the highways with Lance Storm. And stick around to the end of the show to hear Wade Keller and Steve discuss this week's Monday Night RAW, Smackdown, Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary, and NJPW's G1 tournament in LA.
02:04:18 7/6/2017
Wade Keller and Steve discuss Cody Rhodes ROH World Title win and his upcoming match against Okada; the Enzo & Big Cass reunion and further heel turn by Cass; Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe; why they believe Daniel Bryan needs to respond to James Ellsworth, and Sasha Banks gauntlet match on Smackdown this week. Plus, Steve takes your calls about everything from Legion of Doom to Roman Reigns to NXT to the Road Warriors to the upcoming 5th season of the Broken Skull Challenge!
01:14:39 6/29/2017
Wade Keller and Steve breakdown WWE's Money In The Bank and the subsequent action on Monday Night RAW and Smackdown. They discuss the surprise finish of the women's Money In The Bank ladder match, Carmella's great catch, the controversial Smackdown Women's Championship title match between Naomi and Lana, Big Cass' heel turn, Enzo's future, Seth "freakin'" Rollins, and Jinder Mahal's push. They also analyze whether Shinsuke Nakamura has lost his mystique, AJ Styles' booking, Luke Harper wrestling as a bad-ass big man, Roman Reigns as a straight-up heel, and Baron Corbin rising to the occasion. Plus, they have some words of advice for Braun Strowman.
01:21:40 6/22/2017
Wade Keller from ProWrestling Torch and Steve do a little Monday Night RAW and Smackdown analysis! Hear their take on the Brock Lesnar-Samoa Joe pull apart, why this might be the perfect time for an angle that involves more than just Suplex City for Brock, and what Samoa Joe's skill set can dictate in the ring. They also speculate on a possible Bayley heel turn, Roman Reigns' upcoming big announcement, John Cena's free agent status, and what Sami Zayn's win means for his future. Plus, they have thoughts on Jinder Mahal's exaggerated snarl, Bray Wyatt's laugh, and the comedy pop offered by Tyler Breeze and Fandango. And there's a little breakdown on the just-announced Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing fight!
01:25:28 6/15/2017
Pat Miletich returns with stories from the set of the "Bobby Z" movie he shot with Paul Walker, tales from his days as a bouncer in clubs around the Quad Cities, and the neck injury that contributed to his decision to stop fighting. He's also got a heck of an idea for a whole new MMA promotion, some thoughts on the UFC selling for $4 billion, and how eating gluten-free has rekindled his love of music!
01:18:04 6/8/2017
The Brian Kendrick is a WWE Cruiserweight and that makes him part of the WWE 205 Live! This is his fourth go-round with WWE and he's determined to make it a success! Hear Brian's story about his original debut in 2003 delivering a singing telegram to The Undertaker, what got him fired, and how after 7 years of trying, he finally made his way back. He's also talking about studying at Shawn Michaels' wrestling school, being motivated by Daniel Bryan (a fellow student and trainee), what William Regal has done for his career, and why he loves Japanese style wrestling. He's got a favorite match, a Wrestlemania moment, and he wanted to be the Ultimate Warrior when he was a kid.
01:26:12 6/1/2017
Steve Austin took a trip to the LBC to visit CT Fletcher and talk a little shop! They hit on CT's new supplement line (which he tested on himself), straight curl competitions, giving up cheeseburgers in favor of the pescatarian diet, the importance (or not) of countin' reps, why CT believes overtraining is bullshit, and working out with WWE Superstars Jinder Mahal, Big Show, Big E, and Braun Strowman. CT also shares some 411 on his favorite bodybuilders past and present, who he'd most like to work out with, and what he really means when he says, F Cardio!
01:19:43 5/25/2017
Teddy Fowler checks in from Rockport, Texas to share some of his favorite stories from the Broken Skull Ranch, including a couple of close calls with rattlesnakes, deer, and the new owner! He & Steve also break down the UFC 211 card (Miocic vs Dos Santos, Joanna Jedrzejcyk vs Jessica Andrade, Maia vs Masvidal) and contemplate what it would be like to take one of those nasty leg kicks! And if anyone knows a good plastic surgeon, hit up Ted @TedFowler361 on twitter and IG.
01:30:11 5/18/2017
It's a bullshit session coming to you from 317 Gimmick Street as Steve and his illustrious wife, Kristin, break down the discombobulations that come with moving back in to 316 Gimmick Street (like childproof electric sockets, turquoise stucco, and acid washing the pool). They're also sharing their bicycle adventures, their So Cal freeway trials & tribulations, Steve's new ketogenic diet, and the true definition of "hands free."
01:13:37 5/11/2017
Court Bauer from MLW Radio joins Steve to talk WWE Payback! They share thoughts on Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho and Jericho's ability to constantly (and successfully) reinvent himself; Neville fully embracing his heel character; the hellacious tag team that is Sheamus and Cesaro; the dynamic promo of Alexa Bliss; protecting talent in their hometowns, Smackdown's Women's Division; the House of Horrors with Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt; and the 12-month trajectory of Braun Strowman!
01:21:47 5/4/2017
Turns out one of the workin' man fans of the Steve Austin Show is also a workin' indie wrestler in Lafayette, Louisiana! Rhett Thibodeaux has his own ring, books, promotes, and wrestles! He also works matches with the first guy that Steve Austin ever stepped in the squared circle with - Frogman LeBlanc! Rhett and Steve talk Monday Night Wars, today's wrestlin' style, Chris Jericho's latest WWE run, high flyin' spots, and the time Rhett tried out for ECW as Retro Thibadeaux.
01:12:10 4/27/2017
It's a bittersweet day at the Austin house! The Broken Skull Ranch in Tilden, Texas is no longer, but ALL of the memories (the good, the bad, and the ugly) remain! Steve and Kristin share some of their favorite stories from the ranch - the family nights of music, the hunts, Teddy Fowler, birthdays & anniversaries, and also a few of the things they don't miss AT ALL - like the incredible Texas heat, the bugs, and the 1500 mile journey each way. Steve's also answering your questions about the ranch, and contemplating the location of the future Broken Skull Ranch...because YES, the brand lives on!
01:31:05 4/20/2017
Vince Russo returns with more opinions about the state of the pro-wrestling business, and some friendly debate with Steve about the passion and commitment of today's WWE roster! They also talk Wrestlemania 33, and The Undertaker's send-off, and Vince offers some insight into how the creative process worked during the Attitude Era.
01:13:49 4/13/2017
The Wrestlemania 33 convo was too big for one episode, so here's the conclusion of Steve & Wade's analysis, and this time it's focused on Randy Orton versus Bray Wyatt, Bill Goldberg's match against Brock Lesnar, the women's 6-way, and The Undertaker's ride off into the sunset! Steve's also sharing your comments & feedback about the event, and telling a few of his own stories, including a funny one involving new RAW GM Kurt Angle.
01:20:04 4/6/2017
Steve and his illustrious wife, Kristin, answer your questions about Baltimore 1998 vs Paul Bearer; Kane's Mayoral race; hunting shed horns; veggie bacon, burgers, and spaghetti; boycotting eggplant; and Metallica. Plus, the aftermath of the chigger bugs, the great mosquito battle, return receipts in pro-wrestling, a Perry Saturn beatdown, a new member of the Austin family, and yes, No-See-Ums are legit.
01:16:38 3/30/2017
Adam Cole returns to answer your questions, and they range from everything from The Bullet Club and The Young Bucks to AJ Styles to the Panama City Playboy gimmick. Adam also talks about a potential match with Kenny Omega, working in Japan, winning the ROH World Championship, traveling with Jay Briscoe, and whether the WWE/NXT might be in his future. Plus, he's offering advice for succeeding on the indie scene, eating clean on the road on a limited budget, and mastering your merch!
01:23:34 3/23/2017
Tom Finn is a beer drinking, powerlifting, prison guard who does some pretty crazy stunts involving feats of strength, which he documents on Instagram (@huckfinnbarbell). He's telling his story and sharing some tips on nutrition, weight training, gear, competing, and what the "Shawshank Redemption" got right. He's also a Chicago Bears fan with some definite opinions about Jay Cutler!
01:39:55 3/16/2017
Rip Rogers is sharing more 411 on pro wrestling psychology! This time its all about high spots, throwing a good working punch, creating an original gimmick, and really honing a few good in-ring tools. Rips also talking about booking the Puerto Rico territory, the old caravan tours of Germany, and telling a few more stories about Macho Man Randy Savage.
01:09:39 3/9/2017
Rip Rogers has a hell of a twitter account (@Hustler2754) filled with all sorts of great advice and observations about the pro-wrestling biz! Yeah, a lot's changed since he was last in the squared circle, but as you'll hear him say, not the fundamentals or the psychology! He's telling it like it is when it comes to heels vs babyfaces, working punches, bumping, selling, reading the crowd, and tucking in those boot laces! He's also got stories about working with Dick The Bruiser, Lanny Poffo, and Fit Finlay.
01:26:08 3/2/2017
You wanna know what it takes to run and win a Spartan Race or survive a Navy SEAL training camp? Broken Skull Challenge champ Hunter McIntyre returns to talk about the nitty-gritty of extreme fitness competition! He's also talking Macho Man Randy Savage, tattoos, and a possible career in pro-wrestling. Plus, hear the latest headaches, hassles, and horseshit from 317 Gimmick Street. #DogPoo vs #DogShit
01:18:25 2/23/2017
Paul Roma returns to tell more stories about Power and Glory, his departure from WWF, his relationship with Vince McMahon, jumping to WCW, and lockerroom fights. Hes also talking about Ric Flair, Lex Luger, the Hart Foundation, and wrestling in Europe.
