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EP. 28: Bryan's proposals: two too many

Marley and Mary are still in shock from the conclusion of the Bachelorette. How long before Bryan and Rachel break up? The best of Twitter. Will Peter be the Bachelor? The most impressive things Bryan has done and Chris Harrison twists the dagger.

Past Episodes

Mary's baby partially joins this episode. Deep Thoughts on the Men Tell All. Who did they want to see more and less of? Who will be the next Bachelor and who is going to win. It seems Dean and Matt have been listening.
The show throws us another curveball. Mary's pick to win it all. Would Bryan really take Rachel's side over Olga's? Marley's not the only one noticing Bryan's cheeks. The real vs. Bachelor engagement. A juicy tidbit about a former Bachelor In Paradise couple. Why Marley likes 'em straight faced & straight laced. Who's going home next week?
Dean gets the gong and Olga WILL kill you. It's hometown dates, the best time of the year!
Mary reveals the truth about dogsledding. What's up with Peter and Bryan's stories about their exes? Dean's hometown date, who the finalists will be and ideas for the next Bachelor. Producers really pulled one over on us, and what Matt really needs to do to find love.
Marley and Mary try to make heads or tails of Jack Stone. Why is Matt still around? Peter. Why Mary is going to miss Alex so much. Who could be the next Bachelor? Who is going to win Rachel in the end? The three things we're all looking for in a partner.
There were two themes of this week's episode of The Bachelorette: Russell Dickerson and "Disingenuous." Lee and Iggy must go, Josiah turns things around, current frontrunners, the best and worst freestyle raps and another surprise appearance from an old favorite. Elsewhere in Bachelor Nation: the Bachelor in Paradise scandal and Rachel schools a former Bachelor contestant.
The various ends of DeMario, Fred, and both Whaboom and Blake, aka the aspiring drummer, aspiring clown showdown. The first time Mary has not been on Rachel's side. Alex is the dark horse who doesnt give a damn. Does Eric deserve what hes getting in the house? Does Bryan have botox? Marley and Mary are back to answer the hard hitting questions.
Marley and Mary are back to discuss week two of The Bachelorette. Love has blossomed at Barkfest 2k17, but is Peter that into Rachel? Were also very concerned about her dog Copper. Plus: Whats going to happen to DeMario, the truth behind Blake vs. Whaboom and what Mila Kunis said that was bleeped.
Season 13 of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay is here! After a minor mishap, Marley and Mary discuss which guys they see going places and which ones are just plain creepy. First item of business? The Tickle Monster.

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