The Limit Does Not Exist

Why limit yourself to one side of your brain... or one career path? You guys, the limit does not exist. Multi-hyphenate powerhouses Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell believe that creativity and STEM can and should hang out together all the time, and they've got a lot of really great guests who think so, too. If you're all about building your own custom Venn diagram, this show is for you.


The Mathematics of Origami

Can you mathematicize art? We dive into that question and lots more...Can you mathematicize art? We dive into that question and lots more with physicist, engineer and master origami artist Dr. Robert Lang, who merges mathematics with aesthetics to fold elegant modern origami. You'll hear how computer programs support making better art and discover some astonishing applications of origami folding techniques. Plus, the world's most beautiful math equation!   Show More

51:50 4/24/2017

Past Episodes

Front-End Architect. Pantsuit Seamstress. Sasstronaut. These are just a few ways to describe Mina Markham, a senior engineer at Slack, self-taught technologist, and public speaker. We discuss how to find your purpose, the art of learning technical skills from the world's most famous teacher, the Pantsuit UI pattern library and more.
58:49 4/17/2017
How do you open the science loop to create compelling media? That's one of the topics we discuss with Nadja Oertelt, scientist, media producer, documentary filmmaker and co-founder of Massive, a new science media company. We follow Nadja's journey from research scientist to filmmaker to startup founder, and learn how Nadja was able to translate her research skills from the science lab to the production studio. Plus, our advice on how to reignite your passion for your work!
01:01:07 4/10/2017
We're talking with Ross Crain, actor, director, VR filmmaker and Cate's fiance. That's right! Our two-part series on partnership is back! Ross and Christina discuss Occam's Razor, Mixed Reality, what baseball and portfolio theory have in common and more. Plus, why Ross first thought that Cate was "bizarre."
01:00:02 4/3/2017
Are you a pirate, robot, or a ninja? That's one of the many questions we discuss with Bryan Cooperrider, an educator, designer and musician who has been performing improv comedy for over 20 years. We discuss design as process, the intersection of engineering and art, and how to build community through music. Plus, Brazilian rhythms and grooves!
01:04:12 3/27/2017
We're talking with Janett Martinez the CEO of Loomia, a fashion-tech company that makes fabric into circuit boards using proprietary conductive ink. Janett shares her fascinating path to CEO that's been paved with scrappy resourcefulness. We discuss the power of setting up a process, the internet of things, the best kept secrets of NYC concierges and so much more.
01:03:05 3/20/2017
In this special Pi Day episode, we interview Dr. Eugenia Cheng, mathematician, musician, chef and the author of How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics and the upcoming Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics. Eugenia shares why she's chosen not to follow blueprints that others have created and why math is not actually about getting the right answer. Plus, how to mathematically figure out your perfect size of pizza and Eugenia's tips on making a delicious Bananas Foster!
58:26 3/13/2017
To celebrate our one-year anniversary of launching The Limit Does Not Exist, we're recapping and synthesizing some of the big themes we've learned over the last 34 episodes from our brilliant guests and enlightening insights you've sent our way. Consider this episode a great Human Venn Diagram playbook chock full of wisdom!
01:09:46 3/6/2017
We talk with Kate Fehlhaber, neuroscientist, photographer, pianist, and science communicator, who just completed her PhD at UCLA. We discuss how Kate walks the tightrope between art and science, as well as the connection between her particular area of neuroscience research and photography. We also break down the bias of illusory superiority, the left brain-right brain myth and why it persists in pop culture, and the neuroscientist thinking of Proust.
00:58:18 2/27/2017
We interview Professor Butch Rovan, a performer, composer, media artist, and the faculty director of the Brown Arts Initiative. Once a rock musician in Los Angeles, Butch now creates award-winning work at intersection of technology, code and composition. We learn why it's artists who push technology to the nth degree, how to interpret your work from one field to another, and why movie soundtracks make us cry.
01:06:34 2/20/2017
We're talking with Chas Carey, writer, producer, podcast host, litigator, actor, and Christina's boyfriend. That's right! This is the first in a two-part series in which we ask: Is it really a good idea for one #HumanVennDiagram to be partnered with another? We discuss energy optimization, storytelling across disciplines, and adaptability - whether on stage or in the courtroom. Plus, the lowdown on Chas and Christina's first date. Cue the heart eyes!