01:16:07 2/16/2017
Paul Roma was half of The Young Stallions tag team, half of the Power & Glory tag team, and got the best wrestling advice ever from Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig (a lot of which Paul is passing on to other young wrestlers via his Paradise Alley wrestling school in Connecticut). He got his big wrestling break thanks to Mr. Fuji, and shares some of the classic ribs that Fuji pulled on many unsuspecting wrestlers. Pauls also talking about how he met his Young Stallions partner Jim Powers, his friendship with Harley Race, meeting Andre The Giant for the first time, and what he learned from Paul Orndorff.
01:17:53 2/9/2017
Bruce Prichard, host of the Something To Wrestle With podcast, joins Steve as they wrestle with all kinds of pro-wrestling topics including what it really takes to write a Royal Rumble and book the match, John Cena's work and career, the Rock & Roll Express and the Midnight Express not being in the WWE Hall of Fame, Kurt Angle's upcoming HOF induction, the "it" factor of AJ Styles, what it takes to get over and stay over, how Bruce ended up being assigned to work creatively with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the infamous Wrestlemania match between The Rock and Hulk Hogan.
01:36:26 2/2/2017
Steve Austin, Rob Croxall from El Segundo Brewing Company, and Brad and Matt from Noble Ale Works taste their way through the Noble Ale Works brew menu as they talk about everything from the Highway To Hell PPV featuring Stone Cold and the Undertaker, Super Fly, Kevin Owens, the art of cutting a promo, scripted vs ad-libbing, Vince McMahon's nearly-ruined IPO, Mick Foley's 12 chair shots, and Jerry "The King" Lawler.
01:33:59 1/26/2017
Eric Embry returns with tales about getting color in Texas, working with the Von Erichs (especially Kerry), booking Dallas, and handling payouts! He also spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico, working and booking, and shares his recollections about the night Bruiser Brody was killed, and the circumstances surrounding that tragedy.
01:34:47 1/19/2017
Steve & Kristin Austin are back in not-so-sunny So Cal and doing the first podcast from 317 Gimmick Street (that's no typo)! They share travel stories, and then Steve tackles your questions about squared circle communication & talking trash, blading & kicking out of pins, Stone Cold's last match, shooting arrows at Vince McMahon, the Bionic Redneck Gimmick, Beatles vs Stones, Led Zeppelin vs Rush, and the return of the Ford Bronco. He's also ranting on some first world problems plaguing the city of angels.
01:35:41 1/12/2017
Steve and Teddy's final episode from the Broken Skull Ranch, and they're answering all sorts of questions about the XFL, duck hunting, Teddy's tattoo fascination, zipties & dartboards, melatonin & sleep problems, and kicking smart phone & social media addictions. You'll also learn 11 facts about Australia that you didn't know, and might not have wanted to know (ranging from dingo fences to Emus to beer-guzzlin' Prime Ministers)!
01:41:05 1/5/2017
Eric Embry trained with Lou Thesz, worked the Sportatorium with the Von Erichs, booked the Memphis territory with Jerry Lawler, had a helluva 5-minute title match with Jerry Jarrett, caught some serious heat for tearing down the World Class sign inside the squared circle, learned about human nature & psychology from Gary Hart, and was one of the first to spot the "it" factor in a young Dallas wrestler named Steve Williams (aka Steve Austin). And those are just SOME of the stories you'll hear in this incredible episode.
01:43:33 12/29/2016
Wow! You guys sent in some doozies... but Steve Austin and Ted Fowler answered them all (or at least tried to - someone needs to brush up on their Ming Dynasty history)! So what you're getting is 2 hours of conspiracy theories (moon landing, area 51, and JFK assassination), the Walking Dead and how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, tips on good dental hygiene, ethical hunting shots, Superbowl picks and NCAA Championship predictions, and Teddy's best pick-up lines (but no guarantees they'll actually work)! And then there's the wrestling stuff - AJ Styles, Broken Matt Hardy and The Final Deletion, Steve's most prized wrestling memorabilia, Big Van Vader in the Hall of Fame, a possible Stone Cold comeback, and the life-saving flatback bump!
02:04:32 12/22/2016
Steve Austin and Teddy Fowler took a little road trip to San Antonio, Texas, and had quite the adventure. Hear the duties and responsibilities of the shot gun passenger, why they're advocating for the use of ziplock bags, who's got first sip out of the 12 oz red bull can, and when it's ok to dump pickles on the side of the road! Plus, it's the return of that pesky woodpecker, the skunk relocation program, Al E. Gator's feeding time, and one big hassle at the Motel 6 deer stand.
01:30:53 12/15/2016
Santino Marella is truly Italian (on his father's side), totally bought into Hulkamania as a kid, started taking Judo because that's the class that worked best in his mom's work schedule, was banned from Japan for a year, and abruptly retired from WWE due to his ongoing neck injuries and surgeries. He's plenty busy though - running his Battle Arts Academy, learning to hunt with a bow, working for Sports Net TV, and closely following the UFC and Ronda Rousey's return.
01:23:28 12/8/2016
Steve, Teddy and Kristin are settled in at the Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas, and having quite the adventure! So much so... that Steve's illustrious wife actually drops an F bomb on this Unleashed episode! But what caused it? Was it Hershey getting skunked? Or maybe the WASP invasion at the Motel 6 deer stand? Or eating tacos at Cancun TWICE in the same day? Or possibly the drive-thru experience on the way to San Antonio? Or maybe it was just a certain pro-wrestler playing clarinet in his MeUndies... WTF?
01:28:53 12/1/2016
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. Fly at the Rosemont Horizon! Sit front row, center for the epic match that is sure to lead to one of the greatest rematches in the history of the squared circle! This is storytelling and psychology at its finest... and it ain't no "Sports Entertainment" either. This is pro-wrestling. Period.
00:56:57 11/24/2016
Becky Lynch is the Smackdown Women's Champion and she's telling Steve how that happened. You'll hear about her journey to NXT and her awesome matches with Sasha Banks. She's also talking about her 7 year break from pro-wrestling, her short-lived stint as a flight attendant, her two lost wild-child years, and her love of grunge music, journaling, MMA, and yoga. Plus, she shares her take on performance, selling, psychology, the return of Bill Goldberg, Fit Finley, how she handles life on the road and in the ring, and making the most of every opportunity.
01:30:51 11/17/2016
Comedian Jim Norton and Sam Roberts are avid MMA and pro-wrestling fans. They also happen to co-host the "Sam Roberts and Jim Norton Show" every weekday morning on SiriusXM Channel 206. They stopped by 316 Gimmick Street with some great stories about Sam's 2-minute interview with Brock Lesnar, Jesse Ventura's beef with Jim Norton, why Nancy Grace walked out of their live radio show mid-interview, and what happened when Jim Norton and Lewis Black got arrested & spent the night in jail. Jim also talks comedy - from creation to heckling, his relationship with Andrew Dice Clay, and why he never tries out new material in front of his comic friends. Plus, Jim's got some thoughts on the UFC 205 card, and Sam has a few comments about heels and heat in the squared circle.
01:39:45 11/10/2016
You wanted it, you got it! Teddy Fowler returns to Unleashed to weigh in on shitty cars, fruit on pizza, PED-taking rats at the BSR, and binge-watching "Narcos" and "Walking Dead." There may also be a couple of challenges in the making - Steve Austin vs Ted Fowler at UFC205 or 206 (or whatever's happening at MSG in December), and Ted Fowler vs snakes. Plus, you'll be the first to hear the details on the Ted Fowler Dating Hotline.
01:42:57 11/3/2016
Steve Austin and his lovely co-host Kristin (aka his "illustrious wife") had quite the experience in the Reno airport! They're sharing that story... and they're answering all sorts of questions about - The Undertaker's cross, Bill Goldberg's return to WWE and Monday Night RAW, fishing, Dustin Rhodes & the Golddust gimmick, growing tomatoes & jalapenos, Donald Trump takin' a stunner, the infamous back hoe cover-up, the Thesz Press, HBK vs AJ Styles, and why pineapple does not belong on pizza!
01:22:54 10/27/2016
RVD returns to Steve Austin to finish up the conversation about pro-wrestling and the creative freedom afforded him by ECW, the politics of WWE, his USWA run in '91 with Sabu, and the real story surrounding his decision not to go to Iraq with WWE. He's also making the case to legalize marijuana, sharing some mafia history (a passion), and explaining how he started doing stand-up comedy. And you'll find out if Steve Austin is the proud new owner of a brand new Toyota Prius!
01:27:28 10/20/2016
Rob Van Dam was The F'ing Whole Show at ECW, and loved the creative freedom the company afforded him. He's talking all about it, and sharing stories from his ECW days - from meeting Sabu to taking and giving shoot chair shots to the role that the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) played in ECW's success. RVD's also talking about his foray into martial arts in highschool, how he got started wrestling, and his introduction to The Sheik and what he picked up working with him. He's also explaining his zen lifestyle, and what it truly means to be a "non-conformist."
01:26:59 10/13/2016
Steve Austin is answering your questions about "selling on the run," the art of chair throwing, Wrestlemania 17, Mick Foley & Undertaker's infamous "Hell In A Cell" match, the Ric Flair style, Stone Cold Metal & Stone Cold Country, the power of an entrance theme, his own piledriver injury, working with Owen Hart, germophobia in the ring, and Brian Pillman's ECW run. Steve's also talking bow hunting, college football, and Broken Skull Ranch vs Smokin' Skull Ranch.
01:27:59 10/6/2016
Ted Fowler is back from his fishing trip in Louisiana, and appears to have survived relatively unscathed, and more importantly, germ free! Maybe it was all the tequila... or maybe it was just traveling faster than the rate of speed of the average germ! Whatever the case... he and Steve trade some stories, discuss effectively cutting weight, the merits of a good pellet gun, the eye of the tiger, rat and deer hunting, and what Sly Stallone had to do with Steve being "too skinny."
