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Time to put the focus on Chris Sale - 8/3/17

On Thursday's podcast, I explained why it's now time to put the focus...On Thursday's podcast, I explained why it's now time to put the focus primarily on Chris Sale, here in Boston (42:10). Plus, I reacted to the report that Red Sox ownership wouldn't let Dave Dombrowski trade any top prospects at Monday's non-waiver trade deadline (17:00), I shared some thoughts on Mookie Betts' latest leadership comments (37:35), and I opened the show with a few NFL thoughts.   Show More

57:13 8/3/2017

Past Episodes

On Monday's podcast, I reacted to the Boston Red Sox trading for New York Mets reliever Addison Reed before the non-waiver trade deadline (6:10). And I've had enough of David Price. I called for the Red Sox to find a way to move on from Price, after his embarrassing media session over the weekend, where he addressed his confrontation with Dennis Eckersley for the first time since the details were made public (19:35). I also shared some thoughts on Dustin Pedroia's comments the day before Price spoke. All that and more.
54:45 7/31/2017
On Thursday's podcast, I reacted to the report that Dustin Pedroia was "applauding aggressively" as David Price confronted Dennis Eckersley on the team plane last month (9:27). I also reacted to the conflicting report that said Pedroia had nothing to do with the situation. Something tells me the truth is somewhere in the middle. But either way, I continued to explain why the Red Sox front office should look to add a true clubhouse presence before Monday's non-waiver trade deadline, and that player is still Andrew McCutchen. Plus, I opened the show predicting some of the over-the-top story lines that will come out of Patriots training camp this year.
50:09 7/27/2017
On Tuesday's podcast, I reacted to the details of David Price's confrontation with Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley. I responded to it all with a blockbuster trade idea that the Boston Red Sox and Pittsburgh Pirates should seriously consider (31:32). And I closed out the show with some thoughts on the Kyrie Irving drama in Cleveland, and had some advice for the Boston Celtics and their potential involvement in any trade that the Cleveland Cavaliers might make.
01:14:12 7/25/2017
On Thursday's podcast, I called out Hanley Ramirez for not playing Wednesday night, a day after he hit a walk-off home run against the Toronto Blue Jays. My message to Ramirez is simple: it's time to man-up and produce at the level we know he's capable of (16:25). I also reacted to Todd Frazier being traded to the New York Yankees and not the Boston Red Sox (7:40) Also, I opened the show explaining what I think O.J. Simpson will do with his life if he's granted parole. And I closed out the show with some thoughts on the recent rumors that the Celtics are still interested in acquiring Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans (42:30).
47:29 7/20/2017
On Monday's podcast, I talked mostly baseball, as we're two weeks away from the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. I reacted to the Chicago Cubs trading for Jose Quintana, but more importantly, I discussed some of the moves the Boston Red Sox need to make before July 31. Should the Red Sox trade for Todd Frazier, or call-up Rafael Devers? Is Dave Dombrowski working on a Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander blockbuster? And now that Oakland has made Sonny Gray available in a trade, should the Red Sox out-bid the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians for him? All that and more.
55:40 7/17/2017
On Thursday's podcast, comedian Will Noonan joined me in-studio. We opened the show with some random thoughts on proper jogging etiquette and golf-course stupidity. Then we made Isaiah Thomas' new nickname official: "The Reason" (34:10). We also reacted to the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor press conferences (46:05). And we closed out the show talking some pro wrestling (57:00).
01:27:32 7/13/2017
On Monday's podcast, I made a strong case for Isaiah Thomas receiving a max contract from the Boston Celtics, while cutting a WWE promo as his "advocate," a la Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar (22:15). I also reacted to all the Celtics' moves this offseason, and discussed the state of the Red Sox at the All-Star break. Plus, I even reacted to the latest WWE event, "Great Balls of Fire" and explained why New Japan Pro Wrestling is my new favorite form of "sports entertainment" (42:52).
01:09:12 7/10/2017
On Thursday's podcast, Sports Illustrated's Pro Wrestling Insider Justin Barrasso joined me as we recorded from inside the wrestling ring at Bell Time Club Training Center. I opened the show with reaction to the Boston Celtics signing Gordon Hayward while failing to acquire Paul George. We then got into a deep wrestling discussion (9:45) that included Cody Rhodes' rise to stardom in "Ring of Honor" and "New Japan Pro Wrestling," Kenny Omega's possible future in WWE, the plans for SummerSlam, and much more.
50:46 7/6/2017
On Thursday's podcast, I was joined by Brandon Wahlberg from inside "Wahlburgers." We looked ahead to NBA free agency, which begins on Saturday, July 1. We reacted to the rumors that the Boston Celtics are preparing to sign Gordon Hayward and then trade for Paul George. Are those the right moves? What about signing Blake Griffin? How about a trade for DeAndre Jordan? And we also shared our thoughts on the Chris Paul trade to Houston, the future of the Los Angeles Clippers, and the New York Knicks parting ways with Phil Jackson.
43:38 6/29/2017

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