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Touch Em' All is a weekly discussion about the Minnesota Twins, hosted by 1500 ESPN Twin Cities' Phil Mackey and Twins beat writer Derek Wetmore. On this show, you'll find a strong mix of analytics, bad analogies and pleading for robot umpires.


Torii Hunter's many hats, and correcting course for Byron Buxton (ep. 113)

Torii Hunter made his TV debut and it was a hit. We're sincerely sorry...Torii Hunter made his TV debut and it was a hit. We're sincerely sorry for that bad pun. We'll do better.

Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss the possible value of a guy like Torii Hunter, and why a local TV broadcast (or a grinding coaching job) won't be the only avenue open to him. It's also bobblehead giveaway week!

And what's next for Byron Buxton? Is he back on track? Does he need more work? Would you send him down if he doesn't start making more contact?
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Past Episodes

Optimism Reigns on this bonus episode of the Touch 'Em All podcast, from Monday's Mackey & Judd show on 1500ESPN.
Phil Mackey, Judd Zulgad and Derek Wetmore discuss 3 reasons for genuine optimism with regard to the 2017 Twins season.
What's gone wrong with Kyle Gibson? And how much longer is he going to be pitching for the Twins?
Also, a discussion about the ethics of self-policing in baseball. Did Twins-Tigers go too far? Is Miguel Sano in the wrong? Are the Tigers?
Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have implemented some smart processes, and Phil Mackey is on board. Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss 3 such changes on this episode of the Touch 'Em All podcast.

And you can win a Brian Dozier bobblehead by answering this trivia question correctly! Listen to the episode for details.
Joe Mauer was shifted to an extreme degree this weekend, and he doesn't seem interested in adjusting to pull the ball to right field. Bert Blyleven pointed that out on TV--are his criticisms accurate? Also, watch what pitchers are doing to Byron Buxton when he gets to two strikes. It'll tell you a lot about what they think of him.
The 5-1 Twins have gotten off to a great start to the year, and you can't take that away from them. Do you expect any of this to last? Will the Twins contend this year? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore from 1500ESPN discuss that on the latest episode.
On the flip side, what are the concerning things you've seen so far from the Twins?
What's wrong with Byron Buxton? Can he straighten it out at the plate? A little Twins trivia to start the show. And tune in next week for a bobblehead giveaway in our next edition of Twins Trivia!
Derek Wetmore joins the Mackey & Judd show on 1500ESPN to talk about the Twins good start to the season. What positives have you seen that you didnt expect? They talk pitching, the hit (and walk) parade, and Jason Castro's early impact.
Then its all discussion on Byron Buxton and whether or not the Twins should already be concerned.
Lastly, theres a trade rumor out there about Ervin Santana. Would it make sense for the Twins at some point to move their ace in a trade? What goes into that decision? Do you think it will happen?
The Twins are using advanced metrics to make lineup decisions. What do you think about that? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore are answering opening day questions on what the lineup looks like, how it will play out this season, and what to expect from some of the most important contributors.
Who will win the World Series this year? Who are the postseason teams? Phil Mackey, Derek Wetmore and Judd Zulgad discuss. But also, will Phil Hughes allow over or under 34 home runs this year? Will Joe Mauer ground into over/under 10 double plays? A little Over/Under game on the Twins on this show.
All three of these guys we're talking about might be stars. But none of them are surefire bets. Miguel Sanos downside is what? Cleanup hitter? Buxton's downside is glove-first speed guy who cant hit in the big leagues? Berrios' downside is what? Fifth starter? Sixth starter? Which one of these guys is most like to reach his upside? Sano is probably the safest bet to be productive overall. Which is the most important to the long-term future to the Twins? Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore discuss on this bonus episode of the Touch 'Em All podcast.
The Twins are thinking differently about their approach to success than they did under Terry Ryan. At least thats the conclusion that Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore have come to.
On this episode of the podcast, Mackey and Derek talk about examples theyve heard from spring training, and get specific about why you can legitimately be optimistic the Twins picked the right leaders.
A unique insight from an old video of Derek Falvey. And the theory Thad Levine said earlier this year, that might sound like its at odds with the new-school approach the Twins are taking.

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