01:34:49 9/28/2016
Teddy Fowler checks in with stories from the Broken Skull Ranch and Rockport, Texas. He's got an update on the deer, the mowing, my favorite "Komodo" tractor, and he'll regale with even better stories about a planned fishing trip to Louisiana! It's a guys' trip... and there's a damn good reason why Teddy won't be partaking of any shared burritos! He & Steve also talk a little diet and nutrition, and how Steve's doing after quitting alcohol AND caffeine cold turkey! Oh... and a word to the wise - don't EVER offer Teddy sunflower seeds, and for god sake, if you have him over for dinner, don't serve him peas & carrots mixed together!
01:23:54 9/22/2016
Steve's on the set of the Broken Skull Challenge, filming season 4, and if you want to know what goes into creating the toughest competition show on TV - then listen closely as BSC's Supervising Producer of Challenges, Alan Bishop, fills you on how it works! He's also talking about his background as an expedition trip leader, his own cross fit and training story, and how he kicked drugs and alcohol to get his life on track. He and Steve have some great work out and healthy eating tips, and a few words of motivation to keep you on your game plan.
01:36:21 9/15/2016
Missy Hyatt and her loaded Gucci bag are raisin' hell on Steve Austin Unleashed! She's got stories about working with Sunshine at WCCW, taking shoot beatings from Dark Journey, the disaster that was the short-lived "Missy's Manor" at WWE, how she and Eddie Gilbert ended up at WCW, and why Eric Bischoff opted not to renew her contract. She's also talking about her time at UWF, working for Jim Crockett, and the best advice she got from the great Dusty Rhodes.
01:32:50 9/8/2016
The story of how they met... and loads of other bullshit as @TedFowler361 returns to Unleashed for a convo about pro-wrestling in the mid-80s, mid-90s, and the Attitude Era. They're talking Ric Flair, the Freebirds, Trish Stratus, and War Games '92. They're also discussing the quick-fix for Steve's Olecranon Bursitis (that big golfball looking thing on his left arm), hunting shows on TV, mowing at the ranch, and crumpets (WTF?). And they're answering your questions!
01:27:43 9/1/2016
He's a living legend who's done it all, seen it all, invented most of it, and still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve! Pat Patterson sits down with Steve to talk Roy Shire, Eddie Graham, Vince McMahon Sr and Jr, the Royal Rumble, Killer Kowalski, Mad Dog Vachon, and of course his new book, "Accepted."
01:39:20 8/25/2016
Mark Bell of the Super Training Gym is going for a 600-pound bench attempt this November, and explains how and why he's taking on the challenge. He's also discussing his training routine, his nutrition plan, and the new female trend in power lifting. He's got lifting tips, thoughts on doping and designer drugs, and the secret to gaining weight quickly when needed. Plus, he's weighing in on Crossfit, and Brock Lesnar's controversial UFC bout.
01:20:20 8/18/2016
Sean "XPac" Waltman and Steve Austin are doing it Unleashed this time! No holds barred & no four-letter word restrictions! They're having a very frank discussion about doping in professional sports, XPac's new podcast on the AfterBuzz Network, and the shocking death of Chyna. XPac and Chyna dated for four years, and he's talking about all of their ups & downs - from the drugs and the sex tape to some of her incredible matches both at WWE and in Japan... and they both have plenty of thoughts as to whether Chyna should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
01:19:06 8/11/2016
CT Fletcher is one bad-ass MoFo, and he's taking on Steve Austin! They're talking shit, and cutting promos on each other... and throwing down one serious challenge to a certain head honcho at WWE! They're also talking classic Corvettes, the 10 Commandments Of Muscle Growth, movie making & filming fight scenes, a little nutrition, and what happens when you try to show off for one hot girl at an arm curl competition!
01:16:11 8/4/2016
Bill Burr flies helicopters. For real. And he's telling Steve all about it - why he wanted to, how he learned, where and when he practices, and if he's ever had any close calls! He's also giving an inside look at the writer's room of his Netflix show, "F Is For Family," what it's like working with Vince Vaughan (the producer backing the show), why he relates to crying babies on planes, when he stopped working clean, and if there's really such a thing as "extra bits" in stand-up.
01:24:51 7/28/2016
Bill Burr is one of the funniest comics working today, but as you'll hear straight from his mouth, his was no overnight success! He talks about how he got his start, his early days doing open mics, the good and bad gigs, and his big break. He and Steve also discuss the parallels between the pro-wrestling and comedy biz - road travel, paying your dues, and working the crowd. And Bill is a huge wrestling fan (thanks to friend, the late, great Patrice O'Neal), and has a couple of his own Hulk Hogan stories to share.
01:13:32 7/21/2016
Vampiro digs mid-90s Japanese wrestling, getting new guys over, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Krav Maga (not necessarily in that order). He's got great stories about "calling it in the ring," what it means to be fired up, and the lost art of selling. He's also talking about the great Lucha Underground vignettes, the Will Ospreay vs Ricochet match, and his own legendary bout with Pentagon, Jr. And he thinks season 3 of Lucha is so good, he's not sure WTF they're gonna do for season 4!
01:15:59 7/14/2016
Take a tour of Goldberg's Garage. Bill's walking Steve through his car collection at the Goldberg Compound, and has stories about everything - from his first Trans Am to his prized Lawman to the custom Goldberg bike designed and built by West Coast Choppers. You'll hear why there's no Porche in Bill's collection, why his self-proclaimed '99 "piece-o-crap" truck is the one he drives most often, and which car his wife had to drive into the garage because the clutch was too much for Goldberg!
01:10:36 7/7/2016
It's part 2 with Bill Goldberg and this time it's the lessons he learned from Hulk Hogan, the truth about the WWE locker room, the reasons he quit the squared circle biz, stories from the set of Adam Sandler's "The Longest Yard," and the one thing that "will haunt him forever."
01:14:34 6/30/2016
Swig of beer for Bill Goldberg's first appearance on the Steve Austin Show! Bill talks about trading his childhood NFL dream for a career in pro-wrestling; his first big WCW contract; his controversial match with Steve Regal; the time he knocked himself out in the ring against Diamond Dallas Page; and why he calls himself an "intelligent meathead."
01:11:27 6/23/2016
Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink was commander of SEAL Team Three's Task Unit Bruiser during the Battle Of Ramadi, and received the Silver Star and Bronze Star for his actions in the Iraq War. He chronicled some of those experiences, and the leadership principles he learned in the SEALS in his book, "Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead & Win." And today, he's talking to Steve about BUDs training, Hell Week, discipline, the brotherhood, how he survived deployment away from his family, and he shares a few leadership principles you can apply to your own life and career.
01:25:37 6/16/2016
Robbie Knievel followed in the footsteps of his legendary father, Evel Knievel, who was also one of Steve Austin's childhood heroes! And Robbie's giving a behind-the-scenes look at some of his father's most famous jumps - from Snake River Canyon to Ceasar's Palace to 14 busses. Robbie's also talking about what life was like for the family after his dad's overnight success, his relationship with his father, his father's bikes, ramps, and safety decks, and what it was like dealing with his dad's womanizing on the road. Robbie's speaking candidly about his own career, and the injuries and demons that went with it, and why he's so determined to continue jumping today.
01:25:03 6/9/2016
You asked what Steve Austin thinks about the New Japan Pro Wrestling Match between Ricochet (aka Prince Puma) and Will Ospreay...and he's answering! Ted Fowler also joins from Rockport, TX to discuss the benefits of the hide-a-key, the "do's & don't's of burn pits," and "Bloodline." And then Steve's illustrious wife, Kristin, has plenty to say about Duck Daycare and a recent (and very expensive) parking ticket!
01:33:42 6/2/2016
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00:01:51 5/29/2016
Wade Keller joins Steve to talk about the WWE brand split and Smackdown's move to live TV on Tuesday nights. What will each show look like? Which talent will headline which show, who will be featured where, what does this mean for the NXT roster, and how will the announcing teams play into the new programming?? Plus, they discuss the timing of Cody Rhodes release and what his future may hold, AJ Style's lack of wins, Sasha Banks' concussion, Ric Flair & Charlotte's awkward promo on RAW, Bray Wyatt, and the plight of Roman Reigns.
01:38:36 5/26/2016
Mike Titan O'Hearn has been on the cover of hundreds of magazines and romance novels. He was "Thor" on American Gladiators, and almost became a WWE pro-wrestler. He won California Power Lifting four times, and calls Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee his personal idols.
You'll hear how Mike got started in the body building business, why he liked the original Gladiators better than the "new" version, what made TV's Battle Dome so brutal, why he loved fighting for the camera, and what's with all the baseball shirts. He's also giving up trade secrets on fitness, lifting, and nutrition!
01:38:36 5/19/2016
Dylan Postl aka Hornswoggle is talking about his recent release from WWE (after a near 10 year run) - who broke the news, how he feels about it, and what he plans to do next. He also speaks candidly about last year's 30-day suspension from WWE, his relationship with Vince McMahon, what it was like traveling with Mark Henry & Great Khali, and what inspired him to get in the squared circle in the first place! He's got backyard wrestling stories, a great impression of Tommy Dreamer, favorite matches & angles, and the reason he owes his career to Fit Finlay & Ken Anderson.
01:27:08 5/12/2016
As promised... Steve Austin and Teddy Fowler watched "The Revenant" and give their take on Leo DiCaprio's Oscar-winning performance and movie. Steve also has a few choice words for Rusev, sets the record straight about having heat with WWE and Mick Foley, and gives the latest 411 on his shoulder surgery.
