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Marley McMillan from MyTalk 107.1 FM, along with a rotating cast of co-hosts, recaps the latest episodes, drama and storylines from The Bachelor and Bachelorette TV shows.


EP. 18: Are Nick and Vanessa going to make it?

It's the final episode of You Get A Rose for Nick's season! Marley...It's the final episode of You Get A Rose for Nick's season! Marley and Mary discuss whether Nick and Vanessa are going to make it and if Vanessa has her eye on a career in Hollywood. Also, Santa Claus makes an appearance, Raven needs a haircut and Rachel's first batch of suitors. Marley and Mary contemplate what to do until The Bachelorette returns. Thanks for listening!   Show More


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WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE QUALITY OF THIS EPISODE! Marley is on vacation, but she and Mary were determined to podcast about this important episode of The Bachelor. What happened between Nick and Raven in the fantasy suite? Whom is Nick going to choose? Who won: Corinne or Taylor? And people Marley and Mary want to see on Bachelor in Paradise. They will be back in their native habitat next week to talk about the finale.
Marley and Mary are back to discuss why Andi Dorfman really showed up, and who we know will be on next season of Bachelor in Paradise. Why we're so excited to see more of Nick's winter fashion and whether the producers are influencing Raven. Also, Why Rachel's continued stay might not be a spoiler after all.
Marley and myTalk 107.1's Dawn McClain discuss the highlights and lowlights of this week's hometown dates, including Nick and Raven's romp in the swamp and Corinne the sugar mama. They also reveal a surprising factoid about Vanessa and why Rachel's hometown date was unexpected. Who will receive Nick's final rose and will it work out long term? It's all on You Get A Rose!
Marley and Mary discuss the revelation of the next Bachelorette, and why ABC made the announcement so early. Also, why Mary is done with Corinne and whether Nick is a good communicator.
Marley and Mary discuss Nick's breakdown. He really needs to put his shirt from Sarah Herron back on right about now. They also discuss what happened with Danielle L., Jasmine and the "chokey," and their picks for the final three.
Marley and Mary both thought this was the worst episode of The Bachelor ever, but for very different reasons. They also discuss the best part of Nick's one-on-one date with Rachel and whether two people will actually be going home next week after this week's two-on-one. It's all on You Get A Rose!
In this episode of You Get A Rose, Marley and Mary break down why Bachelor villain Corinne must go. They also discuss the darker side of Raven and who won the Taylor vs. Corrine debate. Finally, did they really need to go to a farm just because they were in Wisconsin?!
The third episode of The Bachelor with Nick Viall has aired, and there is no shortage of things to talk about.

Marley and Mary discuss why these are some of the best group dates they've seen on the show, how Corinne is taking over, the contestant they're rooting for right now, and what it's actually like to throw up in front of your significant other.

It's an episode of You Get A Rose you don't want to miss!
In their second look at Nick Vial's season of The Bachelor, Marley and Mary discuss their love/hate relationship with Corinne, whether Nick made the right decision in sending Liz home, and what's going to happen next week after the always dreaded "To be continued" conclusion of the last episode.

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