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We're Anthony, Brad, and Chris. We're fathers, and we're overwhelmed. Three Men with Babies is a look into the chaotic lives of three guys who work in sports talk by day, change diapers by night, and are trying to not suck at both. This fatherhood thing is hard!


Ep. 33 - Cell Phones for Kids and Goodbye Date Night

From cell phones for the kids to palling around with Fredbird, we cover...From cell phones for the kids to palling around with Fredbird, we cover much ground in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Brad is a hero at home now that he's on TV with Fredbird
5:00 The audience describes the grossest thing they've done as parents. This didn't go well.
14:00 How long do you wait to get the kids a cell phone?
19:00 How has date night changed since kids came along?
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24:53 4/15/2017

Past Episodes

From co-sleeping to video games, to restaurant meltdowns, we cover much dad ground in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Tangent about the one beer league softball team that refuses to move up a level
3:00 If you had three kid-free hours (Ha!), what would you do?
7:00 Listener Question: Co-sleeping with your kids. Okay or not so much?
13:00 Would You Rather: Clean poop out of the tub or the carpet?
18:00 Would You Rather: Eat at a good place with a crying baby, or a bad place with a quiet baby?
22:09 4/8/2017
The children are showing no signs of calming down, toys are not working, and they're saying embarrassing stuff in public. Other than that, everything's fine.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 When do toddlers finally develop a damn attention span? We're exhausted.
03:00 Brad's brilliant idea to make kids earn their toys
08:00 Would You Rather; Wake up four nights for one hour or one night for all night long?
12:00 Dylan says the darndest things: Vampire Edition
14:00 If you find out your child is the bully, it's going down so hard at home.
19:00 Teachers should get paid more. So should podcast hosts.
22:06 4/2/2017
Yo Gabba Gabba is super weird, one of the kids made us proud, and the other one learned to clap. Huge week, you guys. Happy 30th episode!
Here's the rundown:
00:30 The It goes by so quickly line is B.S.
03:00 How one of our kids made us as proud as a dad can be
05:00 Anthony's daughter knows how to clap. This is massive.
06:30 The BBC photo bomb is the most amazing thing ever.
08:00 Whys kids' shorter attention spans could kill professional sports
13:00 Yo Gabba Gabba! has to be created by someone who was high, right?
16:00 Is it acceptable to drink at children events?
23:03 3/25/2017
We're talking failed childproofing attempts and parenting other peoples' children in this episode. Also, probably some poop stuff.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 There's a premature stair climber in the house. This is not good.
02:00 A failed attempt at childproofing the house
07:00 Is it okay to reprimand other peoples' children?
11:00 Listener Question: What do you fear your kid will do in public?
16:00 Public changing tables are the devil.
22:31 3/17/2017
From bullies at the park to our childrens' future demolition careers, there's plenty to cover this week.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 We had a bully incident at the park. Is it okay to teach a kid a lesson the hard way?
05:00 When is it okay to tell your child to punch a bully back?
08:00 Would You Rather; Fly with kids for 3 hours or drive for 8?
11:00 Based on your child's personality right now, what will his or her job be?
17:00 Advice you wish you'd gotten before baby number two
21:36 3/11/2017
From child leashes to learning the word no, this parenting thing ain't easy. Enjoy this best of episode from our cool little podcast.
Here's the rundown
1:00 Child leashes; acceptable or hell no?
4:30 Is it okay to lie to your children to suit your own needs?
6:00 Kids learning (and ignoring) the word no is a hell of a process.
8:30 Our favorite voicemail of all time got us going on baseball cards
17:30 3/3/2017
Were talking creepy kids songs, how crawling is a double edged sword, and playing Would You Rather.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 One of he kids started crawling. Life as we know it is over.
04:00 There's no bringing food into the station because we work with vultures.
06:00 Listener question: If you kid sucks at a sport, is it good to push them away from it?
12:00 Listener question: Is it okay to sing songs with drug references to the children?
15:00 A look at the creepiest and most pervy song of all time
17:00 A round of dad-themed Would You Rather
22:11 2/17/2017
From kids learning about sports fan heartbreak to a few poop debates, we cover plenty of ground in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
01:00 We have an official overseas contributor
03:30 Listener question: What's the biggest perk of your wife being pregnant?
10:00 Listener question #2: How are wives different now that they're moms?
12:00 When the kid poops right after you get him dressed. Dammit.
14:00 Are you raising a bully or a kid who embraces differences?
17:30 Brad's son helped Anthony through his Super Bowl depression.
20:57 2/10/2017
We take a call from overseas and talk resisting the temptation to eat the food your kid leaves on the high chair tray. Important stuff.
Here's the rundown:
00:30 Its Brad's birthday, so his son was nice to him for three minutes.
03:00 Traveling without the kids isn't as cool as it sounds.
05:00 We take another call from England; This time it's about Star Wars.
12:00 Have you ever tried to dress a baby girl in layers? It's impossible.
16:00 Anthony doesn't like grilled cheese. Thats un-American.
20:00 2/3/2017

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