01:21:40 5/5/2016
Teddy Fowler checks in from Rockport, Texas, and he's got 99 problems but a Jack & Coke ain't one! He's talking Boom Boom Room, mysterious blue panties, live bait, hot cleaning women, and getting a serious reality check about just how much stroke he really has with the ladies.
01:27:47 4/28/2016
David Walker, the "Walker" in Firestone Walker Brewing Company sat down with Steve to talk about the artistry of beer making, hops, naming brews, "beer enemies," the craft brew scene in general, and how a guy from a small village in South West England found his way to California and the craft beer business.
01:09:52 4/21/2016
Now that everybody's had some time to process Wrestlemania 32, Court Bauer of MLW Radio returns to discuss the various match outcomes with Steve Austin. What does AJ Styles' future really hold against Roman Reigns, and is Roman's new identity as "THE guy" really gonna help him now? Is WWE looking to cash in on turning Bray Wyatt babyface? And what is Wade Barrett planning once he departs WWE? Plus, hear their opinions on Sasha Banks, the announcers, Dean Ambrose, and what was missing from Shane-O-Mac's loss to The Undertaker.
01:20:49 4/14/2016
Enzo Amore, a certified G and bonafide stud & you can't teach that, and Big Cass, he's 7-foot tall and you can't teach that, ain't bringing no "s-a-w-f-t" to this podcast! But they are bringing plenty of stories about how they met and became tag partners, the NXT Performance Center, what they learned from Triple H, their definition of a "hot tag" and what it means to "work," what Dusty Rhodes did for their careers, and their rivalry with Dash & Dawson. You'll also hear about Enzo's short-lived college football career, and why Big Cass ditched medical school to attend Johnny Rodz wrestling school.
01:26:16 4/7/2016
Big Show and Steve Austin are at it again, and this time, they ain't gotta worry about the language! They cracked open a couple of cold Broken Skull IPAs at the Fairmont in Dallas, Texas, and shot the shit on Wrestlemania 32, all the injuries plaguing the WWE & why that's NOT a problem come Sunday, John Cena, the NXT Movement, three hours of RAW, why there are no true heels in the business anymore, Big Show's trouble with suits & ties, the "Shine, Heat, Comeback, Finish" psychology, Donald Trump, iPhones, and a little Jack Daniels history.
01:16:04 3/31/2016
The Freebirds are going into the WWE Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania weekend, and no one has better Freebirds stories than Diamond Dallas Page! He's sharing some of his favorites with Steve. Plus, Ted Fowler returns with drunken tales from a Mexican jail, what it means to "throw some leg," the best way to combat chiggers, and his love-hate (but mostly love) relationship with golf.
01:38:04 3/24/2016
Steve Austin & Ted Fowler poured a couple of jack & cokes & hit the record button on the ZoomH4N down at the Broken Skull Ranch, and this is what resulted - the merits of wearing helmets on motorcycles and hard hats at job sites; the status of Al E. Gator at Tombstone Lake; why it's bad to submerge your iPhone in lake water; Fabio; the only reason you'd ever need to order custom Chuck Taylors; Teddy's new nickname (#LILT); and a breakdown of Holly Holm's surprising loss to Miesha Tate and what it means for Ronda Rousey.
01:23:09 3/17/2016
Two-time NBA All-Star and current LA Lakers center, Roy Hibbert, loves the WWE, MMA, and reality TV shows! He's a graduate of Georgetown University, a newly-minted LA local, and says he's not good at "trash talkin'" on the court! But he's calling out those who are! And he's giving an inside look at life in the NBA - from the specially-outfitted planes for the players to how he spends his NBA salary to working out with the great Tim Duncan to being star-struck by Lebron James! Roy's sharing workout and nutrition tips, and explaining why naps on game days are important! You'll also hear the story behind his $75k fine, his visit with a sports psychologist, and how he deals with the camera crews following the Lakers 24/7 for Kobe Bryant's final season!
01:37:26 3/10/2016
Paul Lazenby is Steve Austin's movie stunt double, and returns to the podcast to explain why he shaved off his goatee! Okay, that's not the only reason! Paul's got a new book out, "When We Were Bouncers: Famous Actors, Athletes, and others Tell Insane Stories Of Their Days Behind The Velvet Rope." Everyone from Diamond Dallas Page to Samoa Joe to Bas Rutten to Renzo Gracie sat down with Paul & shared some wild stories from their days as club bouncers. You'll hear about the crazy fights, Paul's "Mad Dog Look," hyper-vigilance, how to protect yourself from a head-butt, and the 3 qualities needed to be a bouncer. Paul and Steve also tell some movie set stories, and offer up a sneak peek at who may be starring in "Titanic 2." It's not Leonardo DiCaprio, and it's called method acting, people!
01:21:35 3/3/2016
"30 Minutes of pure solid gold." That's what Steve Austin and MLW Radio's Court Bauer think about the opening of this week's Monday Night RAW, and they're gonna put their money where their mouths are, and back up that incredible claim! It's a play-by-play breakdown of Brock Lesnar's nasty attack on Dean Ambrose that ended up with Ambrose in an ambulance. It's a deep dive analysis of the surprise return of Shane-O Mac and the less-than-amicable reunion with his CEO father, and superstar sister, and what Shane-O's WM match with The Undertaker could mean for the future of WWE. It's a detailed dissection of the great promos cut by the one & only Paul Heyman, and what makes it so potentially devastating for Dean Ambrose. It's some serious armchair booking for Wrestlemania 32 in Texas. And it's 80-minutes of pure podcast gold from the award-winning podcast that ain't never won no award.
01:20:59 2/25/2016
Big Show is telling some tall tales on the Stone Cold podcast... about the Monday Night Wars, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Floyd Mayweather, meeting Hulk Hogan, leaving WCW, and his current run at WWE. He's also doing his best impersonations of Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes, speaking candidly about his relationship with Vince McMahon, explaining why Triple H wants no association with or credit for Big Show's success in the squared circle, answering honestly about retirement, and doling out a little advice to all the aspiring pro-wrestlers out there.
01:11:04 2/18/2016
Chris Bell returns to talk about his new documentary "Prescription Thugs," and what it was like making the documentary about prescription pill addiction when he had an addiction problem himself! He talks openly about hitting rock bottom, spending 3 months in rehab, and having part of his own story chronicled in his latest doc. He's also speaking about the death of his older brother, professional wrestler, Mike "Mad Dog" Bell, and what Chris & his younger brother Mark are doing to keep Mad Dog's spirit alive.
01:38:59 2/11/2016
It's round 2 with Steve Austin and Jerry Only of the Misfits! This time it's all about former singer Michael Graves, Jerry taking over the vocal duties, the path forged by the Ramones, the 25th Anniversary featuring Black Flag's Dez Cadena on guitar, the music biz in general and how Jerry & the Misfits have managed to survive and prosper, and new music with new members! Yes, there's some coming, and Jerry shares the deets.
01:17:54 2/4/2016
The Misfits lead singer Jerry Only had quite an adventure wrestling for WCW. Hear details of his infamous cage match with Dr. Death, the role Vampiro played in Jerry's pro-wrestling career, and how WCW almost broke up The Misfits! Plus, Jerry's talking about how The Misfits formed, what it was like working with Glenn Danzig & why Glenn ultimately left the band.
01:06:48 1/28/2016
Steve and Danny from break down craft beers, IPAs, dank brews, hops, aromas, and everything in between! They sip & review and discuss the growing craft beer market, some of their favorite brewers, and why San Diego in particular seems to be such a hot spot. You'll be a beer connoisseur, and possibly a little drunk, by the time you finish this one! Swig of beer for the podcast man!
01:23:28 1/21/2016
Steve Austin is back at 316 Gimmick Street, and does he have a tale to tell about how he made it back from the BSR to Marina Del Rey, CA! He also has some thoughts on Ted DiBiase, the rumored 2016 Ford Bronco, the Alabama Crimson Tide & Clemson Tigers, and the WWE's camera work. Plus, the latest update on Shona!
01:19:37 1/14/2016
It's a six-shot margarita blowout from the Broken Skull Ranch as Steve Austin and Ted Fowler say "adios" to another deer season! Everything's covered - Steve's recent flat tire experience and Texas road mishaps, Montezuma's revenge, food poisoning vs car sickness, Mexican food, Tinder, "Plenty of Fish," chicks with tattoos, and trim!
01:33:07 1/7/2016
Steve Austin and Ted Fowler took time out from BSR chores and deer hunting to answer some of your questions! They cover everything from Steve's personal margarita recipe to gun selection to wild boars and Ted's love life. They also did a little Mona Lisa and LDV research, and share their findings.
01:02:06 12/31/2015
Steve Austin and Ted Fowler are shooting the shit about road rage, a certain G.I.A.N.T.'s escape from near-death, Odell Beckham Jr, deer mishaps, rattlesnakes, wild turkey (not THAT kind), and The Royals & "good ole Prince what's his name." They got tips on "regaining your composure," and contemplate the meaning of "deader than Kelsey's nuts." Mix yourself a margarita and join the conversation.
01:08:45 12/24/2015
Hang onto your hats & glasses cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness... but it ain't fittin' for the whole family! Steve & Teddy cover it all from the BSR - liquor laws, broken down broncos, idiot drivers, luxury deer stands, the joys of flying, mud baths, gimmick coffee lingo, losing glasses, find my iPhone, and... "one hot night in Rockport, TX." They're also offering the "Technical Tip Of The Week," and presenting the first-ever "C*!ksucker Of The Week" Award.
