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We're Anthony, Brad, and Chris. We're fathers, and we're overwhelmed. Three Men with Babies is a look into the chaotic lives of three guys who work in sports talk by day, change diapers by night, and are trying to not suck at both. This fatherhood thing is hard!


Ep. 42 - The Worst Kid Travel Stories Imaginable

It's a travel-themed version of this dad show we do. If you guessed...It's a travel-themed version of this dad show we do. If you guessed vomit and poop are involved, you guessed right.
1:00 Brad talks his first flight to Vegas with both of the kids. Diaper blowouts occurred.
7:00 The airline screws up Anthony's first trip without the baby
13:00 Another Vegas trip, this one minus the kids, plus the booze and regret
18:00 Would You Rather: Deal with an airplane diaper blowout or car ride vomit?
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24:21 6/21/2017

Past Episodes

It's time for our first road trip with a toddler. This will be hell.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Time for our first big road trip with the toddler. This may not go well.
8:00 If you could warn yourself about one thing before you were a father, what would it be?
12:00 Did you ever think you'd be wishing you could do housework?
17:00 What music from our generation will our kids think was good?
25:58 6/9/2017
We're hiding in the closet and eating candy bars and we can't get the Wee Wee Song out of our heads. Rough week.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 We can't unhear the Wee Wee Song. Its right out of our nightmares.
6:00 Why is the diaper indicator blue for pee? Yellow makes more sense. This is important.
8:00 Listener question: What's the perfect Father's Day gift?
17:00 The kids' nighttime prayers are getting longer. Stall tactic.
21:00 Hiding in the pantry and eating a Snickers's come to this.
26:44 6/1/2017
We found an incredibly uncomfortable kids song and we work in some poop talk as well. That's a good week.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 A tangent about our flawed employee of the month policy. Sorry.
3:00 What's with the guilt trip from the kids doctor?
8:00 The creepy kid song to end all creepy kid songs
13:00 Listener advice about not letting the kids quit
19:00 Would you rather clean up poop on a plane or vomit in a car?
23:33 5/27/2017
Our Mother's Day efforts received mixed reviews and we're talking products we'd never buy for the kids again.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Does it count as a first word if you don't say it right?
4:00 Did we dads do a good job on Mother's Day or not so much?
10:00 What we do as dads that we swore we wouldn't do before being a dad
16:00 Is it time to bail on the phone when the kid wants to play?
19:00 What product would you never buy again?
24:36 5/19/2017
From overstimulation with a pack of goats to quitting kid sports, there's much to debate in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 This Daniel Tiger cartoon is back in our good graces with his new song.
5:00 Overstimulation alert; one of the kids had a run-in with a tribe of goats.
8:00 The new star system is working well in Brad's house, aside from a few backfires
14:00 If your kid hates a certain sport, do you let them quit?
17:00 Moving houses with a kid is the absolute worst.
23:00 A reminder that Goodnight Moon is creepy as hell
26:24 5/12/2017
Cartoons are teaching the kids questionable lessons and we're talking a trip to Vegas with no kids. That's actually a thing that happened.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 First trip to Vegas with no kid. Hookers or no hookers?
4:00 Mr. Rogers was not a Navy SEAL
6:00 One of the kids' cartoons is teaching him strange life lessons
12:30 How to handle unwanted mother-in-law visits
17:00 The most embarrassing thing your child has said
25:49 5/6/2017
From potty training and curse words to unwanted visitors, we're looking back at our best listener questions.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 If our kids current personalities indicate their future careers, we're screwed.
8:00 A little listener advice about potty training and curse words
13:00 How to manage the hoard of visitors when the baby first gets home
18:00 We'll take your good iTunes ratings, thank you very much
20:10 4/29/2017
From the first kid-free trip to the old school vs modern dad, we cover it all in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 The first overnight trip without the kids. Awesome or hell?
9:00 The modern involved dad versus the old school never-home dad; advantages of each?
13:30 The social issues of homeschooling
18:00 It takes two hours to get ready to leave the dang house when you have kids.
20:00 The night from hell when everything goes wrong
24:25 4/22/2017
From cell phones for the kids to palling around with Fredbird, we cover much ground in this episode.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 Brad is a hero at home now that he's on TV with Fredbird
5:00 The audience describes the grossest thing they've done as parents. This didn't go well.
14:00 How long do you wait to get the kids a cell phone?
19:00 How has date night changed since kids came along?
24:53 4/15/2017

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