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We're Anthony, Brad, and Chris. We're fathers, and we're overwhelmed. Three Men with Babies is a look into the chaotic lives of three guys who work in sports talk by day, change diapers by night, and are trying to not suck at both. This fatherhood thing is hard!


Ep. 57 - Weird Obsessions and Scary Moments

We're talking weird obsessions and scary moments as parents this week....We're talking weird obsessions and scary moments as parents this week. Buckle up.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 A listener with a dog poop-obsessed son calls in
5:00 The kids are onto us giving them fake versions of what they really want.
11:00 What's the scariest moment you've had as a parent?
24:00 We already have a Halloween costume, and it's phenomenal.
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29:05 10/12/2017

Past Episodes

Took a road trip with a toddler. Stayed at a hotel in the ghetto. Don't want to talk about it.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Another road trip with the toddler, another Cracker Barrel bathroom destroyed.
7:00 Any hotel with live ducks in the lobby is doing it right.
10:00 Moms basically do everything better than dads, right?
16:00 Another trip to the doctor, another ear infection. FML.
25:01 10/5/2017
We're talking how weird, awful, and spectacular kids cartoons have gotten.
1:00 There's a horrifying pronunciation issue with one of the kid's cartoons.
5:00 What's the rule on drinking at live kids shows? We're good, right?
9:00 Breaking down kids songs that it turns out are actually quite creepy
18:00 10/1/2017
From being line leader on fire drill day to low budget cartoons, we cover plenty of dad ground in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Line leader at preschool on fire drill day. That's pressure, son.
3:00 Good luck bringing the class snack in a peanut allergy room
8:00 How to not have the birds and bees talk with your children
11:00 Which cartoon character would you want to be?
16:00 Anthony watched low budget cartoons growing up
20:11 9/21/2017
Is it bad that our kids cry every day at school?
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The kids wont stop crying at day care drop off. This sucks.
13:00 A listener's son flushed his underwear down the toilet. Is that bad?
18:00 Anthony's one year old mocked a group of teenagers.
22:00 A tangent about West Coast vs. East Coast rap
25:00 9/14/2017
Preschool is starting, potty training is happening, and kids are still insane. Send help.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Anthony taught his daughter one thing, now he's a hero.
3:00 Brad's kid is a Rams fan now, which is unfortunate.
6:00 Chris' son cant sit on the potty unless Daddy does as well. Weird.
9:00 Listener question: How do you get your kid out of your bed and back into theirs?
16:00 Preschool is starting. Tears will fall.
18:00 What's the weirdest thing you've said as a parent?
21:41 9/2/2017
We're looking back at our favorite sports-themed dad clips from our time on Three Men with Babies.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 One of the kids has a drill sergeant of a soccer coach, and we like it.
4:00 That time Brad took a wiffle ball to the face, and we got it on camera
7:30 Video games are taking over the world. Remember real sports?
26:08 8/28/2017
One of the kids potty trained himself and another punched a lady in the throat on a plane. It's been a good week.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 First flight alert. Anthony's daughter punched a lady in the neck on a plane.
11:00 Happy one-year show anniversary! Let's listen to a few old clips.
16:00 Kids vs. pets; One has to go, right?
22:00 Not to brag, but my two year old dropped a deuce in the potty.
24:18 8/19/2017
A year into this thing, we're looking back at the struggles, happy moments, struggles, rewarding experiences, and struggles that come with being a dad.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 If you could model yourself as a famous TV father, who would it be?
4:00 Anthony wins the sympathy weight gain game, if that's considered a win.
13:30 Singing Jingle Bells on the toilet; the most dad moment you've ever had
20:00 How long until you bailed on the organic foods and just threw hot dogs at the kids?
26:08 8/10/2017
Do men really need to wake up for nighttime feedings? Are we doing anything or does misery just love company?
1:00 Men waking up is pointless for nighttime feedings, right?
7:00 The children are getting a little too observant. It's weird now.
11:00 Why are babies obsessed with laptops? Theres an errant email to all coming.
12:00 Anthony's about to fly with the baby for the first time. Good luck with that.
22:43 8/5/2017

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