01:20:37 12/17/2015
Steve and Ted Fowler are shooting the shit at the BSR. They cover beards, break-ups (okay, Teddy's recent break-up), Steve's new coffee idea, "Trim" (he'll explain), global warming, a battle with the WASPs, tips for traveling, the advantages of Jack & Dr. Pepper vs Jack & Coke, and New Year's Resolutions. The convo gets heavy for a second when talk turns to terror attacks, the Boston Marathon, and the death penalty.
01:25:26 12/10/2015
The Patriot Del Wilkes shares the inspiration for his masked gimmick, what Vince McMahon thought of it when Del went to WWF, and why he retired at age 37. He also talks about the New Japan workstyle, working matches with Andre The Giant, Terry Bam Bam Gordy, Baba, Dr. Death Steve Williams, and taking the lariat from Stan Hansen!
01:28:50 12/3/2015
Wade Keller of PW Torch joins Steve Austin to talk pro-wrestling" and "sports entertainment." They're also discussing Survivor Series, the "this is awesome" chant, the art & selling of cheating, who was "guilty of OC" on Sunday night, Cesaro's injury, Bray Wyatt's promo style, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Sasha Banks, and the suspension of disbelief!
01:34:35 11/25/2015
Steve Austin is giving you a true behind-the-scenes look at WWE with longtime director Kerwin Sifies. Kerwin's talking about what it takes to do three hours of live RAW every Monday night, what goes into Wrestlemania, why he sat with the audience at Wrestlemania 1 at MSG, and he's got some great stories about working with Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, and Vince McMahon himself! He's even got a couple of tales about Stone Cold!
01:21:10 11/19/2015
Wade Keller from returns to do a "State Of The Pro-Wrestling Nation" with Steve Austin! They're covering Seth Rollins' injury & the impact it'll have on the Royal Rumble and WM32; John Cena's time off from WWE; Alberto Del Rio's return & angle with Zeb Colter; RAW's recent ratings; and the overall presentation of the pro-wrestling product. They're also talking Ronda Rousey's upcoming fight vs Holly Holm!
01:14:33 11/12/2015
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell returns, and this time he's talking about the match that left him temporarily paralyzed in the ring, the car accident that required Doctors to reconstruct his face from pictures, road stories with Lex Luger, kicking his hardcore addiction to prescription pain pills, and his current indie wrestling career.
01:09:36 11/5/2015
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell has a new documentary coming out on Halloween. It's called "The Good, The Bad & The Buff: The Marc Bagwell Journey," and he's telling Steve all about it. You'll hear about growing up in a wealthy Marietta family, playing highschool baseball and football, stripping at the "Lemon Peel" in Atlanta to make extra money, how Missy Hyatt "saved" his life, working for WWE after WCW was bought by Vince, the ribbing he took in the WWE lockerroom, and the controversy surrounding Buff's quick release from WWE.
01:28:23 10/29/2015
Brock Lesnar grew up on a farm, played football and wrestled in highschool, spent 8 weeks in training camp with the Minnesota Vikings, competed for Dana White in UFC, and is back for round two with Vince McMahon and WWE. Hear about Wrestlemania 19 & 20, his first WWE match in Australia with Triple H & The Rock, what he learned traveling down the road with Curt Hennig, his connection with Paul Heyman, and why Brock just doesn't really like people.
01:26:38 10/22/2015
3AndTwenty return for another hang and jam session! This time you'll hear some of the ATL music that influenced them (and it ain't country). Plus, you'll hear Steve Austin bust out a little of his own musical knowledge - strings, guitars, playing styles and picking!
01:11:26 10/15/2015
How 'bout a little jam session and Q&A with one of Steve Austin's favorite bands - 3 And Twenty! They set up, mic'ed up, and played a hell of a set at Steve's place in Hartwell, Georgia. So here's your chance to get to know and hang with Butch, Adrian, Daniel, Jim, and Rusty! Swig of beer with the 3 And Twenty band!
01:23:03 10/8/2015
Chris Carey & Nathan Mowery are two of the "working men" behind the scenes of the new documentary, "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake," and they're hanging with Steve in Hartwell, GA doing a little work, and telling some stories about the making of that documentary! They've also got some cool stories about fire-breathing and other fire stunts they've performed! And hey kids - don't try any of that at home!
01:33:29 10/1/2015
Part 2 with Scott Hall is all about NWO, Razor Ramon, turning babyface in a match against Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, Scott's infamous ladder match with Shawn Michaels, the "Curtain Call" at MSG & breaking kayfabe, learning psychology in Puerto Rico, starting over with Eric Bischoff at WCW, his WWE Hall of Fame induction, and getting a second chance at life thanks to DDP! And if that's not enough... Scott & Steve break down the best road travel songs!
01:17:52 9/24/2015
Steve Austin and Scott Hall meander through the early days of Scott's pro-wrestling career. Hear stories about the territories, AWA, tag teaming with Curt Hennig, the steroid scandal, the best feedback Tully Blanchard ever gave him, how he became The Diamond Studd, and what it was like working with Jerry Lawler, Barry Windham, Dan Spivey, and Nick Bockwinkel. And the best thing of all - this is only part 1!
01:24:47 9/17/2015
Jake "The Snake" Roberts is putting on a wrestling clinic! He's talking the art of cheating, selling, the powder, good referees, and the effective use of the DDT! He's also got stories about Andre The Giant, Stu Hart & Calgary, blades and getting color, and how he got his name! And he's even got some thoughts on redemption, second chances, and life in the here & now.
01:24:47 9/10/2015
Wade Keller of returns to finish up the SummerSlam review with Steve. They go in-depth on John Cena's match - what worked and what didn't; The Undertaker & Brock Lesnar - the defining moment & what it might mean for Wrestlemania; the Divas triple threat elimination match; and Cesaro vs Kevin Owens - what they liked & the crowd response. And yes, they both had a favorite Summerslam match... but you'll have to listen to find out which one it is!
01:40:44 9/3/2015
Chael Sonnen has plenty to tell Steve Austin about the art of trash talking, Dana White's comments about pro-wrestling, Ronda Rousey and her next opponent, Conor McGregor, Jim Cornette, and Donald Trump! Chael's also got a hell of a booking idea for Sheamus, and a decision about whether or not you'll see him in the octagon once his suspension is lifted! And if you've never heard of "The BMF Walk," Stone Cold will enlighten you!
01:32:15 8/27/2015
Vampiro returns to talk about the death metal music scene that inspired his pro-wrestling gimmick, tagging with Insane Clown Posse, his feud with Konnan, who taught him in-ring psychology & how to cut promos, why he has nothing but hatred for WCW, the Mexican wrestling scene, Lucha Underground, and his close friendships with Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr.
01:21:05 8/20/2015
If you missed the season 1 finale of "Lucha Underground," then you missed a hell of a match between Vampiro & Pentagon Jr. Luckily, Vampiro breaks it down with Steve - from the thumbtacks to the fluorescent lights to fire to the incredible finish!
01:18:35 8/13/2015
UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier sits down with Steve Austin to talk... pro-wrestling! Yeah, that's right! Daniel's got thoughts & opinions on John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Sting, SummerSlam, and Wrestlemania 32. He & Steve also discuss Dana White's recent social media comments about the squared-circle. But not to worry - there's also plenty of UFC discussion about Jon Jones, the dominant Ronda Rousey, and the upcoming UFC 192 card in Houston, TX.
01:37:50 8/6/2015
Oh lord! Look who made it to LA! @TedFowler361 hauled ass from Rockport, TX to hang out at 316 Gimmick Street in-person! Get ready for truck talk, beer talk, BSC set talk, some handyman work, and a little Easton Corbin!
01:16:43 7/30/2015
Wade Keller returns to the Steve Austin Show, and this time he's bringing four-letter words & thoughts on this week's RAW! He & Steve breakdown the 6-man match with Cena & Kevin Owens, The Undertaker promo, the pull-apart brawl, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and the genius of Paul Heyman.
01:15:34 7/23/2015
Johnny Mundo aka John Morrison aka Johnny Nitro stops by 316 Gimmick Street to talk Lucha Underground! He also explains how he went from majoring in geology in college to pro-wrestling! Hear why he left WWE, how he learned to speak Spanish, what he thinks about acting & doing stunts, his experience on Tough Enough 3, and his opinion on wrestling schools and trainers! He also previews his upcoming Lucha Underground season finale match with Prince Puma.
01:40:09 7/16/2015
Eric Van Wagenen worked with Steve on "Tough Enough" 2011, and is now an Exec Producer & Show Runner for the El Rey Network's "Lucha Underground." He's telling the Lucha story - from finding a ring location to locking in talent to rewriting the first episodes hours before shooting! He's talking Lucha psychology, his TV philosophy, how he feels about WWE and promos, and whether there will be a season 2! Plus, Eric worked with Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice" and weighs in on NBC's split with Trump.
01:38:45 7/9/2015
It's a TWO MAN cluster fuck with Steve Austin & Ted Fowler at the Broken Skull Ranch in Texas! Topics covered: kayfabin' Kristin, Jedi mind tricks, buttermilk, french toast vs pancakes, bear claws, tomatoes, Wally World, foods that give you gas, cheap-ass fuzz busters, and Tupac!
01:38:45 7/2/2015
Del "The Patriot" Wilkes has traveled a seriously tough road - prescription pill addiction that at its worst found him taking 120 pills a day; 10 months in prison; and two bad injuries that ended his pro-wrestling career. But somehow, he rehabbed, recovered, found God, and reclaimed his life! And Del details that story, very candidly & honestly, to Steve!
01:43:00 6/25/2015
Steve's telling tall tales... or is he?! He's also answering your questions about squatting, batman, gimmick pool sticks, coke zero, Bigfoot, 80s hair bands, moonwalking, and Rick Rude. He's got workout tips, a tour of his set trailer, and a story that "will bring a tear to a glass eye."
