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Immediately following each Minnesota Vikings game, former NFL long-snapper "The Super Star" Mike Morris and 1500 ESPN's Phil Mackey dissect the action and take your phone calls. The ultimate Vikings rollercoaster ride!


Protesters, Sam Bradford's record and looking ahead (Week 17, 2016)

The Vikings finished the season on a high note, with Sam Bradford and...The Vikings finished the season on a high note, with Sam Bradford and company destroying the Chicago Bears 38-10. The Super Star Mike Morris and Phil Mackey take your questions and comments via Facebook Live. Topics included the bizarre protest at U.S. Bank Stadium, Sam Bradford's completion percentage record, which free agents the Vikings should keep, and much more!   Show More


Past Episodes

In the season that just won't end we get more twists to the 2016 Vikings season. Phil Mackey sat out this Christmas Eve show so Doogie and Mike Morris took your calls on the 38-25 loss to the Packers.

There certainly was enough to talk about with TJ Clemmings, and well the rest of the team in general, having an awful day. Then news came out in the middle of the show that the DB's defied Zimmer. There were plenty of questions prior to that news about what has happened to the defense in the passed couple games. The guys discuss that and Thielen having a career day, while Everson Griffin remained undisciplined.

All that and much more in this weeks edition of the Vikings Ventline!
The Colts came into a frigid Minneapolis and stomped the Vikings into submission in a 34-6 beat-down.

No one person may have personified this loss more than Adrian Peterson. In what was supposed to be his triumphant return the former all-world back rushed the ball six times for 22 yards and a fumble. Besides Peterson the defense got shoved around all day by what was supposed to be a bad Colts offensive line.

Phil Mackey and Mike Morris took your calls about AP, the defense, and just about everthing else that went wrong in the debacle today. The guys also gave their most important thing they learned from today.

All that and a lot more on this weeks edition of Vikings Vent Line!
The Vikings had to rely on Kai Forbath making four field goals but came out of Jacksonville victorious.

Mike Morris and Phil Mackey answered plenty of your questions about the offensive lines troubles today. That poor offensive line play led to plenty of conversation about the Vikings being one of the worst short yardage teams in history.

The defense looked great against a terrible Jacksonville offense which sparked conversations about this team still being well coached despite the up and down season. There was also a comment about Zimmer being a fool for risking his eye just to coach a game.

All that and more on this weeks Vikings Vent Line.
The slump continues for the purple this week as they got dropped by the Cowboys 17-15 in Minneapolis on Thursday Night Football.

You, the listener, called in to discuss the terrible offensive line, special teams, and refs with Mike Morris and Phil Mackey. Kyle Rudolph's brick hands and cement feet were topics on the show, along with Charles Johnson's inability to make crucial catches. False starts at home and an uncalled hit to Sam Bradford's head were also heavily discussed.

Despite all the negative there was the positive that the defense returned to their early season ways, which garnered plenty of praise. Overall, though, the tone of the show was disappointment in the direction a once promising season has gone.

All that and more on this weeks episode of Viking Vent Line.
Yes, there are multiple weeks left in the season, but it's possible this Thanksgiving debacle in Detroit cost the Vikings a playoff bid. In a deviation from the usual caller-driven format, Phil Mackey, Matthew Coller and (eventually) Judd Zulgad took your questions, comments and observations via Will this season go down as one of the most disappointing in Vikings history, or will they rebound?
The Vikings snapped their four game losing streak with a 30-24 win over Arizona. Mike Morris and Phil Mackey took your calls on the bad reffing decisions that went the Vikings way, the lack of a run defense, and Danielle Hunter being a beast. You also called in to discuss the offense finding ways to move the ball and Cordarelle Pattersons socks.
The Vikings blew another game late and this week Blair Walsh wasn't all to blame. The Super Star Mike Morris and Phil Mackey take your calls about what else is wrong with the team. Plus, is Spielman to blame for the mounting injuries? Is the defense not helping enough? Can play calling improve?
Blair Walsh continued to miss easy kicks. The offensive line continued to be a swinging door. The Vikings lose in overtime to the Lions and incite panic. Phil Mackey and Mike Morris take your calls after that debacle.
The Minnesota Vikings offensive line was overwhelmed again in Week 8, this time in a decisive loss on Monday Night Football to the Bears. The Super Star Mike Morris and Phil Mackey take your calls about possible solutions. Plus, what happened to the Vikings defense? To what degree is Norv Turner to blame? And the boys have some criticisms of Mike Zimmer.

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