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A Northern Irishman and an Australian walk into a pub... What could go wrong? John Cosgrove & Stephen Quinn are The Crafty Rogues - your weekly dose of futbol, culture and craic. (No Americans were harmed in the making of this podcast). Cosgrove grew up in the mean green fields of rural Northern Ireland in the glorious era of the 1970's and 80's. As a consequence, he immigrated to America where he learned to play soccer, be nice to girls and use a microphone. As a soccer player in Australia, Quinn was known for his searing pace, breathtaking skills, chiseled God-like physique and wildly vivid imagination. He's now known for his standing, shouting and pointing. Quinno has over 35 years' experience as a writer/presenter/producer. Nobody quite knows how.


Found him drunk in my backyard (ep. 34)

John Cosgrove is stuck in Tennessee so Andrew from Golden Valley joins...John Cosgrove is stuck in Tennessee so Andrew from Golden Valley joins Quinno for a round of The Crafty Rogues! The boys open up the show discussing Dortmund going out, the end of an era dominated by Barca, and poor reffing in Madrid. Quinno and Adrew then dive into the weekends Premier League action including the tactical masterclass by Jose, the relegation battle ahead, and whether Spurs can pass Chelsea. For a change Andrew is on the answering side of the emails before Producer Jonathan jumps in with the MLS segment. The guys close show discussing what Doncaster Rovers' promotion mean to Andrew and the city of Doncaster. All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues!   Show More


Past Episodes

The boys are finally back after a week of traveling and not getting re-accommodated on their flights. With plenty to discuss Cosgrove and Quinno jump right into the Champions League action discussing Barca getting thrashed, UEFA having no consideration for humanity, and the tough sledding ahead for Leicester. The Crafty Rogues then jump to last weekend's events in the Premier League where things went from bad to worse for Wenger, Sunderland remain a joke, and Lukaku & Barkley played like they were in the transfer window. Quinno rounds up some general football news before the guys answer your emails. Cosgrove gets after some missed PR opportunities in Just Cos. Producer Jonathan fills the guys in on what happened in the MLS and with Minnesota United while they were away. Quinno puts Cosgrove through another round of Your Choice before closing the show questioning what the FIFA Rankings really mean. All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues!
In honor of Minnesota United getting their first win in the MLS we decided to have the voice of Minnesota professional soccer for the past 25 years on to talk about... Counting Crows concerts. No, in all seriousness Chris Lidholm, the man who has been calling Minnesota Thunder/Stars/United/Wednesday Rovers Thistle, for the past quarter of a century joined the Crafty Rogues to discuss all things Minnesota soccer. Chris and the guys discussed his journey to calling games, the differences between soccer when he first started and the product on the field now, and his current role with Minnesota United. He also shares a couple experiences when fans recognized him outside of the stadium and what the MLS home opener meant to him and the state. The guys also discuss the state of US soccer, Christian Pulisic, and why there's a deep connection between the US and the Bundesliga. All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues.
The Crafty Rogues, John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn, are back for the 31st edition of the show despite being full of their's and Andrew from Golden Valley's curry.

The boys discuss the week of International games, which John detests. The boys hit on that injury in the Ireland/Wales match, Defoe scoring for England, and that Pulisic kid. Cosgrove and Quinno preview the weekends tasty action in the EPL before running through the general football news from the week.

The boys answer your emails, John get's something off his chest in Just Cos, and our producer Jonathan addresses that dumb question in the Schweinsteiger press conference in his MLS segment. We close the show with Finish this Sentence.

All that and more on this week's edition of The Crafty Rogues!
In a week that saw Lukas Podolski hit a screamer the best action was Cosgrove and Quinno on the pitch on Monday.

Despite limping in from the early week football the Crafty Rogues came in and discussed all thing soccer and Ireland beating England in rugby. Recording just after the Internationals the first thing to discuss that Podolski goal along with Scotland's poor display of grounds keeping. The boys then move onto the weekends EPL action that saw a City/Liverpool show, Chelsea doing enough, and Jamie Vardy's death threats. Cosgrove and Quinno then discuss the Champions League draw, the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers, and some general football news.

The guys then answer your emails then John gets some stuff off his chest in Just Cos. We get our weekly dose of MLS and Minnesota United then we quiz Cosgrove on his Arsenal knowledge. We close the show with the Hateable XI.

All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues.
Well, after the french incident last week the Crafty Rogues got banished to podcasting in an empty bar.

The guys discuss Manchester City crashing out of Champions League, Jamie Vardy diving into the Quarterfinals of the Champions League, and John gets angry about the FA Cup semi-finals. Cosgrove and Quinno discuss their excitement levels for the upcoming round of Premier League matches and John gives his predictions for relegation.

John then tries his best to kill the General News segment before the guys answer your emails. Cosgrove then gets some stuff off his chest about the upcoming holiday. Producer Jonathan talks about Minnesota United and MLS and the guys close the show with another round of Your Choice.

All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues!
The Crafty Rogues are back for another Barcelona/PSG-level of excitement episode.

The guys start episode 28 discussing that amazing come-from-behind victory by Barcelona then get to the other match's in the Champions League this week before previewing next weeks action. Cosgrove and Quinno then dive into the weeks EPL entertainment including Man City dropping points, Chelsea not dropping points, and players attempting to drop each other.

We then look ahead to the FA Cup Quarterfinals before rounding up the latest news. The guys answer your emails before Just Cos. Producer Jonathan hops on the mic for the weekly Minnesota United and MLS update. John and Stephen wrap the show discussing US Soccer's new rule.

All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues!
The guys are back with the right notes on who won (Manchester United) and lost (Liverpool) at the weekend.

At every Crafty Rogues recording at Brit's Pub there are many things we attempt to control: Quinno's coughing, John's pronunciations, Minneapolis weather. But every now and then something slips through the cracks, and this week it was technology. A ghost in the machine means that this week's audio is more than a bit dodgy (technical term) and we apologize profusely. All the usual Crafty Rogues elements are in there (Quinno's coughing, John's pronunciation, Minneapolis weather) but they just sound unwell. Have a crack and see how you go. Hopefully, it's worth the effort.

Cosgrove and Quinno start off discussing the Ranieri sacking and their response against an awful Liverpool side. They also touch on Tottenhams win in the EPL, Chelsea being far too good for Swansea, and United's EFL Cup win.

Quinno covers some general soccer news before reading your emails. We have week two of Just Coz and an MLS update before Finish this Sentence wraps the show.

All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues!
We're back for another pie, or was it a pasty?, filled edition of The Crafty Rogues.

Through the coughing the guys discuss Leicester's lackluster effort in the Champions league, the aforementioned pie/pastry eating incident in the FA Cup, and Joey Barton being a giant tool. Quinno and Cosgrove cover general football news before answering your emails. Cosgrove rants Just Cos. (See what we did there?)

The guys then discuss their musical preferences. A quick dive into the local club before they start their inaugural season in the MLS. A brief recap of the news Neymar will stand trial for tax evasion before the guys discuss the loss of Dan Vickerman.

All that and more on this week's edition of The Crafty Rogues!
Despite our recording programs best efforts The Crafty Rogues, 25, are back for another episode!

The boys, John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn, are discussing Jesus coming back on Easter, handballs, poor refs, and everything else that happened this week in the Premier League. They also talk about a couple of poundings in the Champions League and if we should care about the Europa League.

Quinno and Cosgrove answer your emails before playing a round of your choice. The boys close the show discussing the FA's vote of no confidence and the McGregor/Mayweather fight that may or may not happen.

All that and more on this weeks edition of The Crafty Rogues!

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