01:03:03 2/13/2017
We interview Stephon Alexander, physicist, jazz saxophonist, professor at Brown University, and author of the book The Jazz of Physics. Stephon explains why quantum physics is a lot like jazz improvisation and how working on physics in a jazz club led to his most famous string theory calculations. He also tells us how to face down the "please disease" and why synthesizing seemingly disparate fields is the way of the future. Plus, we share an original track from Stephon's album with the musician Rioux. That's right - it's Jazz Hour on TLDNE!
00:49:49 2/6/2017
We talk with Leah Gilliam, the VP of Strategy and Innovation at Girls Who Code. Leah began her career as an artist, filmmaker, and academic before shifting over to game design and STEM education. We discuss how to narrate your own Human Venn Diagram story in a way that gets you hired, the highly valuable creative skill that you may not realize you have, and how to stay close to the things you find interesting. Plus, hear about Christina's Women's March On Washington experience and Cate's "Math Brain"!
00:53:51 1/30/2017
We interview Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, scientist, STEM educator, and the founder of 32ATPs, a clean energy biotech company. Carol is also the former Utah State Science Advisor and (in true #HumanVennDiagram form) helps run a stage plot app for professional musicians. We dig into the importance of failure in science and entrepreneurship, the tyranny of jargon, and how you (yes, you!) can get involved in public service. Plus: cloning cows, kitchen chemistry, and a baby!
00:55:31 1/23/2017
It's our first C&C episode of the year! We discuss motion-capture Shakespeare, Hidden Figures, as well as Obama's STEM and arts legacy. We also talk about why it's the perfect time to make your balanced scorecard for the year, why it's always the perfect time to have an impromptu dance party, and lots more to get your 2017 kicked off on a high note.
01:06:07 1/16/2017
We hang out with Adam Ward, a multi-hyphenate artist who works primarily in LEGO. Adam has created major installations for brands like Tumblr, Microsoft, Genentech, and The Oscars, and is in the second season of his hit YouTube series BRICK X BRICK. We discuss how LEGO can be a tool for social change, how you can start from wherever you are (using whatever materials you've got), and how to turn play into a career. Plus, artificial intelligence, the uncanny valley, and plenty of LEGO math!
01:05:43 1/9/2017
We talk with Gabrielle Reece, pro athlete, New York Times best-selling author, host, health and wellness entrepreneur, and part-time resident of Hawaii. We discuss the power of diversifying through the lens of athletics, why mentors are essential, why worrying is not, and why it's important to start with why. And since this is the first episode of a brand new year, we ask Gabby for advice on how to fuel yourself and stay healthy while you're changing the world in your own unique way.
00:54:34 1/2/2017
We interview Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media and author of Dot Complicated, which is now a multimedia platform spanning a radio show, a website, a children's book, an animated series, and more. Randi shares how she embraced her three-dimensionality and decided to take a portfolio approach to her career, as well as her advice for young artists (hint: it has to do with coding). Plus: why "well-lopsided" is better than "well-balanced," why you should own the casino rather than just play in one, and why singing is really good for you-even if you can't carry a tune.
00:59:54 12/26/2016
It's the final C&C episode of the year, and we've got a lot of catching up to do! We learn why Christina just came from prison, why Cate's no longer on the market (but also totally is), and we get a visit from the BroadMic gals to discuss diversity in startups. Plus: Admiral Hopper at the White House (and on Jeopardy), Hamilton math, and lots of other hot tips c/o our Twitter followers!
01:03:52 12/19/2016
We talk with Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, an Australian artist, researcher, occupational diver, and lover of space who is currently training to be an "artist-astronaut" and will soon be bringing art to a suborbital space mission. We discuss how SJ's art is connected from sea to summit to space, why we need to keep asking good questions, why it's always a good idea to discover, discover, and discover some more, and why every expedition needs an artist.
01:08:31 12/12/2016
