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December 15, 2017 - Hour 1 - Bernie Bits: Blues lack of scoring...Cardinals need more to catch Cubs...David Kaplan on NL Central...Blues Takeaways

Bernie Bits features a breakdown of the Blues lack of scoring, the Cardinals ending Winter Meetings, Stephen Piscotty trade, and Blaine Gabbert working for an extension in Arizona.

Bernie notes that Cards are getting plenty of love, locally and nationally, for their no-brainer Ozuna trade, but says they're gonna need a whole lot more to overtake the Cubs in 2018.

David Kaplan joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about the Cubs off-season, the Cardinals addition and Cubs reaction to it, the Manny Machado market, and why the Cubs aren't bullish on resiging Wade Davis.

Blues face a huge weekend after back-to-back losses and Travis takes a look at that and more in his Three Blues takeaways.
44:28 12/14/2017

Past Episodes

The 2018 Cardinals will be relying heavily on 3 key bats that have something in common: they must prove that 2017 was for real. Bernie explains

Marcell Ozuna has been touched by tragedy, and how a fateful decision that saved his life. Bernie has all the details and how Ozuna made it to St. Louis.

Craig Edwards joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about the Cards off-season thus far, the team's needs, thoughts on Cards rotation, and what pieces the team needs to add to the bullpen.
41:05 12/14/2017
Anthony Stalter's Friday Funday Football Hour kicks off looking at some of the College Football bowl matchups and investment opportunities.

Bernie and Stalter discussed the overreaction to the Patriots loss, and the Rams viability vs. the Seahawks.

Anthony and Bernie continued the NFL discussion, Aaron Rodgers and their playoffs chances, and how to stack up the NFC.

As always the Friday Funday Football Hour wraps up with Stalter and Bernie going over some "investment opportunities"
36:20 12/14/2017
Bernie kicks off Bernie's bits with all Cardinals talk. Thoughts on Ozuna, thoughts on Machado, Donaldson, Colome, the talk of Cards being in on all things, and more.

Yesterday, the Cards acquired Marcell Ozuna...Bernie Miklasz gives his thoughts on the acquisition and what it means.

A big week in the NFL Week 15, and Bernie is looking at 5 candidates that are on the NFL Heat Index.

Mike Matheny spoke at the MLB Winter Meetings, and Bernie Miklasz listen and reacts to his comments.
47:17 12/13/2017
Dayn Perry joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about the Cardinals trade for Marcell Ozuna, the Cards being busy at the winter meetings, the closer market, and what the Cards OF looks like now.

The Backpage looks at the latest on Josh Donaldson, Manny Machado, national outlets on Marcell Ozuna deal, and the Cards outfield with Ozuna.

Who is the best NFC team in wake of Carson Wentz injury? Bernie Miklasz assesses and takes his pick.
32:06 12/13/2017
Cardinals seem to be in a frisky mood, and media is overheated by the spin ... but Bernie says just a reminder that it comes down to action.

JR joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about the Blues injury status, Parayko and Edmundson as a pair, Blues in on the trade market, Dmitrij Jaskin's recent play, and why the metrics love Jaskin.

Theo Epstein gave his thoughts on the Cardinals acquiring Ozuna, and Bernie Miklasz reacted to it.

Ask Bernie - eggplant? How do you like it?
37:03 12/13/2017
Bernie Miklasz kicks off the show with some bits on the Cards being in on Ozuna, the crazy rumors with Machado, the Blues loss and why no one should panic, and Mike Matheny as a "sexy manager"

The Cardinals and Marlins seem to be close on a Marcell Ozuna deal, so what does Bernie think about the possibility? He tells

Is Drew Lock staying CoMo? Or is he headed to the NFL? Bernie breaks down some of what the outsiders are saying about Lock.

The Blues loss 3-0 but Travis tells why they were the better team in his three takeaways.
42:41 12/12/2017
The Cardinals have been tied to the closer market, and Bernie assesses that including why he's a little nervous about Wade Davis.

Tim Kurkjian joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about the Winter Meetings, Marcell Ozuna as a possibility, the closer market, the NL Central, and the Cubs smart moves.

Can Jax make like 2000 Ravens and win it all with defense, a stout running game and Blake Bortles playing the role of Trent Dilfer? Bernie Miklasz explains why they might be able to.

Doug Armstrong joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about his team's resiliency, the young players stepping up, internal competition being a good thing for the team, and where the Blues stand with the trade market.
42:11 12/12/2017
Bernie Miklasz kicks off Hour 3 with "the Backpage" as we come back to the top story of the day which is Marcell Ozuna.

Ask Bernie - shortbread or gingerbread?

John Clayton joined Bernie Miklasz to talk about the situation in Seattle, NFC being wide open, Aaron Rodgers potential return, and why this week is another fun one for NFL fans.
33:49 12/12/2017
Bernie Bits kicks off with the Cardinals message change, pushback against the pushback of Luke Gregerson, and the Blues back in action.

John Mozeliak is talking about upgrades, but Bernie says that won't cut it.

NFL Truth or Trap features the idea that Jimmy Garoppolo will be the best QB on the field in San Fran this weekend.

Jake Allen definitely needs to play better without Jaden Schwartz but hes not the only one
46:50 12/11/2017

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