Bald Bryan (side kick on the Adam Carolla Show) & his partner Anderson talk everything movies in this weekly podcast.


Top 5 Sea Creatures // Game Night, Tickled, Thoroughbreds

Anderson and Bryan embark in search of the TOP 5 SEA CREATURES.  They talk about their favorite beings that call the ocean their home. Flickfessions: Game Night, Tickled, Thoroughbreds
01:24:40 3/15/2018

Past Episodes

It's THE 2018 VAULTIES, where Anderson and Bryan give their definitive lists of the best films from 2017. Flickfessions: Last Men In Aleppo, Strong Island, Red Sparrow, Raw
01:50:35 3/8/2018
With the big award show coming up, Anderson and Bryan make their predictions for the TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS.  But first, Bryan does his best to improve each Best Picture nominee with the addition of a certain actor.
01:19:11 3/1/2018
Anderson and Bryan go over the TOP 5 BRATS.  They pick their favorite, most intolerable little children they've seen on the silver screen. Flickfessions: Girls Trip, Black Panther, A Ghost Story
01:43:43 2/22/2018
Focusing on the excruciatingly awkward romantic encounters, Anderson and Bryan go over their TOP 5 WORST DATES. Flickfessions: The 15:17 To Paris, The Square, Faces Places, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
02:02:09 2/15/2018
Anderson and Bryan pay tribute to the TOP 5 FEMALE CHILD ACTORS.  They also flickfess their love of Good Time and talk about what works in David Wain's new film. Flickfessions: Good Time, A Futile And Stupid Gesture
01:27:09 2/8/2018
With some kind of big game happening this weekend, Anderson and Bryan coincidentally decide to tackle the TOP 5 FOOTBALL MOVIES. Flickfessions: Icarus, Lady Bird, Heaven Knows What, The Florida Project
01:22:54 2/1/2018
After sharing their reactions to this year's Oscar nominees, Anderson and Bryan move on to an even more controversial topic, TOP 5 ABUSES OF POWER.  As if real life wasn't bad enough, the guys discuss the most egregious examples in film. Flickfessions: Darkest Hour, Mudbound, Call Me By Your Name
01:38:11 1/25/2018
As the Sundance Film Festival 2018 kicks off with premieres of many great films to come, the guys sift through the entries and discuss which they're most excited for. Flickfessions: The Post, I, Tonya, Phantom Thread
01:35:03 1/18/2018
Anderson and Bryan cover the TOP 5 JOURNALISTS.  They talk about their favorite reporters in film. Flickfessions: All The Money In The World, Molly's Game, Patti Cake$
01:53:09 1/11/2018
The chase is on while Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 CAT AND MOUSE MOVIES. They talk about their favorite films where a character pulls out all the tricks to evade their pursuer. Flickfessions: Wonderstruck, Attack In Cell Block 99, Brigsby Bear
01:34:50 1/5/2018

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