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12/17 Sunday SportsTalk -- Hour 2

Korzo is out and Jess Myers is filling in today. Jess starts the second hour joined by Matthew Coller to discuss the upcoming Vikings/Bengals game. Jon Krawczynski joins to talk Wolves and is followed up by Derek Wetmore to talk about the Twins. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.

Past Episodes

Korzo is out and Jess Myers is filling in today. Jess is joined for the first hour by Chris Long and they open the show discussing the news that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is set resign at the end of the season and how that might effect today's Vikings game. Sarah McLellan joins to discuss the Wild. Tom Linnemann joins for the weekly NFL picks. John Tuvey wraps the hour with fantasy advice.
Korzo opens the first hour discussing what's wrong with the Gophers hoops squad after consecutive losses to Nebraska and Arkansas. We then move on to talking about Keenum and Baker Mayfield. Tom Linneman joins for the weekly NFL picks. John Tuvey closes the hour with Week 14 fantasy advice.
Korzo opens the second hour with his weekly Wiggy Stat before moving onto being overly(?) optimistic about the Vikings. Matthew Coller joins to talk about the upcoming Vikings/Panthers game. Batting Cleanup wraps up the show.
Korzo opens the show talking about Wisconsin's bad day yesterday then what Thibs can learn from the Wild. Tom Linnemann calls in for the weekly picks. John Tuvey joins for fantasy ...
Korzo opens the second hour talking about the college football playoff then comes the Wiggy Stat of the Day. Matthew Coller calls in to discuss the upcoming Vikings/Falcons match. Batting Cleanup ...
Korzo opens the showing talking about that very interesting 5-on-3 Gophers hoops got yesterday. Tom Linneman joins for NFL picks and John Tuvey closes the hour with fantasy...
Korzo opens the second hour Korzo opens reviewing the Wolves shooting. We then move onto Case Keenum & the Vikes before discussing the Gophers football season. Batting Cleanup closes the ...

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