01:53:20 6/18/2015
Steve Austin's taking on Big Foot on the set of the Broken Skull Challenge... and then he's answering your questions. He's talking NXT, Arn Anderson, wrestling lingo, and Daniel Cormier. You'll hear his take on jam vs jelly, ear piercing, football training, and trolls! Plus, "10 Things I Now Know About Steve Austin."
01:25:27 6/11/2015
CT Fletcher Motivation goes head-to-head with Stone Cold in the LBC! The World Powerlifting Champ has a few tips on lifting, eating right, eating crazy, cussing, and surviving rough childhoods. He's also got an amazing story about defying the odds, and living after open heart surgery. He loves muscle cars, Al Green, Richard Pryor, YouTube, and pro-wrestling! Betcha can't guess his favorite wrestler...
01:42:33 6/4/2015
Podcast host, Sirius/XM radio personality, and die-hard wrestling fan, Sam Roberts brings "What's the happs?" to 316 Gimmick Street! He and Steve talk favorite wrestlers & matches, Sting's future, the A-level talent at NXT, Kurt Angle, Monday Night RAW. Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt (the heel?), & Kevin Owens. You'll also hear a little Star Trek talk, and a rundown of the limited (and mostly fast food) "fuel" Sam will feed his body.
01:39:34 5/28/2015
Wade Keller returns to breakdown the Payback PPV with Steve. They talk Rusev vs Cena, Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus, Neville, Bray Wyatt, The New Day, Cesaro & Tyson Kidd, and the Bellas. Hear their favorite matches & performances, and what needed a little work. Plus, both share thoughts on a possible Samoa Joe run at WWE.
01:43:33 5/21/2015
Ted Fowler checks in from Rockport, TX! He has the lowdown on the state of the BSR nation, thoughts on PDA vs PEDs, and a suggested location for Steve Austin's shiny, black suburban. Teddy's also talking rainbow trout, mini-golf tournaments, and aquariums with no fish! WTF?
01:39:13 5/14/2015
Court Bauer of MLW Radio joins Steve to talk atomic drops, suplexes, the DDT, Lucha Underground, TNA, Billy Corgan, and three hours of Monday Night RAW. They also trade thoughts on Rusev & Lana, Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt, and the art of the promo!
01:39:39 5/7/2015
Round 2 with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, and this time he's talking about ECW and its reputation for violence - what he thought of it then & how he feels about it now. He's also talking about his run at WWF, including his issues with "The Kliq." You'll hear how he mastered the fine art of being a heel & cutting a kick-ass promo. Plus, the match that ended his WWF career, his real-life feud with Ric Flair, his thoughts on his friend Chris Benoit, and dropping the belt to Taz. And then there's his time in TNA...
02:06:11 4/30/2015
"The Franchise" Shane Douglas candidly discusses his oxycodone addiction with Steve - what it was like at its worst, what prompted him to kick it, and how he finally he did. He also talks about his highschool & college wrestling days, training with Dominic DeNucci, working for Bill Watts, the legend of Bruno Sammartino, getting color at ECW, and what he learned from Eddie Gilbert.
01:40:19 4/23/2015
What is the most effective use of The DDT in the squared circle? And what does Steve Austin think about Dolph Ziggler's recent use of the famed move? Steve has a few thoughts to share about that, and NXT and Adrian Neville, Daniel Bryan's neck injury, and head butts & rear chin locks. He's also talking Walking Dead, building mass and cutting fat, and carbon 14.
01:34:12 4/16/2015
It's "The Kristin Austin Show" featuring special guest Steve Austin! And they're taking your questions as they podcast from the Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas on National Beer Day! Swig of IPA as they tackle honeybee relocation, fun turtle facts for kids, Electric RVs with 1500-mile long extension cords, and outrunning police radar guns. There are also some astounding wrestling stories thrown in for good measure! And do you know what "whilaggo" means? Well you will after this episode of everyone's favorite award-winning podcast that's never won an award!
01:14:45 4/9/2015
It's tales from the BSR, and other parts over yonder involving lions, raccoons, bears, honey bees, flesh-eating beetles, and speeding tickets! Steve, Kristin, and Kristin's brother Mitch have some true stories, and survival tips so that you can survive being lost in the woods, or in the dry desert of Nevada, or on the mean streets of LA. There's a little hunting talk, Steve's nomination for "Husband Of The Year," and then there's that one time in the "destination vehicle"....
01:20:17 4/2/2015
Steve's talking Wrestlemania - past, present & future. Hear his all-time favorite Wrestlemania moment, his first Wrestlemania experience, and his best Wrestlemania memory. He's got stories about WM 12, 13, 17, and 20. And then Court Bauer joins to preview Sunday's card and matches, and talk about Brock Lesnar's big announcement!
01:40:20 3/26/2015
Three-time King of Pancrase and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten has plenty to say about "the liver shot," training regimens, nerves, pain pills, practicing submission moves on his wife, the decathlon, culinary school & French cooking, and free fighting. He also talks about his hero Bruce Lee, and life after fighting, including his recent experiences on movie & TV sets!
01:41:15 3/19/2015
If you want to be a pro-wrestler, this is the episode for you! Nightmare Danny Davis, founder of Ohio Valley Wrestling, and one of Stone Cold's own mentors, has plenty to say about learning the art of pro-wrestling - from psychology to in-ring basics to health & safety. He also recounts his own open tryout experience, the origins of the "Nightmare," tag teaming under the management of Jim Cornette, his worst injury, and the start and evolution of OVW... and why you ought to consider going to wrestling school there!
01:39:47 3/12/2015
TNA's Eric Young stops by 316 Gimmick Street to share the 411 on the current state of TNA Impact Wrestling, their new TV home, his recent turn to heel, and his love of Jackie Chan & Kung Fu movies. He also talks street luge, his other TV gig "No Limits," and the one pro-wrestling match that changed his life! John Cena, The Rock, Ricky Steamboat, Brian Pillman, and Kurt Angle stories included. And you definitely want to stick to the'll hear why if you do!
01:45:56 3/5/2015
You guys had plenty of opinions and arm-chair booking ideas for the WWE "Fast Lane" PPV... and so Steve opened up the phone lines and talked to you about it. John Cena, Rusev, The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, Golddust and Stardust, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Sting, Triple H, the "reality era" of pro-wrestling, and the road to Wrestlemania 31.
01:43:18 2/26/2015
Steve and his illustrious wife Kristin have tales from their recent RV travels and a few dos & don'ts when traversing the open highway in a 20 square-foot destination vehicle. Food, gas and lodging... and not necessarily in that order! You will also hear what died in the barn at the BSR... and the lengths Steve had to go to get a damn beer in Texas... on a Sunday! He shares great stuff about Michael PS Hayes and the Fabulous Freebirds too! And then there are the PED-taking Zombies...
01:28:53 2/19/2015
Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg returns to talk pro-wrestling with Steve! The Macho Man vs Ricky Steamboat steel cage match, more Royal Rumble analysis, the Montreal Screw Job, Stone Cold vs Mike Tyson, the hardest & easiest wrestlers to move around in the ring, and pro-wrestling memorabilia including Steve-weiser cans & Bret Hart's sunglasses!
01:23:04 2/12/2015
WWE COO Triple H sat down with Steve for a live conversation on WWE Network Monday night, and now you can hear it right here! They talk Royal Rumble & Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Triple H's evolution at WWE, NXT, Chynna in the Hall of Fame, CM Punk's departure, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, Rick Flair, NWO vs DX, and Pro Wrestling vs Sports Entertainment.
01:36:11 2/5/2015
The Royal Rumble is still on Steve's mind... and so is the NXT REvolution PPV! And he's discussing both with MLW Radio's Court Bauer. Topics covered: Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Sting, Paul Heyman, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. You'll also find out why the Triple Threat match at the Rumble was the best match Steve's seen in years... pay close attention because the "Word Of The Day" is back too!
01:22:32 1/29/2015
Steve's talking to you guys, he's talking to @TedFowler361... and he's covering everything from his thoughts on WWE Referees and how they're utilized today to Roman Reigns as the next big star to the ladies battling it out on Broken Skull Challenge.
01:16:52 1/22/2015
Steve talks to his OTHER boss on today's show - PodcastOne founding CEO Norm Pattiz! How much of a grilling does Norm get? And then Steve's talking to you guys! WM19, John Cena, Macho Man Randy Savage, Royal Rumble, Adam Sandler, injuries, and Jerry Jones!
01:27:22 1/15/2015
Steve's talking wrestling, and wait till you hear what he WAS gonna do IF Paul E. hadn't called him right after Bischoff fired him from WCW! Find out which matches were the toughest to work, how he really feels about the War Games PPV, the secret to calling matches in the ring, and Steve shares an in-ring moment with Chris Benoit. Plus, Arn Anderson, favorite finishes, and in-ring attire!
01:14:44 1/8/2015
Steve Austin is back on the Broken Skull Ranch and cracked open the mic with @TedFowler361. They were also joined by a very special guest, Steve's younger brother Jeff! They told some stories, answered your questions, and talked a little country music! Topics covered - the Austin 316 video, Chris Benoit & suplexes, Big Show, electronic darts (someone's a sore loser), and New Year's Resolutions! You asked for motivation, you got it... Unleashed!
01:26:35 1/1/2015
The white meat babyface from Norman OK, jumpin' Jim Ross joins Stone Cold to talk a little wrasslin' - Big Show & Roman Reigns, RAW, Global Force Wrestling, and New Japan! Plus, the masses (YOU) have spoken, and it's unanimous - it's Pro F'in Wrestling (NOT Sports Entertainment)! Steve takes your calls about that, and all sorts of other stuff - NXT, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Luke Harper, John Cena turning heel, Wrestlemania 31, and Bret Hart! Download a little extra Unleashed holiday cheer!
