What's Working in Washington

A weekly podcast examining the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and policy in the Washington D.C. region. They are stories explaining why local innovation often influences the federal government and are told by a wide variety of voices across demographics and industries.


What's Working in Washington - Ep 94 Lessons learned by a new entrepreneur - Adriana Avakian

The most surprising thing when becoming a founder? Watching her company's culture develop.

08:17 5/26/2017

Past Episodes

The same way playing identical notes can sound different from one musician to the next because of personal style, new technology can spot the pacing and patterns of our typing -- the newest tool in fighting cyber hacking and identity theft.
09:21 5/25/2017
The CEO of one of the largest educators for three- and four-year-olds in DC says new tech methods are changing the pre-school education.
09:21 5/24/2017
Connecting sensors to the internet, collecting massive amounts of data, and turning it into intelligencethats what Bob Marshall aims to do as CEO of Earth Networks.
11:24 5/23/2017
Former Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Griffin has a plan to help to entrepreneurs around the world start and grow their businesses. His organization Griffinworx has created $744 million in economic income, mostly in developing countries. Now he's bringing Griffinworx back to the United States, partnering with eBay to operate StartUp Cups in Washington, DC and Brooklyn to help women, immigrants and other groups facing obstacles in getting their businesses off the ground.
09:48 5/22/2017
May 22, 2017 show features interviews with Sean Griffin, Bob Marshall and Jack McCarthy
When starting a business, a lawyer is almost always required to help a business grow and while it may go against common sense, lawyers work to save startups money in legal fees.
11:56 5/19/2017
The first four months of the Trump administration have been engaging, to say the least, and how his presidency serves to affect the socioeconomic landscape is still up for debate.
20:12 5/18/2017
Augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are not simply trendy new technologies. They are tools shaping government and commerce for years to come.
"Our industry computing is in a state of transformation," says Michael McCormack, CEO of Eolian, a software development and content production firm that specializes in AR, VR, and AI. "Our computers are slowly moving from your pockets and our hands to our heads. "
09:02 5/17/2017
The business editor for The Washington Post has insight into how D.C. is being framed and perceived around the world, and he says these are exciting times.

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