We interview Sydney Skybetter: choreographer, change agent, curator, and first-class Human Venn Diagram (he even has one on his website!). We discuss gestural grammar, disruption theory, a quick fix for slash-artist syndrome, why you should adopt a no-douchebag policy immediately, and much more. Plus, what to do when you're having trouble fitting all of your interests into one resume. And lots of $10 words!
01:06:20 12/5/2016
We talk with Taoufik Nadji, professor of physics, astronomy, math, and forensic science at Interlochen Arts Academy. Mr. Nadji is famous at Interlochen for his ingenious ways of incorporating arts and science and making STEM thrilling. We discuss some highly collaborative projects that will blow your mind, why the journey to a solution is as important as the solution itself, and how teaching is also an act of learning. Plus, wait for Mr. Nadji's answer to the age-old student question: "What does math and science have to do with my life?"
01:03:25 11/28/2016
It's another Cate and Christina episode, and we're talking about the election through the Human Venn Diagram lens. We cover big data and whether or not it failed us in predicting the winner, plus the difference between certainty and probability, unseen biases, the social media echo chamber, and how algorithms have played a role in creating a newsfeed full of people who agree with you. Plus, superhero powers, long​-distance​ pursuits, and feeling ​​"helpless​" ​(yes, that's a Hamilton reference).
01:07:16 11/21/2016
We talk with Camille Seaman, an award-winning photojournalist, documentary filmmaker, Stanford Knight Fellow, and a TED Senior Fellow, who strongly believes in capturing photographs which articulate that humans are not separate from nature. Camille has photographed glaciers, chased storms, and most recently spent over 30 days at Standing Rock. We discuss Camille's time at Sacred Stone Camp, how understanding interconnectivity and heritage is a strong antidote to fear, and what happens at the intersection of observation and passion. Plus, why you should always follow the women.
01:03:37 11/14/2016
We interview Alexander Green, the founder and CEO of Symmetry Labs, which is creating the future of lighting. Alex was trained as a mathematical and theoretical physicist as well as a classical musician before he pivoted over to hardware, software, and interactive installation art. We discuss how turning proteins into music can help us read data, what it takes to build light installations that can respond to anything and why the women at the Grace Hopper conference are badasses. Plus - the trick to looking like an expert coder if you ever find yourself playing one on TV.
00:50:00 11/7/2016
We talk with Lauren Gunderson, who is the most produced living playwright in America this year, as well the winner of this year's New Dramatists' Lanford Wilson Award, and a recipient of the Mellon Foundation's 3-Year Residency with Marin Theatre Company. Lauren has written many plays about science, including Ada and the Memory Engine, Leap, and The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful and Her Dog. We discuss the mathematics of playwriting, the bias for and against eureka moments, the Bechdel test (and how nearly all of Lauren's plays pass it) and how science makes for thrilling drama.
00:46:50 10/31/2016
It's another Cate and Christina episode! On this episode, we're talking about headspace. When is it time for a break, and what does that look like? We also discuss the seasonality of careers and how to take stock of where you are by letting your values inform your choices as you aim for your #HumanVennDiagram north star. Plus, creating a balanced scorecard for your life, more great books, performance art, sock puppets, and more!
01:07:41 10/24/2016
We talk with Emileigh Barnes, a poet and a content designer for 18F, a digital services agency based within the United States' General Services Administration. We discuss creativity at work and the challenges of the maker vs. manager schedule, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Advice for Living, and how a great partnership can be like a superpower. Plus: the math of poetry, writing governmental blog posts in sestinas, and a live poetry read!
01:01:21 10/17/2016
We interview Binta Niambi Brown, Founder and CEO of Fermata Entertainment-an artist management, development and production company-as well Big Mouth Records, a boutique record label based in Brooklyn, New York. We discuss why having mix of skills can pave the quickest path to becoming a CEO, how to successfully change industries and take on a new identity, and what happens when you allow yourself to pursue what you're deeply passionate about. Plus, the discovery of an early Lin-Manuel Miranda composition... and what exactly went down during that Kanye West show.
01:02:16 10/10/2016
We talk with Dan Maccarone, Founder and CEO of Charming Robot, about his theater background and the intersection between the performing arts and the business world. We dig into Dan's path from journalism school to UX design to creating the original website for Hulu, discuss how he became a bar owner in New York's East Village, and learn what his comedy group is up to. Plus we all swap stories of quick wardrobe changes on the go. You can call us Clark Kent from now on.