01:56:39 12/25/2014
Steve Austin & @TedFowler361 are coming to you live from Betty Ford South... ok, so it's really the BSR in Tilden, TX! And they're talking pro-wrestling (NOT sports entertainment). Get some Monday Night RAW analysis, debate about John Cena's hypothetical success during the Attitude Era, stories about color in the ring with Dusty Rhodes, kicking Jerry Lawler's crown, and Shane McMahon's no-fear philosophy! Plus, guess who's thinking about a foray into the squared circle - he's got a gimmick & a finishing move ready to go! And... a big Happy F'ing Birthday to our favorite podcaster!
01:24:43 12/18/2014
Steve Austin and @TedFowler361 poured a couple of Jack & Cokes and got to talking about everything from a possible Jim Ross return to WWE to the Undertaker's choke slam to the current state of the WWE and what can be improved. Steve also has some advice for Dolph Ziggler, a job offer for the high-flyin' Rey Mysterio, and an idea for new Deer Hunting show. And then there's Speed Racer... you might want to pour yourself a Jack & Coke for this one!
01:42:20 12/11/2014
Steve Austin flew to Tulsa, OK on Monday on the WWE Private Jet to interview Vince McMahon, and this is what happened leading up to that live sitdown with the WWE boss! Find out who Steve talked to backstage at RAW, who he dropped a Reverse Mule Kick on, why the CM Punk discussion with Vince only went as far as it did, and what challenge Steve issued specifically to Roman Reigns. He also shares his very decided opinion on what the entire WWE locker room could be doing to help the product that Stone Cold loves so much... and no, it's not cheating!
01:36:45 12/4/2014
This is a tag team match for the ages! 6 vs 2 as Stone Cold and @TedFowler361 take on PED-infested rats at the Broken Skull Ranch in a fight to the death. Is this the end of our favorite South Texas heroes? Or will they live to hunt... and fight... another day? Download now to hear the dramatic outcome of this true squared-circle story... and B.Y.O.B (as in bowl). You'll get it after you listen!
Oh... and Happy Thanksgiving from Steve Austin Unleashed!
01:30:33 11/27/2014
Bill Apter, formerly of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, talks to the "1990 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie Of The Year" (that's Steve Austin in case you're wondering) about Buddy Rogers, the death of the territories, the Von Erich family legacy, Gary Hart, Eddie Graham finishes, the Andy Kaufman-Jerry Lawler feud, Hulk Hogan in Rocky III, and the MRI machine that almost got the best of our favorite G.I.A.N.T. (global icon and national treasure).
01:22:08 11/20/2014
You asked and Steve answered... unleashed! Steve's talking finishing moves and what he thinks about some of today's including Bray Wyatt's Abigail! He also weighs in on blood and color in the ring & the WWE's current policy, why he was singing Kumbaya backstage one night at RAW, and who he liked mixing it up with outside the ring. And he sets the record straight about a certain drunken night at Zakk Wylde's house!
01:24:10 11/13/2014
Steve's answering your questions... and that means stories about Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Daniel Cormier, Sly Stallone, bad-ass death scenes, PED-taking rats, the squared circle water gimmick, and Steve's most prized possession! He's also got some tips about tattoos and gray shirts, a suggestion for another "Expendables" sequel, and a big "oh hell no" to hair plugs! And if you wanna know the rules of engagement when it comes to the announcers table & the squared circle - then you best hit that download button now!
01:28:58 11/6/2014
Stone Cold Steve Austin attempts a 15-minute broadway with The Nature Boy Ric Flair...that ends up going 40 minutes! The booker's pissed. The promoter's screaming, "your asses are fired!" But YOU all are gonna f'ing LOVE hearing all about the fine art of bleeding, upside down bumps, superstitions in & out of the squared circle, the Figure-Four, "borrowing moves," Ramblin' Ricky Roads, chopping The Undertaker, and which of the two WWE Hall of Famers is up to 500 squats a day! All that because Stone Cold wanted to check in on his friend who'd had some health troubles in recent weeks!
01:03:31 10/30/2014
Steve Austin is on the set of the Broken Skull Challenge Season 2, and telling stories & answering questions! He's also ASKING one very important question on behalf of an Unleashed listener! Here's what's covered: AWA, poppin' the truck, Booker T, turning heel, PED-takin' rats, and a personal message to @TedFowler361, whose ass better be listenin'!
01:17:41 10/23/2014
Wrestlemania 17. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock. The match of the year in 2001. Stone Cold's heel turn! You wanna know what was going on inside Steve Austin's head during the match? You wanna know how that match was called? What went wrong? What went right? What could've been done better? And how Stone Cold feels about it 13 years later? Then this podcast is for you! Be inside Steve's head while he's inside the squared circle! It's a true insider's look at one of the greatest matches of all time! And hey... if you can watch AND listen - do it!
01:06:12 10/16/2014
Teddy Fowler checks in from the Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas where he practically drowned with his new lady-friend, waiting in the rain for the AC repairman to show up! Okay, so that's an exaggeration... but it's just one of many tall tales that come up during the course of this conversation. You'll also hear about insane lottery winnings, who's been trash diggin' and why, some Ebola discussion, a little on global warming talk, deer hunting plans, and multiple examples of the "two-course man meal." Oh yeah... note to Siri - shut the hell up! Stone Cold is trying to podcast!
01:13:41 10/9/2014
THIS is what happens when Steve decides to do a podcast in a car with his main man from Amsterdam, Chris Collins (ok, so he's really from Oakland, CA.). It's a day-in-the-life down in Hartwell, Georgia as the twosome travel from shoot to lunch to errands and finally home... and discuss everything from Ravishing Rick Rude to WCW to Sade to shaved heads to selfies... and bad fucking drivers! They are Kool & the Gang and doling out tech & football info like a mother fucker! Hop in and enjoy the ride...
01:30:03 10/2/2014
Steve is still working his ass off down in Hartwell, Georgia... but he used his day off to tell you some great wrestling stories, answer some questions, and take you behind-the-scenes of the movies he's made. He's running down injuries, fight scenes, tough guys, and gimmick punches! Swig of the beer for the Podcastin' Man!
01:29:33 9/25/2014
You wanted wrestling, you got wrestling! Steve Austin is answering your wrestling questions and cutting promos on all who asked for 'em! He's talking wrestling fads & gimmicks, selling in the ring, rethinking the clothesline comeback, and working in Japan. He's also having an IPA with his lake monster neighbor in Hartwell, Georgia!
01:15:06 9/18/2014
Stone Cold Steve Austin is tellin' tall tales and weavin' yarns...and making chicken salad out of chicken shit! And this is some seriously funny chicken salad! Jerry Lawler, Brock Lesnar, The Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, and Spanx for men! The story of the scuba-diving, whale-saving hero; extraordinary one-arm bench presses, and... they're "pictures of myself BY myself" they ain't no damn selfies!
01:18:03 9/11/2014
Stone Cold Steve Austin is telling wrestling stories & answering your questions about everything from his right arm to Bret Hart to cussing out opponents to today's WWE product, and everything in between. He's also sharing his recent adventures navigating the streets of Los Angeles, and how he dealt with unpleasant smells in the squared circle! Oh... and he's also talking about the time he knocked Vince McMahon sideways with a... download & find out!
01:33:51 9/4/2014
Paul Heyman is back, and this time he and Stone Cold are breaking down the current Brock Lesnar/John Cena feud... and making some interesting predictions! They're also talking old-school ECW philosophy, booking, gimmicks, and most popular faces. Plus, Paul E. remembers Bam Bam Bigelow's wrestling debut, his own early days as a ring photographer, and the very first promotion he ever New York's infamous Studio 54.
01:43:18 8/28/2014
Oh man! It's part 2 with Mick Foley! And it's Promos, Promos, Promos... along with some serious analysis about Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, & Jake "The Snake" Roberts' Hall of Fame speech. Plus - ECW violence, 11 chair shots from The Rock, the famous Uncle Willie promo, Owen Hart & the Santa-sized sack of popcorn, and "Pimpin' Shrimpin' & Chimpin' Ain't Easy."
01:48:13 8/21/2014
What happens when two WWE Hall of Famers sit down and start shooting the shit? Well lucky for you, recorders were rolling when Stone Cold Steve Austin sat down with Cactus Jack aka Mick Foley at 316 Gimmick Street! You can learn a thing or two about the rasslin' buisness from this one... negotiating pay, taking care of your body, concussions and head trauma, and surviving steel chairs! Don't worry, you'll also be laughing your ass off - loaded boots, loaded Gucci bags, Clash of the Champions, "The Commissioner," and plenty of Vince McMahon impersonations! And the best part?? This is only part 1!
01:28:40 8/14/2014
Steve opened the phone lines... and you guys flooded 'em! Undertaker stories, Shawn Michaels stories, cement trucks & Vince McMahon's corvette...Triple H, Bray Wyatt, and Paul Heyman and ECW. You wanted to know and Steve answered UNLEASHED! You'll even get inside scoop on the Broken Skull Challenge, and Steve's thoughts on TNA & the state of pro wrestling today!
01:22:22 8/7/2014
Former pro-wrestler, powerlifter, and owner of Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA, Mark Bell joins Steve. He speaks candidly about his own steroid use, his brother pro-wrestler Mike "Mad Dog" Bell's death, the "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" documentary, and how he got into powerlifting. Plus, Mark and Steve share plenty of nutrition, workout, and lifting tips!
