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Caleb Pressley is college football's first ever Supervisor of Morale. Adam Ferrone (Rone) is the two-time defending battle rap champion of the world. They're some happy guys. On Young and Happy, Caleb and Rone dive into the notion that everything humans do is predicated on our own happiness. They explore all the inner-workings of becoming intentionally happy, while talking to people from all walks of life about what influences their daily joy.



Following the release of DISS WEEK volume 3, the Young & Happy team...Following the release of DISS WEEK volume 3, the Young & Happy team was bombarded with tweets & messages encouraging a beef against Jake Paul. After doing some research, we uncovered a world of Youtube diss tracks all surrounding Jake Paul and his friends. Then, we began to receive tips from our trusted listeners (who shall not be named) about the type of guy Jake Paul truly is. On today's episode, we bring on listener (who shall not be named) Sal, who allegedly went to high school with Jake, edits videos for Jake's mom 'VLOG MOM', and even had to go through his sister dating Jake. This is just the beginning of our take-down of Jake "The Snake" Paul. Listen as we uncover the truth (allegedly). This is Young & Happy. #SNAKEPAUL   Show More

27:07 8/16/2017

Past Episodes

On today's episode, we travel back to the year 2001 after taking a magical potion Rone got from a witch doctor. While we're there, we cover all the hot stories. Who will be the solo artist to emerge from Destiny's Child? Will Aaron Carter's new album be a success? And everyone's favorite rivalry, Lil' Bow Wow VS. Lil' Romeo. We even have a heated battle between two new rappers 50 Cent & Cam'ron in our Beastie Boys Bands segment. All that and more. This is Young & Happy.
32:35 8/15/2017
On today's episode we are joined by the Josh Abbott Band. They share with us some outrageous tour stories, from pissing in refrigerators to crying on stage due to edibles. We learn about the new album. We discuss the lack of diss tracks in country music. And we even talk college football. All that and more. This is Young & Happy.
50:19 8/14/2017
Diss Week Volume 3 is here. Forbes announced the highest earning DJ's. We bring you a Weeknd Update. And a heated Battle Of The Big Baller Bandz is upon us. All that and more. This is Young & Happy.
31:10 8/11/2017
Chief Keef is using paintball to avoid actual guns. A$AP Rocky is getting his name mixed up. And T-Pain is back in the discussion, or at least our discussion. All this and more on today's happy burst. This is Young & Happy.
42:04 8/10/2017
On today's episode we are joined Pardon My Take's intern / nutritionist Billy Football. We talk work-out music. We talk combine questions. And most importantly, we talk T. Also, Big Cat sits in to make sure Billy doesn't beef up. All that and more. This is Young & Happy.
33:12 8/9/2017
On today's episode, we welcome back Caleb from suspension. We talk Aaron Carter. We talk Fetty Wap. We premiere a brand new original screenplay by Walker. And last but not least, we are joined by Da Midget Zimbo, who shares with us his story & some music of Zimbabwe. All that and more. This is Young & Happy.
44:39 8/8/2017
It takes years for a Broadway Musical to hit the stage, but today on Young & Happy you get a brand new original musical on the spot! Rone is joined by Francis, Donnie, & Devlin as they engage in a groundbreaking performance of "The Tale Of Tom & Jerry". Featuring showstopping tunes such as "Save The Rainforest" , "A Man Named Jerry" , "Break-Ups Are Hard" , and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. This is Young & Happy.
37:35 8/7/2017
On today's episode we are joined by the pizza maker himself, Mr. Frankie Borrelli. In less than one year Frankie transformed from a pizzeria manager into not only the right-hand man for El Pres, but the producer of a national radio show. We discuss how he landed the job at Barstool Sports, his favorite experiences so far, and how everything in his life ties back to pizza & corn-hole. Also, Rone brings you volume 2 of Diss Week. This is Young & Happy.
50:56 8/4/2017
On today's episode we are joined by none other than Donnie Does AKA The Wonton Don. We discuss everything from performing rap shows in China, to being a founding member of Timeflies, and even the origin of the Donnie Does character. Also we get a fire exclusive Barstool rap courtesy of the Wonton Don himself to kick off the show. All that and more on today's happy burst. This is Young & Happy.
59:19 8/3/2017

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