00:59:40 10/3/2016
We close our first season with reflections, tips, hot topics, and essential reading material for every Human Venn Diagram. We discuss Gwyneth Paltrow, big data, and those Wells Fargo ads; plus, we share major insights from Adam Grant's Originals, including why originality is a free choice, why it pays to do a bunch of work, and the thing you need to put on your mirror right now and look at on the daily. And we put ourselves through the Lightning Round!
01:08:40 9/13/2016
We interview Marquise Stillwell, the Founder and Principal of Openbox, an independent design and innovation consultancy that helps organizations and communities think, build, and grow together. Why you should play early and play often, the power of curiosity and vulnerability, why failure shouldn't be a way of life, but a way of learning... and so much more. Plus, Marquise fills us in on the Lowline, which plans to use innovative solar technology to become the world's first underground park! Oh, and we talk about how we talk.
01:05:14 8/30/2016
We interview Dr. Abigail Edgecliff?e?-Johnson, the founder and CEO of a STEM toy company called RaceYa?,?who has a PhD in Medical Anthropology and has worked in everything from HIV research to finance to media to drug policy. We discuss fixed mindset vs. growth mindset, how to find confidence in what you don't know, and why failure can be the most empowering thing ever. Plus, cake!
01:02:52 8/16/2016
We interview Risa Puno, an interactive installation and sculpture artist based in New York, who also happens to be an incredible baker and math tutor. We discuss the importance of play in art and life, what it's like to be an artist with a strong left brain, and how to define success when no two weeks look alike. Plus, singing!
01:02:50 8/2/2016
We interview Eugene Chung, a film director, tech investor, and founder and CEO of Penrose Studios, a virtual reality and augmented reality startup that is being called the Pixar of VR. We discuss what it's like to be creating an entirely new medium; why mixed reality is the perfect place for human Venn diagrams; how to merge storytelling, business, and technology into one incredible career; and of course, Pokémon GO.
50:45 7/19/2016
We interview Dr. Shini Somara, a mechanical engineer and science reporter for the BBC who teaches Crash Course Physics on YouTube. Why Americans stink at math, how to unlock a passion for STEM through curiosity and failure, plus the art of communicating science, the importance of authenticity, and why it all comes down to following your heart.
49:34 7/5/2016
For the first time since Episode #1, we hang out for some real talk. What personal challenges we're navigating while living the #humanVenndiagram life, plus gifted intensity, authenticity, and imposter syndrome. And we answer listener questions, like: How do you wrangle all of your interests and talents into something inspiring?? If you've ever felt alone in the chaos, this episode is a must-listen!
01:01:58 6/21/2016
We interview Frank Burbrink, an assistant curator of herpetology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. What exactly herpetology is and what computer programming has to do with it, plus comic books, punk rock, tattoos, multipotentialites, and the single most important skill to develop in order to thrive in the 21st century.
51:33 6/7/2016
We interview Emily Graslie, Chief Curiosity Correspondent at The Field Museum in Chicago? ?and host of The Brain Scoop on YouTube?. How a landscape painter found her calling of getting people excited about dead things?, climactic uncertainty, why quitting your job can be super strategic, and lots of Hamilton references!
57:03 5/24/2016
We interview Pixar's Danielle Feinberg, Director of Photography for Lighting on films like WALL-E, Brave, and the upcoming Coco. Why the 10,000 hours rule may not apply to you, what computer programming and algorithms have to do with making animated features, what happens when science and storytelling intersect (hint: magic), and all kinds of other inspiration!
44:37 5/10/2016
We interview Bobak
Ferdowsi, a member of the Flight System
Engineering team on the Europa mission and Flight Director for the
Curiosity Rover on Mars at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory... and
"mohawk guy" on the Internet. What Bobak and Karlie Kloss have in
common, why engineers are the ultimate creatives, Europa, the
science of Sharknado 3, and so much more!
55:01 4/26/2016
We discuss how to introduce yourself when you do a lot, Cady Heron's superpowers, and why Admiral Grace Hopper is our patron saint. Plus, we're at SXSW!
46:28 4/12/2016

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