01:21:41 7/31/2014
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA is Steve Austin's favorite beer, so of course he said, "Hell Yeah!" when co-founder & owner Ken Grossman said, "C'mon up to Chico, have some lunch, grab a tour, and pound a few cold ones with me." And you know Steve brought his podcasting equipment with him too. So check out the convo & learn how to brew yourself up your own batch... or the best way to pop the top off a cold Sierra Nevada. Either way... it's the next best thing to being there.
01:22:24 7/24/2014
The Tommy Dreamer is back! This time - why he left WWE, how he became "The Innovator of Violence," tag teaming with Terry Funk, drinking human blood, his feud with Dixie Carter, Sandman's OD, the House of Hardcore, and his one big regret.
01:34:24 7/17/2014
Tommy Dreamer, the Innovator of Violence, talks about his favorite wrestler, Dusty Rhodes; his original name idea "Tommy Acid"; building his wrestling promotion House of Hardcore; his snoring buddy Bubba Ray Dudley of the Dudley Boyz; his original childhood dream; the tag team he turned down; and ECW & Violence!
01:45:23 7/10/2014
ROH's Christopher Daniels tells Steve about the origins of Curry Man (and even provides a demonstration)! Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Bound For Glory, the 2005 Unbreakable match, squared-circle injuries, X-men movies and Wolverine - all covered!
01:12:39 7/3/2014
ROH's Christopher Daniels aka Curry Man aka Fallen Angel stopped by the studio at 316 Gimmick Street! Hear about ROH's big PPV event, Christopher's in-ring style & philosophy, and some of his favorite tag teams including Midnight Express & Rock & Roll Express. Plus, he explains why he Shawn Michaels is his favorite wrestler of all-time. Plus, a surprise (well not anymore) visit from Jim Ross!
01:29:22 6/26/2014
Court Bauer, founder of Major League Wrestling (MLW) also worked on the creative team for the WWE for a few years back in the 2000s. He's got stories about Gary Hart, Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and Eric Bischoff and the demise of WCW. He and Steve also break down today's current WWE roster!
02:03:10 6/19/2014
What happens when you put two podcast hosts together on the same Skype line? You get a helluva show! Steve Austin & Jim Ross tell stories about Gary Hart, Ted DiBiase, Andre The Giant, and JR's cowboy hat gimmick. Plus, hear frank discussion about the state of the biz today - including psychology, booking, and talent.
01:40:06 6/12/2014
Big Van Vader aka Leon White was the first big man to do a moonsault! He tells that story, and takes us inside the ring for his matches with Bruiser Brody, Sting, Harley Race, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Inoki. Plus, his eye-popping injury! And the fact & fiction of the Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious stabbing incident. Both Stone Cold & Vader were there!
01:44:14 6/5/2014
Cowboy James Storm and Steve Austin are sharing their tag team pet peeves, and the worst matches of their respective careers (at least according to Dave Meltzer). They're also talking Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart, the Superkick, the Stone Cold Stunner, cars, vegetarians, and 80s heavy metal.
01:34:16 5/29/2014
TNA's Cowboy James Storm stopped by 316 Gimmick Street with a 6-pack of Coors Light and a whole mess of squared-circle stories. He's namin' names too - favorite promo guy, favorite of all time, and who gave him his gimmick. Plus, hear about his call to WCW, why he's partially blind in one eye, and which college offered him a scholarship to play basketball!
01:25:19 5/22/2014
The Eric Bischoff finale covers everything from Eric being fired from WCW and then hired back to the eventual purchase of WCW by WWF... as well as Eric's days in WWF and his big garbage can send-off, Eric and Stone Cold's run as co-GMs, his favorite wrestling angle, his awkward moment with Randy Savage, and one of Eric's favorite stories from his AWA days.
01:23:41 5/15/2014
Eric Bischoff is back... and this time he's talking WCW - how he ended up running the show, the Monday Night wars with WWF, having Dusty Rhodes book, adding Kevin Nash to the roster, and the real reason he fired Steve Austin! Plus, nWo and Hulk Hogan stories!
01:24:04 5/8/2014
Holy Cow! Once the record button got pushed, hilarity ensued! Fluffy Guy aka Gabriel Iglesias & his comedian friend Jerry Rocha talked Wrestlemania 30, The Undertaker, and first squared-circle matches! Plus, hear Fluffy cut a promo on CM Punk, and Stone Cold cut a promo on Fluffy's webmaster!
01:40:30 5/1/2014
Longtime WWE referee Jim Korderas was in the ring the night Owen Hart fell to his death, and shares the story with Steve. Jim also remembers his pants-splitting, first big squared-circle appearance, calling matches for Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, and Jerry "The King" Lawler, taking bumps, and playing cards with Big Show!
01:44:20 4/24/2014
WWE's Paul Heyman aka Paul E. Dangerously talks to Steve about the demise of the ECW, the WWE conference call that got him fired, the craziest workers in the business, the Heyman Hustle, think tanks, and Vince McMahon's sneezing issues.
01:35:36 4/17/2014
Michael "Purely Sexy" Hayes met up with Steve in NOLA! Check out the stories about The Fabulous Freebirds, refereeing, what Michael did for Steve's career, and why you should never call him Dok Hendrix! Plus, Steve remembers the Ultimate Warrior! R.I.P.
01:35:44 4/10/2014
This is the last show before Wrestlemania 30 gang... and Steve's sharing some of his own Wrestlemania memories - like when he defeated The Rock at 17! Plus... edible insects, the Steve Austin Submarine, treasure hunting, and lame-ass suitcases! Look out... Steve's NOLA-bound!
01:09:02 4/3/2014
Steve's telling your favorite kind of stories - wrestling stories! Hear about the time he ran over The Rock's Lincoln Town Car with a monster truck, what happened to Steve & Bret Hart in the ring in Germany, and why Big Van Vader was drinking beer in nothing but his underwear in a hotel bar in London. Oh, and if you need some help with your resume - Steve's gotcha covered!
01:06:54 3/27/2014
Holy Shit! Steve Austin's opened 100 cans of Audio Whoop Ass! Technology like a Mother F'er! He's telling wrestling stories - The Undertaker, Arn Anderson, Savio Vega, Rick Rude, singing with The Rock, Bret Hart, and the Ringmaster! And wait till you hear what happened during a recent drive down the 405!
01:22:34 3/20/2014
Former UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar fought his way through school, two brothers, bars, the octagon, and the financial world. Now he's trying to make in the squared circle. Hear what it took to cut weight, how he survived jail in Iceland, and what a shot to the liver REALLY feels like.
01:40:36 3/13/2014
Steve Austin opened up the phone lines... and wait till you hear who and what got through! The elimination chamber, the Wrestlemania 30 card, rumors of Alberto Del Rio's impending retirement, and the BSR Challenge! Plus, Dave Meltzer joins in to discuss the recent UFC card in Vegas & Wrestlemania 30.
01:31:44 3/6/2014
Lilian Garcia, Stone Cold's drinking buddy, joins Steve, and it turns out she's not a beer-loving gal! What does she drink? That's answered! Plus, hear about her time in the WWE, taking bumps, singing the National Anthem with Stone Cold, and her music career today!
01:31:32 2/27/2014
Zeb Colter aka Dutch Mantell - the man who taught Steve Austin half of everything he knows about the pro-wrestling business, the man who gave Steve Austin his name, the man who traveled down the road with Stunning Steve, and the man currently managing The Real Americans - joins the show. Enough said.
01:47:55 2/20/2014
Steve Austin went to Monday Night RAW in Los Angeles earlier this week, and shot the shit with a bunch of his wrestling buddies! It was a damn family reunion! Plus, Steve's answering your questions! Love & marriage, injuries, bathroom issues - he's got advice for everything!
01:01:17 2/13/2014
Answer the damn phone... and that's just what Steve did! Yep, this one's all YOU - calling in to talk about Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania 30, and the art of the tag team! Plus, Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer weighs in too!
01:30:55 2/6/2014
Comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias drops by the Gimmick Street Studios to riff with Steve on parking lots, beer, shots, pro wrestling, mexican food, gift baskets, life on the road, and their mutual buddy DDP. OHHHHHH HELL YEAH!
01:19:46 1/29/2014
Diamond Dallas Page sits down with Steve! Find out why DDP travels with thumbtacks, how he ended up bare-naked at a match, what it was like working with Randy Savage, and who he inadvertently knocked out in the squared-circle!
01:32:38 1/23/2014
Steve Austin and TedFowler361 are in Vegas... along with the word of the day! It's back! Plus, hear about the worst place Steve ever wrestled, what happened when Donald Trump got a stunner dropped on his ass, and whether or not Steve Austin will be at Wrestlemania 30.
01:12:57 1/16/2014
The world's strongest bodybuilder, Stan "The White Rhino" Efferding, is getting both Steve Austin's and your ass in shape! Hear the truth about protein powders, carbs, red meat, and treadmills! Change your life with Stan Efferding & Steve Austin... and that's the bottom line!
00:00:00 1/9/2014
Steve Austin's providing a little f'ing motivation to get you to take care of business in 2014. Prepare to be mud stomped and walked dry, MF'ers!
00:00:00 1/2/2014
Jim Cornette is back to share more stories from inside the squared circle... and OUT! He's got some great behind-the-scenes BS and of course, don't forget the ribs!
00:00:00 12/26/2013
Midnight Express manager Jim Cornette joins Steve. Lightning strikes, diva fights, early Memphis wrestling, and a 2014 trip to the U.K.
00:00:00 12/19/2013
Ring of Honor bad-ass wrestler Kevin Steen shares a weekend escapade or two with Steve. And what's up with the panda bears?
00:00:00 12/12/2013
Taz,the Human Suplex Machine, lets loose on Unleashed - pile driving, the tap out, the black singlet, and more four-letter words than you can count!
00:00:00 12/5/2013

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